Wednesday, September 4, 2013

US Intervention on Syria May Provoke World War 3

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"If a US intervention happens in Syria. Russia, China and Iran would back up Syria while Turkey will be on US side. Israel and Saudi Arabia might also help since they're pressuring Pres. Obama to attack Assad's regime. According to Iran, they'll attack Israel if Syria was attacked. If things turn sour, the US and its allies might have a war with Russia, China and Iran. And speaking of allies, the Philippines is included among the list. Since we have a mutual defense treaty with the United States and China is pressured on Washington's pivot to Asia, there is a chance that China will also attack us. Japan might get involved too because of their current disputes with China on the Senkaku islands and on the US military bases in Japan. I'm not sure with Russia but I'm pretty sure that they'll help China.

World War 3.

How I wish I am wrong." - Jam Ancheta
The world might end in approximately 5 years I think. Just take a look at the arms race. The time is now ripe for WW3. If it will be a nuclear war. It will be less than 5 years. There's a ballistic effect to it. If we don't get destroyed in war, we will die because of the radiation. Mutually assured destruction. Think apocalyptic scenarios.

"The consequences of Syria’s war extend beyond its borders, as violence spills into other countries and threatens to destabilize the region. Clashes between Shia government supporters and fighters from Syria’s majority-Sunni population have prompted bomb attacks in Lebanon and Iraq. Foreign fighters have joined battles on both sides, including Hezbollah for the government and radical Sunnis for the opposition. Instability has attracted jihadist groups, which have seized territory for their own use.

The conflict has unfolded as world powers vie to advance their interests in the region. Russia, one of the Assad government's strongest allies, has repeatedly stymied western governments’ efforts to find a political solution.

The narrative in Syria is not as simple as a country’s oppressed majority fighting against an authoritarian regime. Extremist elements among the opposition make the West nervous, and Syria’s fragmented opposition lacks a clear directive. That could lead to further instability should the Assad regime fall." - Reuters

doubtful of nuke attacks because no one will benefit from it. More than likely you'll see electronic and satellite warfare than nukes.I am worried about those greedy oil companies. They are saying that the increase was brought about by the war in Syria but we all know that Syria is not an oil exporter or producer. Is the anticipation to the bloat of diesel demand a valid reason for increase? 

If you're paying less attention to the war in Syria but was eagerly looking for the links to the Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh "creampie" video then you're not really socially aware of what is more important and significant.

There are far better news than celebrities with wild fetishes.

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  2. I cannot agree more to the author of this article. We should give our full attention and concern to those things that directly affect us and focus more on what's happening here in our country just like the Pork Barrel issue including the war in Syria where Philippines could be involved rather than criticizing other people lives especially those celebrities involved in some kind of issues.
    I'm still hoping that WW3 is not going to happen.


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