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The Pool Bar at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal : Sandwiches and Grilled Food Choices

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The Pool Bar, as the name implies, is a bar by the pool. Though almost every resort that I know of has their own pool bar right beside their pools, this resort named their pool bar as simply The Pool Bar. I'm referring to the one located at the Thunderbird Resorts hotel in Rizal.

The Pool Bar serves snacks like sandwiches, and cocktails like the Roaring Rum Giggle and the Noisy Lovers, and even what they cal "mocktails" referring to non-alcoholic beverages like the Gilligan Island and the Absolutely Sexy.

Sandwiches and burgers are the best choices but - if you're as eccentric as I am - you have to choose the type of bread you prefer to go with the sandwiches....believe me you'll be better off adhering to my suggestion.

I ordered for the Shrimp Al Ajillo and the Molave Chicken Sandwich together with a Mango shake for drinks. Some chips and cracker nuts were served while we wait for our meals. 

As expected, the drinks came first, but I was rather served with a Mango juice instead of a Mango shake.

My friends ordered a few different dishes so I also took some pictures of the dishes so you would have an idea what they look like. Below is the Barbecue Skewers

All sandwiches automatically comes with fries. The sandwich below is the Triple-Decker Sandwich - Grilled Chicken Cajun, Crispy Bacon, Tomato, Cheese and Fried Egg.

I think this is the Open Steak Sandwich - Stir-fried Steak on Toasted Baguette with Caramelized Onions, Tomatoes, Cream Cheese with Capsicum.

This is the Shrimp Al Ajillo that I ordered. I knew it will be just a few bites that's why I ordered another meal sandwich.

and this is my Molave Chicken Sandwich....

The Grilled Chicken Breasts, not so well done, but only medium rare. Just right for the bite.

The next pictures below are the Grilled Platter composed of sausage, pork chop and chicken.

The whole lot of our orders in one line.Sumptuous indeed. The difficulty of being a blogger is that you need to resist the temptation. You really need to take pictures first of the food before you grab a bite even how hungry you are at the moment.

I got some blurry pictures of the rest of the meals. I think this is the Beef Salpicado

This one below is probably the Mixed Green Garden Salad.

One of my companions talking with the Chef at the Pool Bar.

This is how the buffet at the Pool Bar looks like. I think there are an approximate of five viands available.

The dessert for that day was Buko pandan salad - my all-time favorite aside from the "Graham" or refrigerator cake.

I was surprised that the servers admitted their mistake and served the Mango shake afterwards. They let me keep the Mango juice for free because I already had a sip in it....hehehe

This is how the Thunderbird Resorts hotel front looks during the night, I had no special DSLR camera so I couldn't really capture the beauty of the hotel during night time (or even other establishment because I just have an ordinary point and shoot digital camera) but I can say that it was a pretty sight to behold.

The Molave Chicken Sandwich was not that memorable (I did not appreciated the bread because it was too thick and hard, and not "tasty" at all), But I did love the Shrimp Al Ajillo - but again its not something worth a lot of praise though. I've tasted a few shrimp meals a lot better.

To be fair, I did not get the chance to try out the other meals, so it would not be right to judge the Pool Bar food based from just the couple of meals that I ate. So maybe if given the chance to visit the Pool Bar again, I will definitely try ordering the other choices in the menu.

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