Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blogger Denies Sending Spam Hate Mail

Below is the alleged official statement of the suspected blogger who sent the spam hate e-mail (as forwarded by another blogger friend) saying she was not responsible for the spam/hate e-mail.

If what she is saying is true then the plot thickens...

It seems there might be other forces out there that is really pissed with our group, specifically with me because he or she targeted my blogs including the soon to be launched Jeepney Manila which is still temporarily parked via a free blog site (

Pitiful little bastards. Are we that influential already that they have to resort to foul play just to bring us down?

"Greeting to Everybody,

Napagsabihan ako that all of you received an email with the contact name SingleMom SuperMom - That everyone thought na ako ito ng send ng email na ito stating such issues. Ito po ang official email ko ever since. As you can also see lagi po may signature logo po ang emails ko at email ko ay po. I don't know paano po nakuha mga emails nyo and I guess your meron access sa database of emails. Yung mga kilala ko nga po mismo hindi naka tanggap pero mga fashion at tech bloggers na d ko nga kilala at alam ang email eh nakatanggap. 

Yes why would I email you all and give the password kung pwede ko naman gawin public post diba. Hindi na rin kayo mahihirapan to read it. But this spammer email really wanted to call attention to all of you and hate me. Kasi nga ano pakielam nyo diba. Kaya ko ginawa password protected for only selected persons to access it and not to the public. I don't know how come nabigay ang password sa inyo. 

Last but not the least bakit ko naman ilalagay ang blog link ng ibang tao. Eh d magkakaroon lang sya ng hits diba. I dont gatecrash like the others do. I always see to it meron ako invites. Hindi rin ako lagare - hit and run from one event to another and get lootbags. I ask the PR if I will be bringing a family member na bihira magyari. 

For the tech bloggers hope you can trace this email and identify where this email originated. I will appreciate your help guys. 

Yes! gumawa nitong spam email has won but it shows how bitter is this person. If I know this person can't handle the truth and admit it. The plus6 people was just dragged to the event by one blogger. Wala sila alam about the event at sumama lang sila and they are innocent. The issue here is meron makapal ang mukha had the face mag plus 6. The rotten blagger is the same person but had the guts to ban other bloggers including me for his own personal reasons. Let's admit it meron ganitong issues at kailanggan adddress it directly kasi panay blind item but wla nagagawa ang blogging community. Tanong ko nga sa inyo lahat alam nyo naman meron ganitong issues meron ba kayo ginawa? Tumahimik lang at pinababayaan. Yung iba kinukunsinti pa. Sabi nga "ano pakielam ko". But never knowing nakaka apekto ito sa atin lahat dahil wala nagsasalita. Hindi lang naman ako ang nagagalit sa mga ganitong issues other blogger are posting about it diba. 

Yung sinasabi bitter ako because of this person excuse me please wala naman kwenta yung tao attitude wise kitang kita naman. At hindi rin ako naghahabol kasi sa itsura pa lang nya eh ngek kamukha nga ng bat. 

Nagkamali lang ako napasama sa grupo nila na napasama pa ako. Inggit kasi at this person see me and the other bloggers as his competition and he is trying to eliminate us. Hindi nga kaya harapin kami to once and for all to settle it face to face. Panay social arrows ang ginagawa nya. 

As for all as always ako na humihinggi ng sorry kahit hindi ako gumawa ng spam email sa inyo. Nasa sa inyo na po kung maniniwala kayo dito sa spam email na ito. In any case maka receive kayo ng ibang email and it concerns me or my blog please don't hesitate to contact me. Better verify first bago po tayo magreact. 

Please do inform me if there are any other bloggers or PR's that received the said message, cause the maximum number of recipients for Google is 500.

She is clearing her name. As much as we would like to believe her, many are doubtful. But if she is sincere with her statements, then the mysterious spammer would be a great prey to hunt.

I hate to say it but there really seems to be some people out there who are not satisfied or contented with the blessings they currently have. They will continue to hurt everyone else. I pity them.

But until we can prove otherwise, we now how alternative suspects. It is a shame they will resort to this dirty deeds. If you have any information that may help, please let us know. Thanks.

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  1. Here's the real issue to the spam controversy pls. click this link,

  2. and yes it's real a never thought of mac will blog this. this mean na naubos na pasensya ni mac...

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