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Mad For Garlic: Wow! I See Garlic, But I Don't Taste It!

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This food review is long overdue. I promised it will come out within a week but I have been so very busy the last few days until now, and the coming days so since I was with my kid when we visited this restaurant, I asked him to write it for me. He loved the dining experience so much that I am encouraging him to blog as well, so he will soon have other opportunities in the near future. Maybe he is not the youngest blogger out there but it would sure help a lot to improve his writing skills.

So please remember that I am posting the article he wrote as is, without any correction or modification on my part. Please also take note that he is just a 13 year old kid, and this will be his first time to "blog" or write a food review.

Please read on the food review of my 13 year old kid, Hezron Kyle.

Mad for Garlic is an Italian-Korean themed restaurant which serves garlic-infused dishes. Their sumptuous garlic-themed dishes will make you doubt your own taste buds.

Although all of their dishes contain garlic, they make it seem like the taste of garlic isn’t there—even if it obviously is.

These bottle decors reminded me of the URBN Bar and Kitchen decor. The concept was similar but the one here at Mad for Garlic made it more useful as they made it part of the wall separating the two areas of the first floor.

Mad for Garlic, a restaurant found in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, is the restaurant my father and I chose to get an insight on the sciences found in their kitchen. Being a Science fanatic , I know that Garlic is very good for health, just what Food Technologists would say. But since many also hate the taste and aroma of garlic, it was a great idea to mask their taste to create fascinating great dishes where the garlic ingredient reigns king.

The restaurant has a theme with garlic hanging from… their windows, ceiling decor, their wall lamps and just about everything has garlic.Take note - real garlic surrounds the place - so vampires beware!

That's real cloves of garlic hanging from the garlic-shaped lamp.

Yes! They are real garlic surrounding the huge chandeleir like lamp hanging from the ceiling. Maybe they need to replace them every two months otherwise they will rot.

Even these wine glasses and the wine bottle itself had real garlic to serve as decorative ornaments.

The pictures you saw where just from the first floor. They also have a second level where the kitchen and a bar is located plus more tables for the customers.

There's even more of those garlic-shaped lamps at their walls.

But enough with the interiors and decors of the restaurant. Let's go and talk about the food with their very intriguing names of which some were really hard to pronounce but of course I remembered because you can't really forget great food.

Their first dish is called the Dracula Killer. It is a dish which consists of crispy slices of garlic bread. It is served on a special tray, with whole cloves of garlic, red and green bell peppers, anchovies and olive oil, which you can put on the bread, then dipped on the olive oil for that extra-special flavor as you bite on it.

Next comes the Garlic Snowing Pizza. It is named as such because the sprinkled cheese on top looks like snow. It is a special, sweet garlic-flaked pizza that contains shrimp and diced pineapples. The pizza is best eaten rolled up.

The next dish was the seafood salad or more appropriately called as the Insalata di Mare . It consists of numerous kinds of seafood on a bed of fresh mixed vegetables. 

Now follows the Seafood Cream Risotto. It is creamy Risotto dish served with scallops and grilled king oysters and mushrooms.

Who can forget the spicy soup with seafood  named Zuppa de Pesce served with two pieces of Garlic bread sticks. A tip here is not to mix the soup if you want to eat it a little less spicy.Though the restaurant can moderate the spiciness of the dish, there are certain limitations of which they would prefer to offer you other dishes as not to sacrifice the original or natural quality taste of their meals.

Lastly, the dessert, their special Garlic Ice Cream. Yes, GARLIC ICE CREAM. It is garlic mixed with pure vanilla ice cream and with delicious chocolate syrup. The ice cream is fashioned with a big garlic cookie that you can use to scoop out the ice cream.

 Thank you to Miss Joie Arvesu, the Senior Operations Director of Mad for Garlic for welcoming me and my Father to their restaurant. It was an experience I would never forget. She is inviting us to come back again so I may have to take that invitation seriously.

Miss Joie is such a pretty host that my Father joked about Mad For Garlic requiring their employees to be of very pleasing personality as one of their employment requirements.

Thank you also to Mr. Dandy Coronel, General Manager and Mr. Winkee Chong, Kitchen Manager.

and of course to the crew of Mad for Garlic for patiently posing for my Father in the picture taking and video invite as they screamed for Wazzup Pilipinas!

True enough, the dishes at Mad for Garlic were extremely delectable up to the last bite, that I would definitely come back again and again.

Hope to see Ms. Joie again soon. Thank you also for the take-out Pizza! I want to eat more of Mad for Garlic!!!

Please see below for some of the videos my Father took.

For more info on their menu visit their Facebook page here:

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  1. First of all, I really like the article. I couldn't believe that a 13 year old boy could actually write good structure sentences like this. The content was simple and vivid. It really compliments the pictures shown. The author constructed his sentences casually and very easy to follow. The way he organize the paragraph was really good, starting from the appearance of the restaurant then bringing us in to their dining area with some descriptive decors all the way to the main topic which are the dishes of the restaurant. The author even managed to orderly enumerate them from their appetizer to their dessert.

  2. One thing I really like in this article was the captivating pictures of the Restaurant's food. It is the reason that brought me here. Very good about the usage of good photos. Anyway. The sentences were casual and plain, which is great because sometimes it's hard to understand other words in English. Especially those who are not that good with speaking in English, like me ^^. Your description for each food was just right. It is enough for the people to satisfy themselves and making them want to go to that place. Your description for the place was detailed and well-constructed. It made me think about the place already that the place must be very cool.

    Anyway. I was looking for your comment for the prices of each food. Because, 'maybe', a lot of people consider the prices of the food in a restaurant before going to the place. Just saying my opinion.

    But overall, it was great!, Brilliant! Looking forward for more of your post, especially the ones about food. :D Glad that you visited Mad for Garlic! And Congrats for the post! :))

    -Big Fan of Garlic :>


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