Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Won’t Stop : Hello and Goodbye

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Tuloy po kayo”- a line always heard from a Filipino household accepting their visitor/s.

Nowhere in the four corners of the world can you find a group of people where the hospitality is as much as the Filipinos. Here in our land, everybody, regardless of color, appearance, status, or any differences about that matter, are treated equally and served them with a smile. Filipinos are unique like a colored balloon in a daguerreotype picture of a park making it standout from any elements caught inside in that picture.

What makes Filipino’s hospitality remarkable? Well, there are lots of reasons why this trait store in everyone’s heart and mind. Like for example, the usual greetings of Filipinos when they are interacting with others. Filipinos say to their guests the line “feel at home”.

After they've come, they may leave a little bit disaster in the house, be ashamed on that, still it’s nothing to them. We are so importunate on asking randomly if they have eaten already and not too forcibly give the plates to them to eat whether they are already full or not, “Huwag tanggihan ang grasya”, always said by Filipinos.

I know they do this so that the guests will have a great satisfaction and the trace of the happiness they have will leave in them not to the tracks but in their neo cortex, the part of the brain where happy moments are stored. We make sure that the guests are in comfortable manner.

This is prominent during the “salo-salo”, there are times that maybe a guest will feel outcast, and it will be rude if we don’t invent them to eat with many so we do the right thing. We can see in our community even though a family cannot afford a luxurious buffet for their guests they make a practical way just to satisfied the visitors. Filipinos are definitely exceptional! I’m proud of it.

On that things had I said, we apply that hospitality during our Pistang Pinoy as a extend support for the “Buwan ng Wika”. Those moments will be unforgettable though we’re seems like dead kids because of an unexpected problem arisen because of you know rules but it had been solved apparently. I can say that in aspect of treating a guest, we are the best, the best among the rest. Lots of events occur in that day like parlor games run by our SSG, dirty ice cream mania, and more. I hope it will not be the last, oh wait! Actually it will be the last “Pistang Pinoy” that will be render in our school, how sad, but it doesn’t mean that we will stop, like the song of Miley Cyrus “We Won’t Stop”, in the way that there is a chance we will meet this again, may not be tomorrow but soon.

Filipino’s hospitality does not ask for anything in return, appreciation is a big thing. Many people abuse this value nowadays as the trend of the social change. But no matter what happen, even though others cut it down, its roots are still planted meaning others cannot remove that trait attached to the spirits of Filipinos.

Remember! Only in the Philippines :) … #ProudToBeAFilipino #LastPistangPInoy #WeWon’tStopHelloandGoodbye #WazzupPilipinas

Contributed by: Franz Angelo Palmero

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  1. I enjoyed your article about our Pistang Pinoy, it really makes us proud of being a Filipino! Suddenly it will be our last celebration of Pistang Pinoy, i will miss those moments., but as you said "We won't stop" and i hope that we can do this celebration again someday :)

  2. It really is a sad yet proud moment to be celebrating our last "Pistang PInoy" in Pasig City Science High School. I would truly miss all those happy moments I spent with my close friends and classmates. This celebration would always be remembered for this is one of the best Pistang Pinoys I've ever had! :)

  3. Pistang pinoy is truly an unforgettable event. It makes me so proud of the fact that I am a Filipino.

  4. Pistang Pinoy,one of the events I will miss when I leave Pasig City Science High School. This may be our last, but Its the happiest. The food completed the event, specially the sisig. This made me remember that being a Filipino is a thing that all of us must be proud of.

  5. Shiella May P. LumboOctober 12, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    Pistang Pinoy is one of the traditions of Pasig City Science High School. It one of our customs that remind us who we are. We can celebrate Pistang Pinoy even if we left the school. It's in our heart's content.

  6. This last Pistang Pinoy is truly very memorable to every Pascian. With this, we are given a chance to appreciate the true essence of being a Filipino.


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