Monday, May 13, 2013

Lime by Chef Arch: Fabulous Street Smart Specialties

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I really never expected that there could be a place that would surprisingly serve street-smart gourmet dishes that's fit for a king but priced for the average citizenry.

Chef Arch's Lime (Streetfood na Pina-Sosyal) exceeds all expectations, similar to my experience at their Kanto Freestyle Breakfast where you'll be in extreme awe once you've seen and ate the meals that comes out of their small kitchen.

Its a feast that's comparable if not totally beats anybody else with a fancy ambiance and prime location.

It seems like just a neighborhood family business, which is true, but wait till you taste their specialties, and you'll probably wonder "Why on Earth are they still stuck in this place?"

Its located in a neighborhood somewhere in Mandaluyong and on what seems like a garage with very simple furniture and decors - and if you won't look real close, you'll probably miss it along the way.

You really need to know somebody or better yet ask around the neighborhood to find the place.

Lime has its share of pretty pleasing attendants to serve all your needs. If not for the food, you'll definitely hang around to chat with the girls, or if you're the shy type, a yummy smile will do.

Whoah!!! These yummy coated goodies are "Balut" or duck eggs. If you can dare eat these feathery delights then go on, nothing's stopping you....but what's great about it is the crunch wo'nt just come from eating the parts of the duck fetus.

The Quail Egg Tempura with Soy Marin Glaze and Sinamak was a goner in seconds. Everyone grabbed more than just a bite!

The Deep fried spicy tuna and sky flakes was so uniquely fascinating! Imagine using the Skyflakes crackers to come up with this ingenious creation. Wow!

The Bacon Mussels, as the name implies are mussels with bacon bits. It was a splendid combination that you must try out soon. I am biased to seafood, and try to stay away from meat, yet the balance of the two made me reconsider trying it out and I was not disappointed.

and I thought I could only taste these again at a street corner, isaw, betamax, and other grilled street food treats called Assorted Street Style BBQ Platters are also available at Lime.

This was a pretty sight as well, the Tuna Sashimi wasabi cream, orange salad and soy calamansi rocked my world and made me drink up because of the wasabi, but it was an awesome experience I would be glad to repeat.

The Crispy Corned Beef, and Paris Mash (potatoes) with Sauteed onions were here and then gone in just a blink of an eye. Another favorite of our group!

The Creamy Garlic Spicy Tuyo Pasta deserves an applause. If you love "tuyo", then you'll have no hesitation eating this concoction.

The Isaw Pizza was defintely my top-most favorite. I still can't shake the dining experience as I bite into the crispy isaw with pizza sauce and cheeze.

The Wilted Kangkong with Asian hollandaise and Quali Egg is ideal for vegetarians. A very decent offering from Chef Arch's Lime.

Desserts were arguably enticing with Tres Leches. Though they were not the ones who prepared it, it comes from a source that is worth enough to trace due to its creamy goodness.

The Chocolate Sanzrival was equally mesmerizing. I bet I will be able to eat the whole cake if given the opportunity. But sweet tooth or nut, you'll go gaga with this sweet dessert.

The Flourless Chocolate Chocnut was another extreme dessert experience. The same experience I got when I tasted the Salted Caramel. It's like dining in a dessert heaven where the choices are sweet sugary perfect.


Its time to wash the sweetness all down with some tea. Perfect indeed!....and gives me enough strength to try out the remaining sweets.

My friends and I enjoyed our visit at Chef Arch's Lime. It was truly sensational and a remarkable experience that you'll never expect especially if it was your first time to be there. Their dishes are way beyond the capacity of normal words to describe.

Find out more about LImefrom their Facebook page:

Price List:

1) Tuna Sashimi wasabi cream, orange salad and soy calamansi 210

2) Deep fried spicy tuna and sky flakes - 120

3) Bacon Mussels - 170

4) Crispy Corned Beef, Paris Mash, Sauteed onions - 170

5) Creamy Garlic Spicy Tuyo pasta - 175

6) Isaw Pizza - 210

7) Quail Egg Tempura with Soy Marin Glaze and Sinamak - 120

8) Assorted Street Style BBQ Platters - 185

9) Balut in Red Wine Sauce - 180

10) Wilted Kangkong with Asian hollandaise and Quail Egg - 120

11) Salted Caramel - 120

12) Tres Leches - 120

13) Chocolate Sanzrival - 120

14) Flourless Chocolate Chocnut - 120

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