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Aryan's Restaurant: Paranaque's Proud to Have Her

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Somewhere at the East Service Road of Paranaque lies Aryan's Restaurant and Bar. A Family business with a lot of heart with dishes that are surprisingly better than how it looks. I think it is nowhere near other similar restaurants within the vicinity (as I saw none along the way) making it the only ideal place where the neighborhood nearby can bring their family for some great home-made cooking.

Actually, the exact address is at 2152-A East service Road, Paranaque.....and since it was practically our first time to go there, we had to take a taxi so we won't get lost commuting. The address just needs some landmark instructions to help prospective guests on how to get there more conveniently aside from taking a cab.

My favorite dish was the Korean Beef BBQ topped with sesame seeds and the Fish Fillet one above (must eat it with all the topped ingredients to get the full flavorful taste of the dish).

The place was quite homey. Simple yet sweet - accented by the roses they used as table ornaments.

There was also a chess board but you will notice it lacks a few pieces for you to be able to play appropriately.

For the ambiance at Aryan's restaurant, the sunlight peering too brightly during noon time makes it not an ideal time to visit for lunch. Well, must be because there was no airconditioning that day due to a defective Meralco power source that day. The restaurant was running on generator power when we visited so the owners couldn't run the airconditioning. 

It was a bit hot as compared to the usual high-end restaurants in Makati, BGC, etc that we commonly visit mainly because there was no power to run the airconditioning (not the restaurant's fault)....and the sun was directly hitting the front of the restaurant (blame Mother Nature or that's what you get for getting an Eastern front). Though I do believe our experience would have been better if there was "airconditioning" that day.

At the left side they have a big enough bar area for those who want to chill outside, and smoke, drink beer, while having dinner. I guess night time is the best time to visit the place to have dinner or hang around with the "barkada" and drink some beer while chatting throughout the night.

There are plenty of chairs and tables to sit a medium sized crowd, and would be best if there was also a bit of entertainment like a big LED TV screen to watch movies or TV shows.


There was a sofa set for the guests and some reading materials, just like home sweet home.

The food was comparable enough to fit among the great dishes of rising restaurants - just a little more perk on the flavors to give it a unique taste that everyone will love. I specifically enjoyed all of the dishes except the pork dishes.

The crispy breading of the fish fillet dish that was seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with green and red bell peppers was a great meal for me. ...and as I've said earlier, you must eat the dishes with all of the toppings included so you can really taste the real goodness.

The Crispy Seafood Noodles (there's actually some fried crispy noodles underneath all those white sauce and veggies) was a delight to have. To balance every meal, there must always be vegetables for me. The dish was quite unique for me since I don't get to encounter a similar dish very often.

I didn't really liked this pork dish. Nothing really special with it. Probably need to marinate it longer so the taste will really seep in to the pork.

Mike's Fried Chicken was tasty enough on its own - without any need for any sauce. yet many of us still tried the tomato salsa on it. It was equally good to have the chicken with the tomato salsa as it brings out a different taste experience.

Many of my colleagues chose the Prok Binangoonan as their favorite because of the crispy pork, the yummy  fried eggplant, and the tasty bagoong.

Of course, a meal will not be complete without rice - the Filipino's staple food.

Ice tea with a squeeze of calamansi - the usual drink  we encounter on most occassions - though Aryan's Restaurant should try experimenting on other drink concoctions. But maybe the bar has something better to offer next time.


Aryan's Restaurant and Bar - It's not a fancy restaurant, and maybe most of the crowd usually visits during the night time especially during weekends....which is something we should try when we get the chance to visit them again - but it has the potential to become great if the owners will continue to "spice up" more on its dishes, and slowly make a brand name for itself.

I am a lover of the more prominently tasty dishes where you can distinguishably notice a huge difference compared to other meals served at other restaurant. Aryan's Restaurant should have a signature dish to promote - maybe the Pork Binangoonan which majority of us loved?....

and of course maybe some blinds or thick curtains to shield the guest from the terrible sun and heat during noon time, especially when there's no power to run the airconditioning.

For more information, visit their facebook page:  http://http//

The restaurant is located at 
2152-A Street (East Service Road) Paranaque City beside United Hills Village after FTI before Bicutan

Telephone Nos: 664-1805/ 823-0092 / 0917-5758160

Email Address:

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