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PUP Junior Marketing ExeBLINDSPOT: Exposing Aptitude, Magnifying Opportunities

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Let tap the untapped and reach for the unreached!

To widen our knowledge and open our minds to the untapped marketing niche, PUP Junior Marketing Executives is now ready to uncover, BLINDSPOT: Exposing Aptitude, Magnifying Opportunities that will take place on January 29, 2023 (Sunday) from from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm live on their Facebook page.

BLINDSPOT aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in the market by opening a discussion about PWDs. This event focuses on enlightening the students on how to serve and reach them from a marketing perspective.

There will be three (3) exceptional speakers that will join us in a Round Table Discussion invited by PUP JME that will open our eyes on the following topics:

INVESTigate: Finding the best practices to promote inclusivity and diversity using assistive technologies

Unmask: Denaturalizing Advertising to sell Physical Perfection and able-Embodiment,

and Reveal: Targeting PWD Market from Expert are the topics to be discussed during the live event

Aside from the much anticipated live event, PUP JME is inviting Marketitas to join us in reaching for this opportunity!

EXPOSE: A Short-Ad Making Competition a commercial making features our partner brands by incorporating the goals of the business showcasing the magnificent products of our partner client.

MAGNIFYING OPPORTUNITIES: ACCESS and OUTLET a virtual career fair posting on giving internship and job opportunities to (1) students with disabilities and PWD in general and (2) marketing students.

EXTEND: Lending Hands; Touching Hearts an activity that aims to touch the hearts of the beneficiaries through physical interaction and gift giving.

Come and join PUP JME in discovering more about tapping the untapped PWD market niche, and be sure to bring your pen and paper!





Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges of January 2023

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When you plan to become a crypto investor there are two main issues to solve: what asset to buy and where to do that. Picking crypto assets for investments, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:
price chart helps you understand how an asset behaves in different market trends;
market cap helps to understand the level of the asset’s dominance in the market;
trade volume allows us to see how many transactions are conducted with the asset per day.

Also, you should pay attention to the technology of a project and its application. If an asset has real use cases, it has more chances to be in demand, and if there is demand for the asset, its price will hold at a decent level.

When it comes to the market cap indicator, it is essential to understand that the higher it is, the more stable the asset’s price against market volatility. That means, on the one hand, large-cap coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are worth buying for the long-term, and on the other hand, low-cap asses (Dash) are more sensitive to market trends changes and have bigger chances to boost during the next bull run.

As of mid-January 1023, the DASH cryptocurrency price is $47.82. The peak indicator was $1110 in December 2018.

Top Crypto Exchanges

Next thing to do after picking an asset is to choose a crypto platform. Here are the five best platforms with the most relevant cryptocurrency prices:

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange is the most suitable for a beginner trader, for it offers the most convenient interface and quality customer support. The platform has two options for interface - basic and advanced. Users can also configure the interface according to their needs. The platform charges fixed fees - 0,10% per transaction and ensures a high safety level for users' funds. Check out its official website and blog.

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DepEd joins International Holocaust Remembrance Day, highlights importance of cultivating value of social justice

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The Department of Education (DepEd) underscored the importance of the culture of social justice and diversity during the International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony on January 26.

“The Holocaust saw the systemic oppression and persecution of six million Jewish victims and millions of others. The atrocity committed by the Nazi regime and their collaborators is beyond comprehension. Still, we must remember, and we must not forget, the names and the faces of the victims, the families torn apart, and the communities destroyed. We must remember so we may never forget the dangers of hate and intolerance,” Vice President and Secretary Sara Z. Duterte said in her message.

“We are responsible for ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust and the stories of the survivors are passed on to future generations so that it will never happen again. We must ensure that these stories are not lost so we can learn from them and prevent other atrocities from happening again,” she added.

Spearheaded by the International Cooperation Office (ICO), the event was attended by DepEd Executive Committee, the United Nations delegation represented by the Department of Foreign Affairs-United Nations and International Organization Assistant Secretary Kira Danganan-Azucena, the Israel Embassy headed by Ambassador Ilan Fluss, and the Department of Foreign Affairs represented by Assistant Secretary Mardomel Melicor of the Middle East and African Affairs.

Additionally, Undersecretary for Curriculum and Teaching Gina O. Gonong highlighted the lessons imparted by the Holocaust. "This unfortunate event inspires us to produce peace-loving and peace-building learners and strive to transform our schools into safe spaces for everyone where keep our human values alive," Usec Gonong said.

DepEd also recognized the need to continue to promote Holocaust education across all schools in the county and to persuade other DepEd field offices to join these kinds of commemoration events. The Department also used this day to reaffirm its commitment to encouraging its teachers and learners to be advocates for social justice and respect for human rights.

The DepEd Secretary also cited the late President Manuel Quezon’s Open-Door Policy that enabled thousands of Jewish refugees to seek temporary refuge in the Philippines, which embodies the Filipinos’ kindheartedness.

Led by VP Secretary Duterte and the various partners in attendance, six candles were lit to remember the six million Jews that were victims of the Holocaust. A prayer was also offered before the ceremonial candle lighting.

9 FEU DepComm shorts vie for Adamson filmfest awards

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Nine short films made by Digital Cinema and Convergent Media students from Far Eastern University (FEU) Department of Communication qualified for “REALIFILM 2023 | Haze of Truth: Underlying Gap of Life,” an interschool film competition organized by Adamson University’s Silip@Lente in collaboration with the AdU Cultural Affairs Office.

“Akin ang Buhok Ko” written and directed by Luke Salazar, “All the Things Left Unsaid” by Josh Van Ulric Ocampo, “Ang Babayi” by Sydney Dominic Roxas, “Baka Búkas, Bukás Na” by Ely Baculo, “Banaag” by Frangel Obien, “Heels On” by Daniel John Sanchez, “Hilahil” by JD Mardo, “If You Leave Me, Please Let Me Know” by Patrick Pangan, and “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Kaloy Cabarrubias will compete with 17 other student finalists at AdU Theater on January 27, from 1 to 5 p.m.

“Akin ang Buhok Ko” follows the story of a nine-year-old boy who simply wants to keep his long hair against the wishes of the adults around him. It previously won Best Short Film and Best Director for Salazar at FEU’s “LIKHANG MULAT: Gabi ng Parangal 2022.”

In “All the Things Left Unsaid,” a boy narrates his life as a queer individual speaking about his inner child in a very mundane setting. He starts by unfolding his imaginative perspective on the laundry as a colorful world with dirty clothes and cute little fishes.

On the other hand, “Ang Babayi” tells an alternate version of The Story of Creation, this time Eve (Joyce Macalia) emerges from the water and becomes the first human instead of Adam. Her exploration of survival in the Garden of Eden leads her to a predatory foe and an unlikely companion.

In “Baka Búkas, Bukás Na,” two old men, who hang out every day in a local coffee shop, reminisce about their bittersweet past when two young men enter the coffeehouse.

“Banaag” is about a woman who creates an almost perfect life as she co-exists with her younger and future self in an attempt to heal the wounds of trials and tribulations.

In “Heels On,” a young father (Dani Sanchez) wears fabulous clothes and heels as a dance teacher at a studio in Cubao. As he gets home, he thinks that his daughter does not have any idea about his work.

Meanwhile, chaos erupts as an uninvited guest interrupts three men having a casual drink in “Hilahil.”

In “If You Leave Me, Please Let Me Know,” a young boy (Kaloy Estrella) thoroughly looks at a giant felled tree in front of their house. The tree seems oddly mysterious to him as he finds connection to it. This as bullies tease him that he is a son of a Kapre, a giant creature who lives in a tree. The short film is one of the finalists in the Young Voices section of Sine Halaga 2 and Sorok Short Film Festival.

Finally, in “Save the Last Dance for Me,” a young man (Aristedes Lamorena, Jr.) meets a mysterious woman (Bjorn Pestaño) in the middle of a forest. Mesmerized by her beauty, he is determined to pursue her, and they develop a deep connection. He is unaware that this encounter will alter his life forever.

FEU DepComm program chair Herwin Cabasal lauded the FEU films for being “proud to tell the stories of the unheard and explore the gaps in today's society.”

REALIFILM has “Romanticizing Life and Social Issues” as its theme in this year’s competition.

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Coco Martin chosen as 'The RiteOne' to continue legacy of Ms. Susan Roces

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The country's leading pharmaceutical brand RiteMed has officially unveiled its new brand ambassador with the launch of its latest TV commercial (TVC) featuring the well-loved and highly respected actor-director Coco Martin.

Coco graciously accepted the challenge of continuing the legacy and advocacy of the Queen of Philippine Movies, Ms. Susan Roces, of empowering the masses in opting for quality and affordable healthcare.

Coco rightfully opened the TVC with the line “Ang sabi ng lola ko, ‘wag mahihiyang hanapin ang check", which not only gives honor to Ms. Susan but also reminds the people of the Filipino culture of listening to the advice of their elderly loved ones.

Filipinos remember the wife of the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), the King of Philippine Movies, for her famous lines in TV and radio commercials that espoused affordable medicines such as: “Bawal ang Mahal” and “Huwag Mahihiyang Magtanong”. Ms. Roces passed away in May 2022. Since then, RiteMed conducted a long and thorough selection process to be able to choose "The Rite One" to take the place of the late actress.

Coco, who became a hero of the masses for his role in "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano", one of the longest-running and most successful soap operas in Philippine TV's history, emerged as the hands-down choice.

The actor-director even suggested the adaptation of Ms. Susan’s famous tagline, Huwag Mahihiyang Magtanong, well-aware that everyone should have the right to ask questions. “Una, para hindi tayo magkamali. Pangalawa, ang mga ang mga Pilipino po ay likas na mahiyain; tinuturuan tayo dito na may alternatibo. Pag naiisip natin na ‘mahal yan’, tinuturo sa atin ng RiteMed na may alternatibo na mas mura," Coco stressed.

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagtitiwala. Napakalaking obligasyon po itong ipinasa po sa akin,” Coco said in his speech during the contract signing with RiteMed. “Naikwento ko nga po na kapag dumadaan ako sa Quiapo at pag nakikita ko yung overpass doon, ang laki laki ng billboard ni Tita Susan. Pumasok sa isip ko, ‘sino kaya ngayon ang papalit kay Tita Susan?’ kasi iba po talaga. Hindi lang bilang apo niya sa 'Ang Probinsyano' o sa mga proyekto naming. Alam na alam ko po kung anong klaseng tao si Tita Susan. Hindi po siya basta basta nagtitiwala sa mga produkto ng hindi niya nasusubukan dahil ayaw niyang masira ang kanyang pangalan.

The actor-director emphasized the impact and the legacy that Ms. Roces left and how she became the voice of every Filipino especially when it comes to affordable health care.

“Sobrang laki po ng naging impact. Alam naman po natin na mahirap ang buhay, lagi tayo nag-iisip kung paano makakamenos at paano pa rin natin maitatawid yung pangangailangan, lalo na yung kalusugan. Kasi si Tita Susan, silang mag-asawa ni FPJ, parang sila yung simbolo ng bawat Pilipino eh, na kapag may sinabi sila o may ginawa sila, lahat nakikinig. Napakalaking impluwensya nila sa mga Pilipino, kaya ingat na ingat si Tita Susan talaga sa mga paggawa niya ng mga proyekto at kung ano man ang mga ineendorso niya, lalo na po itong RiteMed.

Atty. Joey Ochave, RiteMed President, welcomed the new brand ambassador with great honor.

“It was 11 years ago when we had Ms. Susan and it was one of the best decisions that we’ve made. She was not just a face and a voice. She was a co-creator of the brand. The sudden shift on the lighter tone of 'Huwag Mahihiyang Magtanong' was her idea,” recalled Ochave. “From then on, RiteMed took this advocacy to heart.”

“Just a brief history, RiteMed was launched upon the request of the government then. Before, people had the impression that generics are sub-standard. Because of this, we strived to change that perception as people still wanted to associate themselves with a brand, because a brand is a badge of trust. Parang pangalan iyan, ang hirap magtiwala sa hindi mo kilala, sabi nga ni Ms Susan.”

RiteMed, thus, worked hard to make quality healthcare more affordable. “We want to assure everyone that [RiteMed] is a brand that you can trust. It’s a company branding and not just a product brand,” Ochave highlighted.

RiteMed General Manager Vince Guerrero said Coco possesses the traits that they are looking for in a brand ambassador.

"Coco not only understands but actually represents the aspirations of the masses, which is why he is esteemed by the common people for advocating what is right," Guerrero said. "As the new face of the brand, we believe he will be a good reflection of RiteMed’s continuing thrust to provide affordable quality healthcare to our people.”

Coco acknowledges the weight of being the new face of a trusted brand. “Alam kong ang laki ng responsibilidad bilang brand ambassador ng RiteMed. Ito po ay legacy ni Tita Susan at iyon po ang panghahawakan ko.”

How To Pay for Flights Using Cryptocurrency

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According to buidlbee, the cryptocurrency has become a rapidly gaining popularity as a way to pay for the services of airlines. Already in 2022, you can fully pay for the trip with cryptocurrency, starting with booking airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc.

In this article, we will tell how you can purchase airline tickets with cryptocurrency, as well as about airlines that sell tickets by paying with cryptocurrencies.

How to buy a plane ticket with cryptocurrency

The process is about the same everywhere: you start any supported crypto on the website of the air carrier, simply by downloading and registering a wallet on your phone and sending your crypto to it (we do not recommend starting a lot or storing it, because the services are centralized).

After that, simply select the payment method of the airline, which will convert your crypto into a currency to pay for the airline and the ticket will be issued within 24 hours (or during the time that is written on the site). However, in most cases, it is issued immediately.


The first airline in the world to start selling tickets for its flights to the Baltic countries, Europe and Russia for bitcoins since 2014 is airBaltic, an airline based in Latvia. According to AirBaltic, over seven years, more than 1,000 tourists have bought plane tickets from the airline using cryptocurrency.

In addition to the Latvian National Airlines, companies such as Polish Airlines (LOT), the Canadian Airlines and the Japanese low-cost airline Peach Aviation are leading in the sale of air tickets for cryptocurrency. CheapAir, a California-based firm, was one of the first airlines to sell tickets for bitcoin in the US in 2013. It is believed that crypto transactions are not only confirmed and safe, but also that purchases using electronic currencies are easy and fast.

Travel companies

Electronic currencies are quite popular, especially among travel agencies that sell tickets via the Internet. The Australian travel site and the Spanish joined the list of "advanced" companies. This platform was created with the ability to book travel. The platform is based on the blockchain. Based on this, its big plus is the flexibility when paying with a crypt (besides this, of course, flights can also be paid with ordinary cards). On the Travala platform, there is a wide choice of cryptocurrencies to pay for services. There are also thousands of hotels, car rental services to choose from. A feature of this platform is the presence of its own AVA cryptocurrency.

In addition, entire service sites have appeared, for example, is a partner of Binance, one of the largest exchanges for cryptocurrencies in the United States. For digital currencies and, of course, bitcoins, hotels and flights are available for booking on the site. The service allows tourists to compare flights listed in the selected state currency before buying with cryptocurrency.

No less famous is the Alternative Airlines platform, where you can find flights from numerous airlines and pay for the purchase of tickets using digital money.

Benefits and risks

As an addition, it can be noted that all cryptocurrencies, of course, are not without risks, but the benefits that accompany them outweigh the possible disadvantages. Users of virtual money get anonymity, high speed of transactions, lack of dependence on financial institutions, small commissions, no “limits” for transfers. However, it is also important to monitor the risks, for example, jumps in the rate of the crypt, the real benefit of such payment, the lack of sufficient technical capabilities.


When buying air tickets, we often lose money on conversion, or additional commissions. Innovations in terms of new settlement options can significantly reduce the cost of air tickets due to the elimination of unnecessary commissions, and sometimes even certain types of tax. At the moment, not many companies have decided to optimize in this area, but the list of services is constantly expanding, and it is only a matter of time when payment with cryptocurrency will be available everywhere.

It is worth saying that the above airlines and services are not the only ones where you can pay for the flight using cryptocurrency. For example, Abitsky, thanks to this service you will be able to pay for a flight while traveling all over Europe.

Planning your trip is always difficult and time-consuming, but finding a travel agency that accepts bitcoins is no longer difficult.

Must-Have Things to Carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips

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Even though most people don’t have enough free time to enjoy their favorite hobbies, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have some fun and do something extraordinary every once in a while. And if you’re one of those who love being in the open as often as possible instead of doing nothing but watching TV - you’re lucky, because those outdoorsy people always have tons of options to explore! From swimming and camping to hiking and trekking, you can do quite a lot even if you don’t have that much free time. All you need to do to maximize your time in the open is to get organized adequately and pack all your essentials. In case you’re a fan of hiking and trekking, but don’t know how to do that, here are a few essential items you need to carry with you whenever you’re about to start a new hiking/trekking trip.

The backpack

This might not sound like the most important thing at first, but you can’t even start packing your essentials if you don’t have the right backpack. And if you’re serious about hiking and trekking, you can’t pick just any model - you have to ensure that it’s strong, durable, large, full of various compartments, and, most importantly, waterproof.

This is why finding a new backpack is a process that might take a while. Lots of hiking and trekking fans have several different models at home and they choose which one they’ll use depending on where they’re going and how long they’ll be staying on their trip. So, don’t be afraid to choose whichever you like first and then get a new backpack if you notice that the first one isn’t working for you. Alternatively, you can talk to your hiking and trekking buddies and buy the same backpack they’re using - if it’s working for them, it’s probably going to work for you as well.

Handy tools

Many things will be beneficial for your trip and you should have them by your side during your hiking adventure. One of the most common items is a flashlight which can be found in a very small and practical size and can be of great help if your trip turns into an overnight adventure or you stay up too late and you end up watching the sunset. In addition to that, you’ll need hand sanitizer because during your walk you’ll probably want to explore nature and will end up with potential germs on your hand. It is better to be safe and clean your hands before making a break to eat or drink water.

Also, Sunscreen, sunblock, and lip balms will be a great thing to keep in mind because people tend to forget that they need to protect themselves from the sunlight and UV rays which is crucial especially if you are hiking on a mountain. Make sure to use high SPF ratings to protect your skin and avoid any potential problems. Thi sis something you need to carry close to reach in order to always be able to use it.

Safety features

Though lots of us believe that hiking and trekking are among the safest hobbies in the world, things are quite different in reality. You can do this for ages and still run into situations that can escalate quickly and become potentially dangerous without you even noticing it. Whether we’re talking about a weather disaster or an encounter with dangerous animals, you need to be safe, protected, and always alert.

That’s why it’s important to have lots of protection by your side at all times. Navigation, headlamps, protective boots, fire matches, and sun-protective clothes are among the most important pieces you need to have whenever you go. Also, don’t forget a practical OTF knife that’s going to come in handy in different situations, from building shelter to preparing food. Speaking of which, make sure you always have enough food and water with you, as well as some extra clothes in case you get wet or muddy.

Sleeping options

If you want to enjoy hiking and trekking to the fullest, you must try doing it overnight and sleeping under the open sky. This might not look like the best way to spend your free time and enjoy your hobby, but you’re going to end up having a blast, especially if you’re surrounded by people you know and love.

But, if you want this to turn into an adventure you’ll never forget, you have to think about where you’re going to sleep and how you’re going to spend your night. Luckily, sleeping bags and tents are now easy to find and they’re more advanced than they’ve ever been, which means you shouldn’t have a problem finding models that are going to work for you. Still, when buying them, ask the salesperson to show you how to set up your tent in no time at all, and pay some extra money for a waterproof and windproof model that’s going to keep you warm and dry all night long.

Clothes, clothes, clothes

When getting ready for a hiking and trekking trip, thinking about your appearance is probably not your main priority. However, there’s nothing to do with the way you look, but with the fact that you need adequate clothes that will help you enjoy your time in the open even more and you can browse through a travel magazine to see what type of clothes you’ll need.

First, keep in mind that you need to dress in lots of different layers regardless of the weather. Most hiking and trekking trips end up being wet, cold, and windy, which is why you need protective jackets, warm socks, and quick-dry shirts. Also, don’t forget protective shoes that will keep you dry and safe whenever you go, so take some time to choose the right pair you’ll be able to use for ages.


Of course, these are just some of the things you’re going to need when you go hiking or trekking, so learn how to pack them properly, without wasting too much time or energy. And after you do, you can hit the road and enjoy your time in the open to the fullest!


Emma Joyce is an avid traveler who likes to explore new places and takes on new adventures. When she's not exploring new grounds, she's reading or writing about them.

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SDCA Comm frosh wins 3SF Best Director

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A first year Communication student from St. Dominic College of Asia bagged the Best Director prize during the 3 Shots Film Fest awards night held at the Cinematheque Center Manila.

Franc Louie Sancha, who also served as writer and casting director of the short film “Gitara,” bested 19 other finalists who competed for the award.

In “Gitara,” a musician-vlogger (John Kenneth Talania) stumbles upon a haunted guitar he took from his grandfather’s province. He soon experiences supernatural events happening around him, and a mysterious creature starts to haunt and chase him. Erica Ubay-Ubay and Bong Ryan Reyes provide acting support to Talania.

Apart from Talania, Ubay-Ubay, and Reyes, Sancha also got help behind the camera from director of photography Mariel Perez and production and costume designers Alekzandra Noviebein Carias and Azi Amagna.

This is the second straight year that SDCA has barged into the finals of the event. In 2021, SDCA seniors CK Dela Cruz, Lourdes Mae De Gala, Kristzen Joy Mendoza, and Jhody Sacramento made it to the competition through their film “Laruan.”

All finalists from SDCA are members of the Association of Dominican Communicators, a student organization composed of Communication majors.

Joining Sancha in the 3SF winners’ circle are Best Film “/em/beddeəd” by Adrian Bolante; John Patrick Domingo of “Sack of Confessions,” Best Performance; Christine Anne Crisostomo of “Gula,” Best in Cinematography; “Awang” by Ruth Nicole Modina, Jury Honorable Mention; and “Sack of Confessions” by Francis Lacambra, People’s Choice Award.

The 3SF Festival is organized by Media Underground or MUD Studios with the Film Development Council of the Philippines and co-presented by RSVP Film Studios, Clayshop Inc., Coffee Gallery PH, UFO Workshops Manila with partners Giya Studios, Fire and Ice Media, The Playground Studios,, and Mapua University Makati Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts (FAME) organization.

The 3SF finalists were shown at the Cinematheque Centers in Manila, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Davao, and Nabunturan and streamed at JuanFlix: The FDCP Channel and

WTTC and Group global traveller report reveals shift towards sustainable travel

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Travellers set to splurge on international travel this year

“Demand for travel is now stronger than ever” says WTTC President & CEO Julia Simpson

A major new report by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and Group, together with Deloitte, reveals a heightened appetite for sustainable tourism amongst consumers, with 69% of travellers actively seeking sustainable travel options.

In this follow-up report, WTTC joined forces again with leading global travel service provider, Group and its major consumer brands, Ctrip and Skyscanner, with additional data sourced from Deloitte, to analyse the trends that shaped the Travel & Tourism sector last year and will continue to do so over 2023.

The report, “A world in motion: shifting consumer travel trends in 2022 and beyond”, shows that sustainability is a key element of the travel agenda, with travellers eager to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable tourism. 

According to a survey included in the report, three quarters of travellers are considering travelling more sustainably in the future1 and nearly 60% have chosen more sustainable travel options in the last couple of years1.

Another survey also found that around three quarters of high-end travellers are willing to pay extra to make their trips more sustainable2.

Last year, following more than two years of travel disruption, travellers made clear their 

wanderlust is very much alive, with a 109% increase of international overnight arrivals, compared to 2021.

According to the report, last year consumers were willing to stretch their budget for their holiday plans, with 86% of travellers planning on spending the same amount or more on international travel than in 20193, with U.S. tourists leading the list as big spenders4. 

But 2023 is looking even better in terms of travellers’ spend. Despite concerns about inflation and the cost-of-living crisis around the world, nearly a third (31%) of travellers said they intend to spend more on international travel this year than in 2022. 

Additionally, according to Deloitte’s ‘Global State of the Consumer Tracker’, last year more than half (53%) of global consumers surveyed during the summer said they plan to stay in a hotel over the following three months4.

Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO, said: “The demand for travel is now stronger than ever and our report shows that this year we will see a significant bounce back. 2023 is set to be a very strong year for Travel & Tourism.

“Sustainability is top of travellers’ agenda, and consumers highlight the value they put on protecting nature and travelling responsibly.”

Jane Sun, Group CEO, said: “Travel & Tourism is a powerful force in driving the global economy, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and lifting communities out of poverty.

“The Asia-Pacific Region, with its rapidly growing middle-class and dynamic economies, is well￾positioned to capitalise on the growth of the industry and take its place as a leader in the global tourism economy.

“I’m optimistic about the positive momentum for the global resumption and growth of travel in 2023, primarily driven by mainland Chinese consumers, which will help accelerate worldwide recovery and development.”

Scott Rosenberger, Deloitte Global Transportation, Hospitality & Services Sector Leader: 

“Travel is rebounding from the pandemic while innovating and meeting the demands of more modern alternative travel-types, sustainable travel, luxury travel, and much more. 

“Even the rise in inflation-driven financial concerns is not slowing the pace; incredibly travel is being prioritized and flexible/remote work arrangements are creating new opportunities. We are actively engaging with our clients as they embrace these new trends and create memorable experiences for consumers.”

Other findings revealed in the report include:

• 2022 sun and sea package holiday sales are estimated to be up 75% compared to the previous year5

• Last year during the summer, international arrivals in European sun and beach destinations were just 15% below 2019 levels6

• According to WTTC’s recent ‘Cities Economic Impact Research’, in 2022 visits to major cities are expected to see a 58% year-on-year increase, less than 14% below 2019 levels

• Luxury holidays will prove particularly popular, with sales of luxury hotels expected to reach $92 billion by 2025 (compared to $76 billion in 2019)5

• In a survey, nearly 60% of travellers said they were either already paying to offset their carbon emissions or considering it if the price was right.

To access more information and read the report in full, please click￾trends.

Philippine Post Office warns against “Mr. Vishing”

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The Philippine Postal Corporation (Post Office) again warned the general public against the proliferation of fraudulent activities by “Mr. Vishing” that uses telephone calls in the guise of the Post Office in their extortion activities.

The scammers use computer skills to configure their calls in order to make them appear that these are legitimately coming from the Customer Service Hotline, (02) 8288 7678, of the said government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) which is under the Office of the President.

Hence, the phone number registered in the Caller ID of the recipient is the “spoofed or cloned” hotline number of the postal corporation. This official number, however, is being used by the Post Office for the sole purpose of entertaining inbound calls from the mailing public who are tracing the whereabouts of their mail or parcels. It is never used for outgoing or outbound calls for verifications on senders or addressees of postal matters.

Dubbed as “Mr. Vishing” for easier recall of the general public, “Vishing” is a criminal racket that uses telephone lines to call would-be victims in order to extract personal information, and generate fear against fabricated illegal acts or issues that eventually lead to extortion. These scammers are able to make their calls appear to come from reputable institutions or government agencies.

Based on the initial information gathered, the modus operandi which began in November 2022 asking would-be victims for their personal information through text or online messaging. In this case, the callers would then tell the targets that they “had discovered an outbound mail or parcel containing illegal substances purportedly sent by the prospective victim through the postal service”. They then claim that these parcels are bound to Malaysia, Thailand or any foreign country but were allegedly “shipped and intercepted at Cebu Central Post Office” or at any post office.

“Mr. Vishing’’ would then refer them to a “local police” who would then use their social engineering skills to instill fear in these victims for them to avoid “legal entanglements”.

The victims are then duped or coerced (even by video calls) to shell out huge amounts of money for protection to avoid trial and possible imprisonment. So far, there were three (3) private individuals who visited Cebu Post Office to inquire about these dubious phone calls. They were then referred by postal officials to the local police as these were proven to be spoofed or cloned calls with an end view of extortion.

The public is hereby warned not to give personal information over the phone to avoid falling prey to “Mr. Vishing”. It is best and wise to check first the authenticity of the calls, emails, or texts that they receive from proper and legitimate sources or can access valuable information available online against vishing, phishing and other frauds.

The Post Office has already referred this matter for investigation to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) or its National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is one of its lead agencies. Likewise, the postal service is coordinating and seeking the assistance from the Philippine National Police (PNP) as well as the current telephone service provider in order to resolve and address the PHLPost Package Scam.
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