Monday, December 17, 2012

HP Lanches BYOD For Today's Technology Driven Society

With the proliferation of so many technologies available to an individual nowadays, this reality is having a sweeping impact on the way we live, work and enjoy life. Aside from a desktop PC, you probably also have a laptop, a smartphone, a digital camera and a tablet or "phablet" - phone tablet - PC. I very much believe I am not alone when I say so many of us have multiple mobile devices we use in our daily routine. We simply have a communication or automation gadget or device that we do not fail to use on a single passing day.

It would be nice if I can access all that I want from my own personal device. In this day and age, the line between personal time and professional time is already very blurry. You could also say that is already a fine line separating the two. The traditional 8-to-5 working days are long gone. However, I still prefer not to lug around multiple devices. I want one device with easy access to all my contacts. I want to be able to access my information from my office cubicle or from the basketball court over the cellular network. Though some admit that they purposely limit the capabilities of a device, it is done basically to cut down on cost. However, the quality and multi-functionality of a device is sacrificed. So unless a valiant technopreneur decides to give it all out for the consumers advantage, we might still have to lug with a lot of devices.

Regardless of this situation, employees, customers and partners agree it’s time to bring your own device—BYOD.

The catch here though is the issue of security and control over the personal devices. ...and since there are a huge list of brands and models with varying firmwares and user customizations, it might become a nightmare for IT security personnel to administer the company infrastructure. IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver a controlled and safe way of accessing applications and company information with established and enforced policies. Otherwise users are going to subject enterprises to huge risks. If it was only one class of users then it may have been easy to manage.

Think about all the variables that IT has to deal with:

  • Users – customers, partners, employees, contractors
  • Devices - desktops, laptops, iPhones, android devices, blackberries, tablets
  • Ownership – company owned, user owned devices
  • Access medium – wired, Wi-Fi, cellular networks
  • Services – outsourced, offshored, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid clouds

To say that I am going to only provide internet access to user owned devices is not even addressing the tip of the iceberg. It is very evident that device onboarding, provisioning and managing/monitoring is critical to support BYOD but IT has to take a holistic approach to manage the entire infrastructure to be efficient and optimize resources. BYOD is just one of the corner cases.

The HP BYOD solution is a robust, simple and secure way for enterprises to allow users to access the network as well as applications from their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. Leveraging a single pane-of-glass management interface, IT can onboard, provision and monitor users, devices and traffic on the network whether the user is an employee, contractor or guest and the device is attached to a wired port or connected wirelessly through HP's mobility solution. Through HP IMC and F5 BIG-IP, enterprise IT can identify the user and their device, assign and enforce policy based on the user and device profile and monitor traffic and user behavior to maintain the security of corporate assets without disrupting user productivity. When online, users are demanding rich multimedia and real time content and service. The new HP 10512 increases capacity and bandwidth to support connections with more than 6300 802.11n APs at line rate and enough throughput to stream the entire Netflix library simultaneously.


  • Identify and control network and application access for user-preferred devices
  • Secure network and application access regardless of location
  • Orchestrate wired and wireless networks with a single pain of glass management interface
  • Simplify network design for assured scalability of wired and wireless LANs
  • Satisfy the demand for mobile access and rich media content
  • Modular solution lets you add resources and functionality as required
  • Seamless onboarding means minimal disruption in user productivity
  • Single pane-of-glass management for wired and wireless devices
  • Scalable performance from core to edge for the entire wired or wireless network

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