Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Justine Bieber Makes Fun of Manny Pacquiao's Defeat on Instagram

Justin Bieber posted photos on his official Instagram account, makes fun of Pacquiao

The 1st photo (Left), had a little animated lion that seemed to be waking Pacquiao up pasted on it. Bieber captioned the photo with the words “Dad wake up.”

He also posted another edited photo (Right) of a knocked out Pacquiao, pasted on a photo of the late Michael Jackson while dancing. He captioned it with “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ .. Classic moment.”

"The problem with his posts on his Instagram is that they don't make a valid opinion but shows a lot of insensitivity. But let us NOT bully Justin, anyways he is just a baby, baby ohh." - PhotoWorld Manila

"A little dose of his own medicine will do no harm.. but I agree NO to bullying, be creative in the words you tweet to Justine. Anyways, he is a baby, baby oh!:)" - Nap Beltran


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