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Clash of the Cultures: Japan Vs. Philippines


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The culture of Japan is very different from the Philippines. From their way of serving food, their clothing, the way they greet their elders and their religion.

            Japanese food is well presented and kind of sophisticated. They always assure that they are eating healthy foods. Their diet normally consists of  rice, meat, and vegetables. Their food isn’t just healthy but also oishi~ (it means, delicious). And they have many kinds of dessert like, mochi which is a rice cake made from glutinous rice usually has red bean paste in it. Mochi doesn’t taste very sweet in fact it’s just right and it is very soft and chewy. Their food is well known in different countries like, America, Europe, and even Philippines.  In Philippines our staple food is rice. Even without any other meals, we just make sure that there is rice on the table we are good. But of course, we also serve heart warming food that is made at home, the presentation is not so extravagant or sophisticated like Japan’s we usually just cook it in the pot and serve it on a large bowl or plate. We also have desserts like sorbetes, which is also called ice cream, and the people’s favourite which is the halo-halo, that has crushed ice on top of jellies, beans, nata, kaong, and you can add many more. Topped with leche flan, ube or sorbetes.

            When there are special occasions,  Japanese people wear kimonos and Filipinos wear barong tagalong or filipiñana. When a marriage ceremony is held, Japanese people usually wear kimonos uchikake for the woman,  while Filipinos wear gown, for girls, and black suit and tie or barong tagalong for men.

            Japanese girls wear short skirts when going to school either paired with high socks or leg warmers or just normal shoes and socks.  Filipinos wear a longer skirt than those of Japanese girls’ maybe because it is what we’re used to. In terms of style Japanese people follow the western clothing with a little bit of their style. And Filipinos also follow the trend of western clothing.

            Japanese people greet their elders with a greeting and then bow, to pay respect. While we Filipinos we ‘mano’ which is taking the elder’s hand and putting their forehand to our forehead and that’s how we pay respect.

            Buddhism is what most of the people in Japan’s religion is, while in the Philippines most of us are mainly Roman Catholics. Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct and wisdom and meditation releases one from desire and suffering and rebirth. *(WordWeb) Roman Catholic is the belief and practices of the Catholic Church.

            But despite of many differences, Japanese and Filipinos learn to live with one another with peace and harmony and learning new things with one another.

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  3. I like this article, especially the way Japan and our country was being compared. :D

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