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Radiant Photo PH Launched at Ayala Museum on July 20

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Revolutionizing Photo Editing with Personalized AI Presets and Photographer-Run Software

Radiant Photo, the latest innovation in photo and video editing software, launched in the Philippines on July 20 at the Ayala Museum. This event unveiled Radiant Photo’s advanced features and unique tools to media, dealers, and photography enthusiasts.

Launch Event Highlights

The day began with a media and dealer roundtable, offering a unique opportunity to interact directly with the Radiant Photo team. In the afternoon, the consumer launch featured free workshops, photo contests, portfolio reviews, and interactive touch-and-try areas, showcasing Radiant Photo’s capabilities.

“Radiant Photo is here to transform the tedious editing process into an efficient, enjoyable experience,” said Elia Locardi, founder of Radiant Photo and renowned landscape photographer. “Our software offers unmatched customization and quality, ensuring photographers can achieve their vision with ease.”

Key Features and Pricing

Radiant Photo was developed by photographers for photographers, providing high-quality, fair-priced software without gimmicks. Radiant Photo analyzes each image upon opening and immediately shows an enhanced version of the photo. However, you have full manual control.

Even more, users can customize their Smart Presets to ensure that each photo retains the user’s personal touch while being enhanced efficiently.

“What makes Radiant Photo special is its ability to easily bring out the natural colors and life-life details in a photo,” Locardi added. “We’ve created a tool that not only enhances photos but does so in a way that feels completely personal and authentic.”

The software is available for $49 per year, which includes access to both the application and plugins, integrating seamlessly with popular editing software like Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. Each purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights

Radiant Photo’s unique technology leverages advanced AI to provide scene detection and per-pixel analysis, resulting in images that are perfectly exposed and vibrant. Users can enjoy three distinct modes: Quick Edit, Detailed Edit, and Color Grade, each designed to cater to different editing needs and skill levels.

● Event: Radiant Photo Launch in the Philippines

● Date: July 20, 2024

● Venue: Ayala Museum, Makati City

● Morning Session: Media and Dealer roundtable

● Afternoon Session: Consumer launch with workshops, contests, and more

● Features: Personalized AI Presets, photographer-run company, three editing modes

● Pricing: $49 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee

● Brand Ambassadors: Featuring renowned photographers and Radiant Photo ambassadors leading workshops and activities :

○ Elia Locardi (Founder)

○ Cris Magsino

○ Erwin Lim

○ Jeremy Sandel

○ Omell Cruz

○ Jay Jallorina

○ John Kimwell Laluma

○ Ricky Ladia

○ Jojie Alcantara

○ Rhonson Ng

○ Arlene Donaire

○ Raymond Tanhueco

● Co-Presenter 

This event was co-presented by Ayala Foundation and Summit Creative, and in addition to the Radiant Photo ambassadors, Summit Creative's ambassadors including Celine Murillo, Dennis Murillo, Jo Serrano, and Jack Ponpon also participated.

Summit Creative provides the ultimate camera bag and carry solution system for creators and adventurers. Their design features versatility and maximum protection for equipment while maintaining a comfortable and well-balanced aesthetic in its multi-use form factor. Explore Beyond Limits with Summit Creative.

● In collaboration with esteemed partners and sponsors, contributing to the success of the launch: Fujifilm Philippines, Zone V Camera Club, ProArt by Asus Philippines, Quantum Matrix Design, SanDisk, WACOM, LaCie, Nanlite, Sirui, Manfrotto, Sigma, Samyang, EcoFlow Philippines by ENABLED, Nanlite, and Big Pix Graphics Systems.

Radiant Photo is dedicated to simplifying the editing process for photographers and videographers, providing efficient, high-quality results.

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Latest PH Marine Mammal Stranding Hotspots and Species Stranding Status Entail Urgent LGU Response

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With a significant number of marine mammals stranded in the Philippines over the past years, it is within the scope of local government units (LGUs) to address this pressing concern, scientists from the University of the Philippines – Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) indicated in a recent study that encompasses data from the past almost two decades.

Dr. Lemnuel Aragones, Alessandra Nicole Morado, and Honey Leen Laggui of the Institute of Environmental Science & Meteorology (IESM), along with Dr. Marie Christine Obusan of the Institute of Biology (IB), Dr. Jonah Bondoc of the Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI), and Dr. Leo Suarez of Ocean Adventure and Ewen Lawler of University of Canberra, assessed the changes in marine mammal strandings in the Philippines over space and time, as well as the types of species that got stranded in Philippine territory from 2005 to 2022.

Marine mammal strandings and the role of LGUs

A marine mammal stranding occurs when a marine mammal is found on seashores or in shallow waters and cannot return to deeper waters on its own. The researchers mapped the stranding hotspots in the Philippines, representing areas where standing frequencies are relatively high, and designed the hotspots to identify designated LGUs to inform them about the implications of the strandings for marine mammal conservation and management. With the help of the hotspots, concerned LGUs can also be proactive in addressing marine mammal strandings. A total of 35 LGU hotspots for strandings were identified in this study. The majority of these stranding hotspots were located in Luzon (with 24 hotspots), particularly in Regions 1 and 2.

“Strandings can be of natural causes, but when marine mammals with good body condition strand, we have to worry because it could imply that they are in trouble. It is possible that their habitat is compromised in various ways – most likely from human activities such as pollution and overexploitation of our key marine resources,” explained Dr. Aragones, who also serves as the president of the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network (PMMSN).

While natural causes such as tropical monsoons and oceanographic factors can affect marine mammal strandings, the study emphasized that fisheries production and fisheries interaction are major contributors to the stranding frequencies of these mammals. This can occur through fishing equipment that increases the chances of entanglement or various illegal fishing activities, such as dynamite fishing.

“We recommend that LGUs and concerned regional offices establish their own stranding response team and rehabilitation tank and eradicate illegal fishing activities in their area by providing appropriate crew and patrol boats,” the researchers stated in their study. They also emphasized the importance of information, education, and communication (IEC) campaigns regarding marine mammals and regulating fishers and their fishing gear. By institutionalizing these programs, LGUs and concerned regional offices will help sustain their implementation.

Tala, a rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis), was rehabilitated by PMMSN for 51 days before being successfully released back into the Lingayen Gulf on August 21, 2018. (Photo credit: PMMSN)

Their study also revealed that the species most frequently stranded in Philippine waters were spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) with 218 strandings, dugongs (Dugong dugon) with 104 strandings, Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus) with 100 strandings, Fraser’s dolphins (Lagenodelphis hosei) with 95 strandings, and melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) with 89 strandings. By establishing a ‘species stranding status,’ an index of the impacts of stranding on these already vulnerable and endangered species, this study has introduced an important additional key factor in assessing species conservation status by concerned agencies.

Generating more research on stranded marine mammals

Knowing the species—particularly identifying their genetics and genomics—is important for ensuring the proper management of stranded marine mammals. This is the focus of the new ongoing studies by Dr. Aragones and his colleagues.

“We should determine the main causes of strandings. Since we suspect that dynamite blasts can cause strandings, we want to understand the acoustics of marine mammals,” elaborated Dr. Aragones. “We also like to examine the impact of fisheries on our marine mammals, to identify what types of fishing gears can entangle them, and the bycatch rates as well.”

Their findings underscore the importance of continuing and advancing monitoring efforts for marine mammal strandings, given the inevitable impacts of human activities such as increasing population, illegal fishing, pollution, and climate change. The evidence-based results provided by this study can guide stranded hotspot LGUs and concerned regional offices in managing and conserving Philippine marine resources, including marine mammals.

Cover Photo caption: A rare ginkgo-toothed beaked whale (Mesoplodon ginkgodens) was stranded alive in Subic Bay on April 19, 2010. Annual stranding frequencies in the Philippines generally increased from 29 in 2005-2007 to 106 in 2020-2022. (Photo credit: PMMSN)

By: Eunice Jean C. Patron

UP Study Pinpoints Key Player in Aggressive Type of Prostate Cancer

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According to the World Health Organization, prostate cancer is the third most common type of cancer among Filipino men. In 2022, almost 10,000 Filipino men were diagnosed with the disease. In serious cases, the disease can develop into an aggressive type called castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Some further progress into the most aggressive form, neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC), where standard treatments no longer work and it becomes the most fatal of all prostate cancers.

In a pioneering study, Romie Angelo Azur, Kevin Christian Olarte, Weand YbaƱez, Alessandria Maeve Ocampo, and Dr. Pia Bagamasbad of the UP Diliman College of Science National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UPD-CS NIMBB) identified and described a key protein that contributes to the progression of prostate cancer into NEPC, elucidating the molecular basis of the disease and paving the way for identifying novel treatments.

Prostate cancer depends on male sex hormones, or androgens, to grow. When the prostate cancer cells don’t have access to androgens, their development is stunted. This is why androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is the standard treatment for the disease.

Over time, however, the cancer cells can mutate in ways that enable them to develop without the need for androgens. This advanced type is resistant to ADT and may develop into the most aggressive form, the NEPC. Dr. Bagamasbad and her team discovered that a protein called CYB561 is pivotal for the progression, growth, and survival of aggressive, treatment-resistant prostate cancer cells.

“CYB561 has a dual role in driving cancer,” said Dr. Bagamasbad. “It activates specific growth factors and manages iron levels, both of which appear to help the cancer thrive and grow even when deprived of the male hormones it usually depends on.”

Using publicly available data from prostate tumors and experimental findings from human cell culture lines, they discovered that CYB561 is more prevalent in CRPC and NEPC cells than in normal prostate cancer cells. When they depleted CYB561, the prostate cancer cells became more sensitive to enzalutamide, a common ADT drug, suggesting that the protein provides some resistance to the drug.

Furthermore, they found that CYB561 converts iron into a more active form essential for various cell processes, including supporting the growth of aggressive forms of cancer. As such, the cancer cells require higher iron levels, and CYB561 seems to help maintain the needed active iron concentration. Knocking down the protein lowered active iron levels in NEPC cells, delayed the progression of CRPC to NEPC, and dampened the highly aggressive behavior of NEPC cells.

The findings of their study, now published in PLOS One, can help develop new therapies for CRPC and NEPC. “By understanding the role of CYB561 in prostate cancer,” said Dr. Bagamasbad, “we have not only gained a deeper understanding of how prostate cancer develops drug resistance but we have also potentially identified a new target for future treatments, paving the way for novel therapies that could specifically inhibit CYB561’s activity to slow down or stop cancer progression.”

In the future, Dr. Bagamasbad and her team hope to experiment on animal models and primary tumor samples. They also plan to examine whether Filipinos have higher risks of developing CRPC and NEPC, and if CYB561 contributes to the aggressiveness of the disease. “More importantly, we need to identify other key players involved and establish a drug screening platform that can mechanistically target CYB561 activity,” Dr. Bagamasbad concluded.

Photo caption above: Schematic diagram of protein CYB561 (oblong figure in center) in action. CYB561 processes some iron into its more active form, contributing to the active iron pool (Photo credit: Azur et. al. 2024).

Hong Kong Claims First Place on Asia’s 50 Best Bars for the 4th Consecutive Year

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Bar Leone Makes History as the First New Entry to Top the List

Hong Kong’s Bar Leone made history tonight, as the very first new entry to claim the top spot on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars. This also marked the fourth consecutive year that a Hong Kong bar was named region’s best, reinforcing the city’s position as the gastronomy capital of Asia.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) proudly partnered with Asia’s 50 Best Bars to bring the event – one of the region’s most prestigious annual surveys of cocktail tastes and trends – to the city for the second year in a row. The multi-day festival-like celebration saw the region’s best bar talent headlining guest shifts at some of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed cocktail salons and drinking dens in the lead-up to the main event on 16 July, welcoming over 1000 of Asia’s leading bartenders, drinks industry professionals and tastemakers to the city.

"The feeling of standing atop the Asia's 50 Best Bars list is one I never could have imagined just over a year ago, when we were just a small team. Hong Kong's bar scene is a crucible of competition, constantly evolving to reflect the city's vibrant diversity. To be recognised as the best in Asia is a true testament to the unwavering passion and relentless drive of our crew. We are beyond blessed to call Hong Kong home, and we will continue pouring our hearts into creating an experience that does justice to this remarkable city we love." said Lorenzo Antinori, owner of Bar Leone.

The 2024 list of Asia's 50 Best Bars once again affirmed Hong Kong's standing as a global epicentre for exceptional bar talent and innovation. Hong Kong claimed more spots than any other destination in the top 10, underscoring the depth and breadth of the city’s world-class bar scene. A total of nine homegrown establishments featured on the prestigious ranking, including esteemed venues such as COA (#4), Argo (#9), The Aubrey (#10), Darkside (#17), The Savory Project (#19), Penicillin (#24), Quinary (#26) and Mostly Harmless (#45).

In addition to welcoming the region’s leading bartenders and tastemakers for a full roster of guest shifts, Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2024 also saw the first time the 50 Best Signature Sessions were held in Hong Kong. These collaborative events saw Hong Kong institutions partner with some of the world’s very best bars for cocktail lovers to enjoy.

The resounding success of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2024 reinforced Hong Kong’s reputation as a world-class gastronomy destination. The event was also the first in a three-year partnership between HKTB and 50 Best. This partnership will see two more high-profile 50 Best events take place in Hong Kong over the next two years, presenting an exciting opportunity for Hong Kong to continue to showcase its world-class hospitality scene.

To discover Hong Kong’s rich tapestry of traditional and envelope-pushing institutions that cater to every taste and style all year round, head to these award-winning bars to start planning your next trip to Hong Kong.

Luxury in Every Detail: A Thoughtful Celebration of Love at Dorsett Kai Tak

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Opening its doors on September 26th, Dorsett Kai Tak is set to be Hong Kong's most desired wedding destination. Believing true hospitality lies in attention to detail, Dorsett guides couples through their Wedding Journey - from planning to the big day - providing unparalleled personalised service every step of the way.

The Dorsett Kai Tak Wedding Journey

● Pre-wedding meal plans with Nutrition Kitchen
● Custom Signature Wedding Cocktail masterclass at Jin Bo Law, Dorsett Kai Tak's Skybar
● A Signature Wedding Scent workshop with BeCandle
● After party catering by Shake Shack
● Complimentary 1-night stay at Premier City Sky View Room with breakfast for two

Magnificent banquets start from HK$12,388 for lunch and HK$16,388 for dinner (12 guests per table). Banquets take place in the impressive 415 sq.m Grand Ballroom, featuring 7m double-height ceilings and a 4K LED display.

*The Wedding Journey is complimentary for couples who commit to a minimum of 10 tables for dinner and 15 tables for lunch.

Couples can opt for an outdoor ceremony at the podium area, featuring an iridescent backdrop of the new "Pearl of the Orient" Hong Kong Stadium, for only an additional HK$388 per person.

For more details on the wedding package, please visit the Dorsett Kai Tak Wedding Package.

Inspired by marina lifestyle, the new Dorsett Kai Tak flagship hotel will offer balcony suites and interconnecting room options. The hotel will also feature a Presidential Harbour View Pool Suite with its own 10-metre lap pool, and Garden Penthouse Harbour View Two-Bedroom Suite.

Dorsett Hospitality International is a rapidly expanding hotel group headquartered in Hong Kong. With a presence in 22 major cities worldwide and a total of 53 properties, we offer a diverse range of accommodations through our four core brands: Dorsett Hotels, Dao by Dorsett, d.Collection, and Silka. The group has hotels located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe. 

The Post Office launches commemorative stamps to mark PPA’s 50th founding anniversary

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The Philippine Postal Corporation (The Post Office) collaborates with the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) in the issuance of Commemorative Stamps to celebrate the PPA’s 50th anniversary of dedicated service and significant contributions to the nation’s port infrastructure and economic growth held at the historic Metropolitan Theater in Manila on July 11, 2024.

This milestone event highlights PPA’s journey from its establishment to becoming a pivotal agency in the country’s development.

"We recognize the role of PPA in the nation's history, growth and achievement. The Post Office is honored in promoting the excitement and interest of collecting stamps and other philatelic items, as well as introducing new products that promote our country's history and culture”, Chairman and Postmaster General/CEO Mike Planas said.

The Philippines has a long history of marine trade, ranging from its vital position in prehistoric trading routes to its critical importance in contemporary international trade. Manila served as the hub of the transpacific galleon commerce that connected Asia to the Americas and Europe throughout the colonial era. The establishment of port cities and the long-lasting marine relations in the Philippines were influenced by this historical trading network.

Following independence, the Philippines embarked on a journey to modernize its port infrastructure, aiming to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world economy. The establishment of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) in 1974 marked a pivotal moment in this endeavor. By consolidating port operations and regulation under a single entity, the PPA aimed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate the country's maritime competitiveness.

The PPA, which has overseen major marine facility growth, modernization, and optimization for many years, has been instrumental in forming the port landscape of the country.

The PPA is steadfast in its mission to ensure the seamless passage of goods and passengers through its ports, embodying the nation's maritime heritage while paving the way for a prosperous maritime future, as the Philippines continues to position itself as a major player in international trade.The Post Office has printed 20,000 copies of the regular commemorative stamps with denominations of P16.00 each, 1,200 pieces of the personalized stamps at P150 per copy and 1,400 pieces of first day cover envelopes with stamps at P40.00 each. In-house graphic artist Eunice Beatrix Dabu layout the stamps.


PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure” is coming to Singapore

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Setting sail this December Holidays!

Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group in association with Base Entertainment Asia present PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure.” This action-packed, music-filled production is based on the top-rated animated preschool series PAW Patrol, produced by Spin Master Entertainment and airing on Nickelodeon. Guests will see Ryder and his team of pups embark on a pirate-themed adventure to uncover hidden treasure. Do not miss this PAWsome opportunity to see the whole pack in this live touring stage performance at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands from 12 to 15 December 2024.

Tickets are now on sale via Marina Bay Sands Ticketing, SISTIC and Klook. UOB is the Official Bank Partner of PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure, and all UOB Cardmembers in Singapore and the ASEAN region will enjoy a 15% per cent discount on ticket prices for all categories.

In PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure,” Mayor Goodway is getting everything shipshape for a big Pirate Day celebration in Adventure Bay. When Cap’n Turbot falls into a dark and mysterious cavern, it’s PAW Patrol to the rescue! Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky and Zuma save Cap'n Turbot and discover a secret pirate treasure map that leads them on an epic adventure. Things get ruff when Mayor Humdinger wants to find the treasure first for Foggy Bottom. The pups need all paws on deck for this pirate adventure. Using their heroic rescue skills, problem-solving and teamwork, the pups set sail to save the day. No job is too big, no pirate pup is too small!

PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure is the perfect way for families to create lifelong memories and provides kids the opportunity to experience in-person theater. Since its debut in the Fall of 2016, PAW Patrol Live! has been seen by over 5.5 million people, providing fans in over 40 countries with an unforgettable Broadway-style production for the entire family. The performance is an interactive live stage show, encouraging audiences to learn pirate catchphrases, dance the pirate boogie and help the pups follow the treasure map and solve picture puzzles throughout their mission!

Club Med Celebrates Green Week: A Week of Sustainability Across Its Resorts

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Club Med, the pioneer of premium, all-inclusive holiday experiences, is proud to announce Green Week, a week-long celebration of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability across most of its resorts around the globe. Green Week highlights Club Med's dedication to a more sustainable future, tackling crucial issues like plastic pollution, biodiversity loss and responsible consumption.

From 22 to 26 July 2024, guests staying in participating Club Med Resorts can participate in daily demonstrations focusing on specific environmental topics, such as:

• Reduce Waste: Learn about responsible consumption and participate in resort-wide waste reduction initiatives from upcycling workshops and beach clean-ups to educational conferences and tours.

• Live the Wild Life: Explore the incredible biodiversity of your Club Med resort through guided nature walks, educational workshops, and wildlife conservation efforts.

• Stand in Solidarity: Support local communities and environmental protection initiatives through impactful activities with Club Med Foundation. One of the very first corporate foundations ever created in 1978, the Foundation mobilises Club Med's teams and resources to participate in solidarity actions around its resorts and offices, working to support vulnerable children and protect the environment, with access to education and recreation for all, as well as the protection of biodiversity as its priority areas.

• Preserve Local Culture: Immerse in the rich tapestry of local traditions of the destination through cultural experiences and workshops.

• Manage Resources Sustainably: Discover how Club Med is minimizing waste production and promoting responsible consumption practices through a series of sustainability tours available in Club Med Cherating, Club Med Kani, Club Med Finolhu Villas and Club Med Phuket.

"Green Week is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Club Med's dedication to sustainability and inspire our guests to join us on this journey," said Rachael Harding, CEO of East, South Asia and Pacific markets at Club Med. "We believe in creating a positive impact on the environment and the communities we operate in, while providing our guests with unforgettable experiences that integrate sustainable practices."

Club Med is committed to leading the way in sustainable tourism practices. Through engaging activities and educational experiences, Club Med empowers guests of all ages to become responsible travellers and leave a positive footprint on the destinations they explore.

For more information about Club Med's Green Week or its sustainability initiatives, please visit

Schneider Electric introduces scalable decarbonization roadmap for PH manufacturing, donates P5M worth of equipment to Dualtech

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Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and digital automation, announced a scalable decarbonization roadmap for the manufacturing sector in the Philippines during the recent Go Industry 2024: Driving towards a Net Zero Industry event held at The Mills Country Club, Laguna co-hosted with Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc.

The event was attended by leaders from the Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Climate Change Commission (CCC) Philippines, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

Dr. Song Pei Chua, Business Development Manager for Chemicals, Schneider Electric East Asia discusses the decarbonization roadmap for the Philippine manufacturing sector.

The decarbonization roadmap outlines four key strategies that the sector can implement gradually to reduce carbon footprint:

● Electrifying operations through microgrid optimization

● Reducing energy consumption through digitalization and automation

● Replacing energy sources with renewable energy such as solar energy, wind power, and hydropower

● Engaging the entire value chain to design and build for sustainability and to offset carbon emissions, enabling a circular economy

"Our approach to decarbonization involves not just transforming our energy supply but also optimizing our processes through electrification," said Dr. Song Pei Chua, Business Development Manager for Chemicals, Schneider Electric East Asia. "Strategic planning, digitization, and a steadfast commitment to efficiency and sustainability are at the core of manufacturing and industrial operations."

Schneider Electric's Sustainability Business Team helps industries achieve their carbon neutrality targets by developing customized digital-centric strategies. They provide advisory services to establish a baseline, understand current energy use, and create a comprehensive roadmap towards carbon neutrality.

Deployment of Schneider Electric’s proprietary and award-winning cloud-based platform EcoStruxure Resource Advisor helps collect and analyze energy consumption data. With this, businesses can develop better energy and sustainability strategies. Software trainings are conducted by Schneider Electric to help educate partners on how to maximize the software to enable effective application into their operations.

The Go Industry 2024: Driving towards a Net Zero Industry event held at The Mills Country Club, Laguna co-hosted with Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc., was attended by leaders from the Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Climate Change Commission (CCC) Philippines, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (L-R: Philip S. ValdecaƱas, Projects and Services Manager at DualTech Training Center, Leonard Calma, Manager for Linkages at DualTech Training Center; Dr. Pei Song Chua, Business Development Manager for Chemicals at Schneider Electric East Asia; Virgilio Lorenzo, representative of the LCCI; Relly Fajardo, LCCI representative; Raul Villegas, Head Executive Assistant of the Climate Change Commission; Mark Anthony Ramirez, Programme Analyst for the Climate Action Programme Team of the UNDP; and, Dr. Marvin P. Adolfo, Consultant at Dualtech Training Center.)

During the event, CCC and UNDP both emphasized the significant role the private sector plays in achieving the country's climate goals. “Shifting to digital operations is crucial for sectors aiming to reduce carbon emissions and meet the targets established by the nationally determined contribution (NDC) implementation plan," CCC Executive Assistant Raul Villegas stated.

Schneider Electric Empowering Youth to Drive Digital Transformation

Schneider Electric's commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental initiatives. This is demonstrated by the company’s 5-year partnership with Dualtech where Schneider Electric has committed to provide PHP5 million worth of equipment and instructor training.

Dualtech, accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), offers a 2-year Electromechanics Technology course combining electrical, mechanical, and electronics disciplines. In response to the global demand for skilled workers, the institution is modernizing its training programs and facilities to accommodate more scholars and to address shortages of training equipment and tools.

The company aims to be carbon neutral in operations by 2025, save 800 million tons of carbon annually by 2030, achieve full value chain carbon neutrality by 2040, and reach net zero across all scopes by 2050—urging the manufacturing sector and other industries to follow suit.

Recently, TIME Magazine has hailed Schneider Electric as the “Most Sustainable Company in the World”.

Discover a New Perspective of City Living at Citadines Benavidez Makati

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Citadines Benavidez Makati, one of the latest additions to The Ascott Limited’s prestigious Citadines collection in the Philippines, surprises and delights as it seamlessly integrates into the vibrant landscape of Makati. This refined property caters to discerning travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and sophistication.

Since its opening in September 2023, the property has swiftly become the preferred choice for solo adventurers, couples, bleisure travelers, corporate executives and everyone in between. Its strategic location, combined with Ascott’s renowned hospitality, guarantees an exceptional experience for every guest visiting the area.

“Citadines Benavidez stands as a masterpiece, perfectly woven into the city's rhythm. 

Makati's strategic location, pulsating with business vigor and cultural richness, seamlessly complements Citadines Benavidez's unwavering aim for comfort and convenience,” said Cecille Teodoro, the Cluster General of the Ascott Limited. “It's not just a stay; it's an immersive experience where the heartbeat of Makati enhances every moment, transforming a guest's journey into a symphony of global luxury and local charm.”

Embracing its mission to ‘bring you to the city, and the city to you,’ Citadines Benavidez Makati invites guests to immerse themselves in the dynamic energy of urban living. The property’s trendy design caters to contemporary tastes, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort for every guest experience.

Taking guest satisfaction to new heights, Citadines Benavidez Makati seamlessly integrates sophisticated design and functionality into its studio accommodations—it's most sought-after room type. Each meticulously designed studio offers modern comfort, providing guests with a stylish and welcoming retreat in the heart of Makati. From sleek furnishings to thoughtful amenities, every detail is curated to ensure maximum convenience.

Recognizing the diverse preferences of its guests, Citadines Benavidez Makati strive to create ideal scenarios during each visit. The property offers flexibility in guest arrivals and departures, ensuring that if room availability allows, they will accommodate the guest’s schedule with a 24-hour stay offer.

After checking in and settling into their accommodations, guests at Citadines Benavidez Makati can enjoy a range of amenities designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s travelers. The rooftop pool area offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, providing a refreshing perspective on the bustling metropolis below. Whether it’s a leisurely swim or a moment of quiet contemplation, this space invites guests to soak in the vibrant energy of urban life. Fitness corners and engaging activities such as darts, table tennis, and mini golf are available, ensuring a seamless and delightful stay—a perfect retreat for the modern explorer.

Beyond the residences, the prime location of Citadines Benavidez Makati invites guests to explore the vibrant neighborhood outside its walls. Take a leisurely stroll or energizing jog around the charming neighborhood, soaking in the urban atmosphere.

On Sundays, the Legazpi Sunday Market beckons, offering a delightful selection of fresh produce and unique items for a memorable shopping experience. The village is also home to a variety of coffee shops and restaurants, providing an array of culinary delights to suit every palate. Guests can further enhance their exploration of the city with Citadines' insider tips and recommendations. Ascott’s Citadines property sets out to complement the exciting hustle and bustle of Makati City by giving travelers a place to rest, relax, and conveniently unwind. Citadines Benavidez Makati, with its trendy design, prime location, and unparalleled amenities, invites guests to immerse themselves in a haven above the skyline—a retreat that seamlessly blends the city's energy with the tranquility of a refined sanctuary.

With a commitment to creating more than just accommodations, The Ascott Limited has curated an immersive experience within the walls of Citadines Benavidez. Each detail, from the stylish furnishings to the thoughtful amenities, reflects the brand's dedication to ensuring every stay is not just a visit but a memory to be cherished.

For updates about the property, reservations, updates, and more, visit the property’s official website and its social media pages in Facebook and Instagram.

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