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34th Manila International Book Fair : Awesome Second Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Apparently, you'll find more than just books at the 34th Manila International Book Fair. There were also an awesome selection of other educational stuff that could help in keeping up with the educational requirements and expectations of the digital (or more advanced in technology) generation.

Even the cute little youngsters are so challenging to teach and train so it requires more creative efforts on the part of adults to deliver our ideas successfully so that they could absorb what has been taught. We are not expecting a hundred percent but a good figure above the passing grade would be nice.

The good old-fashioned and traditional story-telling could still work for the little ones - especially if coming from energetic story-tellers with fancy assorted voices and exaggerated body gestures. Add to that the facial expressions that could easily make you smile, shed a tear, get you furious, scare you to death or make you wanna laugh out loud.

But everyone has probably realized by now that as soon as these young kids learn how to use a TV remote control or operate a computer, (or maybe an iPad or an Android tablet), then you'll be in for a mighty difficult challenge of convincing them to let go.

Tito Dok and Tita Grace has their awesome way with kids. You too will need a lot of patience in dealing with the little rascals, plus plenty of smiles and explanations to keep them interested. But storytelling might not even work or would get a little boring if kids don't get to see colorful images or visuals to capture their audience's short attention span. The cartoon-like sketches of great graphic artists or illustrators aided by digital drawing or sketch pens and tablets might persuade them to take a peek.


Tito Dok and Tita Grace taking time to chat with the adorable kids.


Filway Marketing Inc. says "There's more to reading than literacy". True enough, reading is an adventure! It keeps me sane while being expressively wild and confident at the same time. It keeps me well-informed while adding a few highfalutin words to my vocabulary! It helps me master my former weaknesses turning them into new-found skills.

The Zing and Simon toys from Filway could offer a fun way to get the attention of  the kids. I wanted to grab these cute little thingies and put them in my bag as souvenirs.

However, I later found out that they have more interactive toys incorporated with the art of book reading. Please take a look at the video demonstration below of Miss Cynthia :

It talks! I wonder how many batteries I will be buying (or how many times I will be recharging) when my kids get their hands on these neat toys!

You may wanna try using a  large white board from Uchida Science distributed by Valiant which allows you to do some sort of magical trick with your marker while images are displayed on the screen. Though don't be confused trying to figure out if you're boy genius Jimmy Neutron or Merlin the magician.

Lab equipment in a book fair? Watch the presentation of Jules from Valiant to find out what they are all about:

At first I thought his name was the same as mine when he wrote "Ross"... Jules does a remarkable impromptu demonstration! "Look, Ma!....No script!"

For the older kids, or the teens, mingling with their peers via online Wattpad might keep them reading and sharing their own stories online - especially when their favorite writers are almost of the same age as them.

They say you'll discover a world of unlimited stories at Wattpad and perhaps gain an unlimited number of friends as well. Not to mention having the opportunity to improve your writing skills and eventually become a famous writer too.

Allen Lau, CEO and Co-Founder of Wattpad gives kids more productive ways of enhancing the writing talent and exemplary imagination of their site members.

It is definitely awesome to see our kids enjoying reading as a hobby, even if it has leveled up due to technology which I am pretty sure will continue to be more futuristic. There's actually a lot more at the 34th Manila International Book Fair being held at the SMX Convention Center only until the 15th of September. But it won't be fair to you guys if I'll keep the experience all to myself.

You need to come over to the book fair and visit the other interesting products available.

But if it's the middle of the night, then you just have to settle with some of these pictures for now:

The look and feel of "high-tech" seems to give us a promise of a better tomorrow for our children - only if it will be primarily used for educational purposes and not to promote those violent games that corrupt the heart and mind of our youth.

The times are quickly changing as the development of technology refuses to take a break. Technology is forever evolving, and continuously ushering in something new or better each and every day even as we sleep.

What you see right now in this blog post is only a few things you can find at the book fair. They were selected in random order and in no particular order or priority. There's a lot more great discoveries available for everyone at the 34th Manila International Book Fair.

The book fair is co-located with other great events such as the National Conference on Language and Literature (September 10-12), EduCare: A  Young Child Conference (September 13 and 14) and the Best of Anime 2013 (September 14  and 15). All happening at the SMX Convention Center of the Mall of Asia.

You may look at more photos from the 34th Manila International Book Fair at the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook fan page:

Check out more updates at the Facebook fan page of the book fair:

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