Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The State of Qatar Supports the Republic of the Philippines with 50,000 Doses of Sinovac Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine

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Qatar Fund for Development, on behalf of the State of Qatar, has provided financial support to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, to purchase 50,000 doses of Sinovac anti-Covid-19 vaccine for the cost of $450,000, to the people of Philippines, as a continuation of Qatar's response to provide a wider access to Covid-19 vaccine.

This assistance is an extension of Qatar's commitment to stand with the brotherly and friendly countries affected by the pandemic, by providing appropriate medical supplies to cope with the repercussions of Covid-19 and to provide health support to the people of the affected countries.

His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Malki, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of the Philippines, said that the support "comes within the framework of humanitarian action, and the extended Qatari giving to relief friends in the Philippines, and also comes as a commitment from the State of Qatar to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the health crisis, and to strengthen international efforts in the field of emergency aid".

His Excellency Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of Qatar Fund for Development, said, “This support is an affirmation of Qatar's active role and efforts in contending the Covid-19 pandemic, which represents a common threat to the whole world, and as a matter of shared international responsibility, as well as Qatar’s position in support of friendly and fraternal countries and its assistance to overcome this crisis."

Qatar Fund for Development efforts is continues to support countries around the world with emergency response aid to defeat Covid-19 and enable access to safe and effective vaccines and medical aids.

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Ping Lacson says we should be color blind in politics

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"The 2022 Presidential One-On-One Interviews with Boy Abunda" began last night with Sen. Ping Lacson taking on no-holds-barred questions about various issues in the country. 

"I'm the most qualified. I'm the most competent. I'm the most experienced" 

If you won’t vote for VP Leni, please try considering her again.” We must remember that a vote to another candidate is one less vote for VP Leni. We do not want the country's vote to be divided and ultimately lose in the end. I wish they would again have opposition unity talks to cement the win.

It's true that Sen. Ping Lacson has the credentials, knowledge, experience, competence, qualifications—he's got it all. This guy speaks from experiences, data driven, deliver statements according to facts. Hindi puro pangako, hindi political drama. 

Sen. Ping Lacson:

-data driven and science based decision

-allocating more budget on R&D

-internal cleansing of government

-emphasis on leadership by example

-use alliances to counter china bullying

-digitalisation and removal of human intervention on government services

-proactive in terms of facing crisis

- color blind in politics....what is right and good is appreciated and wrong is not tolerated  

- one standard governance

However, he's the author of the anti-terrorism law, thus making him a dangerous option.

But If you're really not going to vote for Leni, don't fall for someone na nag a-alamano lang sa gedli at takot kay Jessica

Just like what others say, halalan 2022 should be a battle between VP Leni and Sen. Ping. That is, if Ping was not involved with so many nasty controversies.

"Everything starts in government. Everything ends in government."

Boy Abunda: "Categorically, are you trying to say Senator, that the COVID handling of this government is a failure?"

Sen Ping Lacson: "Yes. Kita naman natin sa resulta eh."

Sen. Ping Lacson spilling tea on how the government failed to respond during this crisis. Sana lang ay hindi lang siya sa campaign period ganyan. He's been in the government for years, yet he remained silent most of his time.

Although Ping is very much aware that the government's response to the pandemic is a failure, I think the real question is-what has he done and what is he doing to help bridge the gap given his current role? Leni, for one, has been doing great in her pandemic response. 

Ping got some good cards , he's saying good plans but it makes me wonder why in his 18 yrs in politics he didn't man up getting those plans of his put into action? 

Siguro kasi in his 18 yrs in politics, sa legislative department lang sya nakatutok as a senator. Yung mga plans naman niya is for the president position so basically hindi talaga nya or it is not within his capacity to take those plans in action being a senator.

Ping can talk but not sure if he can walk the talk! There is disconnect between his being an enabler and suddenly criticizing the current government! 

He was an enabler of Duterte together with Sotto. They would often flip flop, the moment na umalma na si Duterte, kambyo o mananahimik na agad sila. Magaling siyang sumagot kasi handa, articulate din pero sa sincerity, competence, hindi! Kasi walang paninindigan.

It was a talk show! He came prepared. That’s it! 

Is it true that he returned all his PDAF allocations. Didn't receive any lobby money. Cut insertions. If these were true, Leni's OVP audit rating is minute compared to the cleansing he did on PNP.

Kung sana dati ay nag mayor or governor muna siya para at least kahit papaano may nabago at napaunlad siyang lugar dito sa Pilipinas.

Still, he has to prove if he is only pure lip service, or if he has the political will to implement these.

I watched both the Boy Abunda Interviews and Jessica Soho Interviews. Both are informative. Boy focused on platforms while Jessica focused on personal and their stand to some national issues. Pero mas gusto ko yung interview ni Jessica. Maaksyon. Grilling.

Magkaiba ng atake ng interview but the bottomline mas makikilala natin silang mabuti sa kung paano sila sumagot at sa kung gaano kalaman yung mga sagot nila. Some answers are read between the lines na you can assess their personalities or character. Kaya mahalaga mga interviews.

I think the format of both have their own pros and cons.

Boy Abunda interview makes us see how well versed our candidates to specific topics.

Meanwhile, Jessica Soho's makes us see how candidates can handle grace under pressure. There are some grace under pressure on the Boy Abunda Interviews. Kulang yung 5 minutes to address the cettain issues kasi.

The candidates' personal attacks and positions were the subjects of GMA, while their plans and platforms were the focus of ABS-CBN.

Very general ang questions ng Boy Abunda Interviews. Unlike the Jessica Soho Interviews na research-based ang line of questioning. Yung very specific issues and controversies per candidate ang questions. I would’ve loved to see them sweat it out and see how they hold up.

Hassle din ng timer ni Boy Abunda! Just when things were about to get interesting, mauubusan ng oras specially doon sa Erap part and drugs part! 

Medyo bitin ang ibang topic. Pero that’s for the sake of fairness for all candidates.

Let's give credit on how Ping Lacson answers the questions.May sense, although medyo paulit-ulit siya sa "let's be proactive" statement niya. Which is not wrong, but should have been solidified if he have laid down concrete actions.

I love it when he said, “I am pliant, but if it will compromise my authenticity, I will have to decline” 

I like his humility din, especially on the issues that he does not know about.

His stance about abortion is something insightful din. Tama na if he's not in favor, well, we need government intervention on foster care, help for mothers, etc.

Sen. Ping and VP Leni share a common leadership skill: "To Lead By Example!"

And to lead you need to have impact, influence and inspiration. Which I think Leni has more.

Ping has been in the position ever since before Leni yet he doesn't even matched our VP's achievements. I am not gonna fall for his sweet talks. There's still his many issues concerning his integrity that is pulling him down

Senator Ping could just be among Leni Robredo's best pick in her cabinet. Probably to lead the clean up of corruption in customs. No mercy, all guilty should go to jail.

"The ordinary thieves, they get the whip surely and fast but the big time thieves, big and powerful, they stay big and powerful." 

This is the sad and devastating truth in our government. Justice is not fair and has not prevailed. 

In my opinion, Ping Lacson fell short in calling out the failure of the Govt in its pandemic response. He played it safe. Also, what did he do during this crisis? 

I believe the reason why Bongbong Marcos agreed to join the Boy Abunda Interviews instead of the Jessica Soho Interviews is because the "controversy" segment of Boy's is a mere 5 minutes at the end of an hour long talk about their vision and stance.

Track record should have been given greater importance than their vision and plans. Anyone can bullshit a vision or plan, but track record, past actions are hard evidence of one's character.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Bongbong Marcos also does not want his SALN open for scrutiny

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

So after days of being dragged through the mud, Marcos is now trying to prove his "bravery" by refusing to make his SALN public. 

Paano ba yan mga BBM trolls? Dagdag trabaho na naman.

Bongbong Marcos doesn’t plan to release his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, & Networth if he is elected to the country’s top post. He says it may be used against him by his rivals, citing the case of former SC CJ Renato Corona.

Marcos says authorities can examine a public official’s SALN if he is facing a case or complaint. He believes publicly releasing the wealth report is unnecessary & will only distract from an official’s work.

"We have to be more protective. The SALN shows exactly what your economic activity has been all your life," Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos says. 

Back in October 2021, Marcos said in an interview that he is willing to publicly issue his SALN: “Okay ‘yan. Transparency, accountability, tama ‘yan.” 

When asked if officials should issue their SALN publicly. Marcos said “Maybe if there is a case filed perhaps that’s the time that it can be given but not to the public. Certainly to agents of the court or the court itself. That might be a workable solution”

Ang galing ah! Kasi without the SALN, there can be no basis for filling cases. And if you acquire info about a hidden SALN, all of a sudden, "inadmissible as evidence" na.

Experience is important... especially sa pagnanakaw.

This is a red flag for a public leader who clearly does not value transparency in order to avoid accountability. Sa mga sumusuporta kay Marcos Jr., utang na loob gumising na kayo sa katotohanan at wag magpa-uto kay spoiled brat.

Transparency for a politician is the most important but for BBM it doesn't make sense as he didn't want to publicize his isSALN! 

Ang walang itinatago, walang takot ilabas ang SALN. Obligasyon ito sa konstitusyon at batas, at patunay na tapat ang isang lingkod-bayan. Si VP Leni, regular at agarang inilalabas ang kanyang SALN. Paano makapagtitiwala sa taong, sa simpleng bagay na ito, hindi pa kayang tumupad?

He doesn't want to be interviewed by veteran journalist Jessica Soho. He doesn't want his SALN scrutinized.

The common denominator? No accountability whatsoever, whether by the Fourth Pillar or by law/tradition. This is a politician who will destroy our already weakened democracy.

Kapag tayong magwowork sa government, need magcomply to submit SALN, pero bakit kapag Presidente or candidate for Presidency, pwedeng hindi.  

Taong bayan ang nagbibigay hatol timbamg kung karapat dapat ba ang isang opisyal. Why is he trying to keep it a secret? 

Among presidential candidates, only VP Leni Robredo has earned a passing grade from COA consistently and also possesses an outstanding track record. Moreover, she showed her detailed SALN to the public.

Marcos' SALN can only be used against him if it contains false declarations as in the case of Corona. Marcos in effect confesses that his SALN contains false or incomplete entries.

How in the world can releasing of SALN disrupt your work? The SALN was institutionalize for purposes of preventing a public official from enriching himself at the expense of public treasury. 


We should protect public offices from people who are "protective" of their SALN. 


+misleading yung claim na SALN discloses ALL your economic activities, year end balances lang yan di ba? 

Liza Soberano launches Save the Children’s Kindness Circle through a flash fundraiser on 24th birthday

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Liza Soberano turned 24 years old this January 2022 and is scheduled to hold a 24-hour fundraiser to raise at least Php 24,000 to help save children from hunger. This activity falls under Save the Children Philippines’ newest fundraising initiative called Kindness Circle and donations collected will support the health and nutrition programs of the organization.

Kindness Circle encourages people to form a group and think of a creative fundraiser to support different programs for thousands of children. An online garage sale, online concert, or a birthday fundraiser are among the activities that could be done to support this campaign.

“A simple act of kindness can start a ripple of change. In the past years, we have received so much support from individuals who started their own fundraisers which was generously supported by their family and friends,” said Judy Malabanan, Save the Children Philippines’ Individual Giving Manager.

The first Kindness Circle is formed by one of the ambassadors of the organization, Liza Soberano. For her birthday this year, Soberano wanted to start her Kindness Circle with her fans through a flash fundraiser that will be held on the 24th of January. The fundraiser, which can be found at, will only be open for 24 hours and aims to raise at least Php 24,000 – a symbolic donation for her 24th birthday.

“When I was told about this project, I immediately knew that I wanted my fans to be part of my Kindness Circle. They have been so supportive of me and this is something special that I hope we can do together,” shared Soberano when asked about her birthday fundraiser that will support Save the Children programs that seek to end child hunger and malnutrition.

Anthony "Tunying" Taberna is on the road of being a forgotten journalist

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

There is no such thing as a Solid North!

Pinaka-kapanipaniwalang sagot - solid North is non-existent.

Kasuka si Anthony Taberna. Budol na budol ang buong buhay at pagkatao niya.

Nabring up din ng professor ang not-so solid bloc voting ng religious groups meanwhile Tunying is an Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC). Very nice one for Professor Clarita Carlos.

Basag na basag ang pagka Ilocano at pagka INC ni Ka Tunying.

Poor Anthony Taberna, now in the league of Jay Sonza. Don't be surprised that he will eventually go down the drain further as another Eli Pamatong. No offense meant to Mr. Pamatong.

In horse racing parlance, “it’s a neck to neck race between Tunying taning and Sozang itim!”

He’s a spent “journalist!” Tunying who’s an INC puppet! He’s more of a heckler than a journalist.

"Ang totoo: I was invited to an interview with DZRH, initially set earlier this month. Ipapasok na sana sa schedule ko, but we were later told it was moved. Yung bagong sched nila was already in conflict with ours, as I had other commitments lined up." - VP Leni Robredo

If DZRH is really eager to include Leni Robredo then sila sana ang mag-adjust. So, who now again is the coward in this interview saga? 

Si VP Leni Robredo ay may trabaho, samantalang yang si Bongbong Marcos ay wala.. So sinong mag-aadjust? Di ba dapat yang Tunying ninyo and DZRH.. Mahiya naman kayo Gawin ninyo trabaho ninyo dahil yang tinatawag ninyong duwag ay maraming ginagawang trabaho at hindi lang pameowmeow sa kalsada.

Didn't they intentionally move the schedule so they can divert the duwag to Leni's camp? Anyhow, noone's buying it. 

Tahol lang alam ng mga yan. Di nila iniintindi yung pagkakaiba ng presidente natin sa presidente nila. Si VP Leni ay busy alagaan at asikasuhin ang mga taong nangangailangan kaya hectic ang schedule, yung isa busy sa YouTube channel lang niya.

Si Jessica Soho ay may courage na sabihin na wala siyang kinikilingan. I don’t know if Tunying and Contreras can say otherwise. I used to watched tunying in the morning sa Umagang Kay Ganda (UKG) but when he suddenly mumble about pressing issues because he is pro-admin. I just got disappointed.

DZRH should be the ones to clarify why the original schedule was changed. Tapos itong Contreras made a false or misleading claim that VP Leni declined. It appears that they are doing it on purpose for the duwag narrative.

DZRH, pakidisiplina naman po ng mga journalists kuno ninyo. Lalo na yong Ka Tunying ninyo diyan. Pinapalabas niya na umiiwas si VP Leni magpa interview sa inyo tapos sa inyo naman pala nagmula ang problema.

Huy. DZRH, okay lang kayo? Hahaha kape kaya kayo para mahimasmasan kayo? Dami ninyong incorrect report. 

Compare mo naman si Jessica Soho sa mga anchors ninyo? 

Nakakahiya itong si Tunying. Isa na ito sa mga taga media na nababayaran. Inggit, kapit sa patalim? Halatang bayarang troll! Ang baba niya, kaya siya kinakarma! Buti na lang wala na siya sa ABS-CBN. Sayang ang mga naitulong ng ABS-CBN sa kanya.

Si Anthony Taberna ay isang dakilang DDS at Marcos loyalist na walang utang na loob sa ABS-CBN. Putak ng putak na akala mo paniniwalaan ng marami. 

However, Ka Tunying is the only news person I know who publicly claims that media is biased at bayaran. Huwag na magkunwari na walang kinikilingan. Meron yan. Hindi lahat ay matino pero hindi rin lahat ay bugok. Wala ring solid sa media.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

VP Leni Robredo declines DZRH’s presidential interview

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Trolls are trending #LeniDuwag just because VP Leni Robredo isn't attending a DZRH interview not knowing they had a beef.

Marcos trolls trying to compare the presidential interviews to be conducted by DZRH and Manila Times to GMA7 and Jessica Soho, an award winning journalist, is a desperate, late, and lame attempt to bury #MarcosDuwag.

Grabe yung camp ni Marcos sobrang pathetic at desperate. 

They invited Leni to a set up interview with DZRH, a cesspool of deranged marcos supporters, knowing well she wouldn't accept it. Also, Manila Times a staunch BBM/Marcos supporter? at kung hindi ako nagkakamali, DZRH is part of PTV, a state run news channel. 

VP Leni has attended many live uncut interviews answering on the spot questions. goes to show you weren’t really paying attention to her.

Nonetheless, a lot of people already realized how coward and spineless brat Marcos is.  

Ibinabalik nila kay VP Leni Robredo yung hashtag dahil sa pag decline nito sa DZRH - Manila Times interview series.

The panelists are composed of:

Gerry Baja, DZRH
Tonton Contreras, Manila Times
Deo Macalma, DZRH
Angelo Palmones, DZRH

Their biases against Leni are well established. DZRH falsely reported before that Leni Caravan attendees were paid. On October 30 they claimed that participants in VP Leni Robredo's caravan in towns in Northern Samar were promised payment which was pocketed by organizers.

Do you seriously think they would be objective??

One of the panelist in that interview is Antonio Contreras who has has a grudge with VP Leni. That's why he's been openly attacking her on his FB account.

Tapos DZRH pa. DZRH is a known news company for making tirades against Leni at overtly BBM yung hosts. DZRH belongs to the Elizalde group whose family has long been associated with the Marcoses so connect the dots. It's an ambush waiting to happen.

And I’ll take Peabody awardee Jessica Soho over DZRH if we’re talking credibility.

Funny how BBM supporters sees Jessica Soho as biased and DZRH not. After all, it is without any doubt that DZRH has a well established bias against Leni and shows favor to BBM.  

We must put the following into context, Soho never had any connection like this with her interviewees. Contreras however had bad beef.

No wonder why BBM chose to attend this over Jessica’s. They are on the same boat, and for sure their goal is pabanguhin ang mabahong pangalan ng Marcos.

With Conteras in the panel, except zero objectivity. Naga Judge Jaime Conteras was dismissed for sexual abuse charges of his own daughter. Jaime is Antonio Conteras’ relative. It is believed that Leni helped find the girl a lawyer. So you see where I’m getting at.

DZRH even had to issue an apology over their "erroneous" report.

Let's see how they will conduct the interview. It's live anyways. No chance to edit.

For sure, with their image of favor to Marcos, he was given a lot of edge. Maybe like giving the questions ahead of time for him to prepare his speech. Tailor fitting the series of questions to help BBM achieve his goal. 

On the other hand, they have different plans for Leni.

DZRH has a well established beef against Leni and they don’t even try to hide it. But there are no clear evidence that GMA nor Jessica Soho has ill will against Marcos. 

Also, Antonio Contreras once complained to Rappler that he was receiving ads for sex toys.

Turns out those were Google ads, and therefore he was profiled by Google to receive such ads, which we can only assume to be based on his online activity.

DZRH deserves condemnation and hate for what they did to Robredo and they will pay a heavy price for hating her and smearing her since 2016.

So where is the official announcement of DZRH regarding interviews with the presidential candidates with the list of the official guests, similar to what GMA Public Affairs came out with? Nauna pa personal FB post?

Dito pa lang may idea ka na sa level ng professionalism nila.

On a mere practical perspective, I wouldn't make a big deal out of skipping the DZRH interview. For one thing, the audience reach of DZRH is quite limited in the first place.

The reason why skipping the GMA interview was a blunder was because it's GMA. A much wider reach.

Eventhough, it would be interesting so please mark another item in your calendar, the LIVE (yes, not pre-taped!) presidential interview of DZRH is scheduled on January 25, 2022, 4:00pm Manila Time, two hours before Boy Abunda's on YouTube.

Leni gives pre-recorded audio that the panel, opponents, and audience can freely pick apart and contest point by point. Si blengblong, kahit excuse letter wala.

5 key characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Compiled in this article are a collection of characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship. After reading this article, you’ll be able to improve upon current and future sexual relationships.


Are you satisfied with your sex life?

If the answer to that question is no, or a yes with hesitation, it means that it could be so much better, so much hotter, and lead to much better orgasms. A Sexually Healthy Relationship is ideally a mutually satisfying relationship full of intimacy, orgasms, and fun. Ensuring that it’s both hot and healthy takes some effort.

The CDC recognizes that sexual health is an important aspect of someone’s health. It’s described as a holistic state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being concerning sex and sexuality. Sexual health isn’t just being free from diseases or ailments.

Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

Sex and sexual health play an important role in people’s health and wellbeing. There are physical, psychological, and social factors that not only impact sexual health but our sexual past.

There are immediate benefits of having a great sex life and these include…

· Lower blood pressure

· Improved immune system

· Lower risk for heart disease

· Increased self-worth and self-esteem

· Decreased depression

· Decreased anxiety

· Natural pain relief

· Better sleep

· Increased intimacy

· Increased interpersonal skills

· Stress relief both physically and mentally

Being in a wonderful and healthy sexual relationship is associated with better overall well-being according to a study published August 2019 in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. However, that’s not to say that any relationship is good. This study found that being single was much preferred and healthier than being in a bad or even mediocre relationship. Sexual health is not about having lots of sex, it’s about having quality intercourse.

5 Key Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Relationship include communication, Openness, trust, self-esteem, and learning. It’s not a matter of obtaining these aspects once and it is done. Instead, it’s about working on these constantly in a balanced way throughout the relationship.


Talking to your partner about what you like, what you need, what you don’t like, is important. Being honest with your partner allows for more growth and a closer connection.

Improving communication in a relationship can be difficult. Here are some tips to improve communication in a relationship.

· Communicate effectively with partners outside of the bedroom

· Communicate respectfully their desires to have sex, to not have sex, and everything in between

· Talk with your partner about sex before during and after it occurs

· Discuss different topics with your partner before having sex such as limits, contraceptives, condom use, kinks, and preferences.

· Communicate your intentions and expectations in a relationship.

Emotional Connection

Having that emotional bond with your partner ensures that sex is more than just physical. Sex is more than just a blow job, more than just a rim job, more than just reverse cowgirl. It’s important to build a close relationship when sex isn’t directly involved.

A lack of chemistry can have sex difficult or simply not enjoyable. 

Tips to improve a connection in a relationship:

· Do things together whether that’s cooking, a board game, an event, or going on a date.

· Spend time together just being in the same room

· Talk about fantasies with your partner

· Provide displays of affection when it’s not about sex

· Learn your partner’s love language and engage in that love language with them


Having complete trust in your partner and vice versa allows for both of you to be comfortable and safe with one another. That has sex in general better. It also makes experimentation much easier for both sides.

Being able to trust your partner with your body, and your heart is huge. 

Here are some tips to improve trust in a relationship:

· Allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to build trust with your partner

· Talk about everything and be honest

· Respect your partner’s boundaries and limits

· Develop a sense for your partner’s body language

· Respect a no when it comes to sex whether it comes from you or your partner


Having a strong sense of self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect is a vital step to having a quality relationship with a partner. With all partners being comfortable in their skin, comfortable in their sexuality, comfortable with their bodies helps to have sex more comfortable.

Starting with yourself is important. 

Tips to improve self-esteem in a relationship:

· Appreciate your body in both sexual and not sexual events

· Masturbate by yourself or with a partner to explore your senses

· Deeply explore the topics of identity and orientation

· Be aware of the impact of negative sexual experiences including abuse, cultural norms, and gender roles.

· Acknowledging the past impacts of negative sexual experiences in your own life and start the healing process


A Willingness to learn is hot. Learn about yourself. Learn about your partner. Learn about different sexual health relationships. Learn about new concepts, kinks, and toys to add to your love life. Whether it’s trying out a new kink or a new sex toy, or something, it helps to bring excitement and bonding into the bedroom and your love life.

Tips to improve learning in a relationship:

· Watch sexual documentaries, or podcasts, to expand your understanding of sex holistically

· Read novels such as ‘Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, & Enjoying Your Body’ by Laci Green, or ‘The Coitus Chronicles’ by Olive Persimmon, or ‘Faking It: The Lies Women Talk About Sex & What They Reveal’ by Lux Alptraum.

· Follow sexual health experts on social media to get updated information on new studies and tips

· Discuss the things you learned with your partner.

· Approach your partner about the things you want to learn more about and explore those topics together.

Final Thoughts

True Sexual health requires a positive respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Sex is meant to be an intimate and positive experience. Integrating a healthy sex life into one’s life provides a degree of balance.

Taking a holistic approach to sexual wellness includes emotional, psychological, physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of all parties individually and collectively. Being in a good place yourself is just as important as being in a good place in a relationship.

Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews: Manny Pacquiao is better off as a philanthropist eventhough he is homophobic

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Manny Pacquiao always quote the bible, ironically he's a law maker. Did he know that there's a separation of state and church within the constitution?

If Pacquiao aspires to be president, he should set aside his own beliefs. He can't be the people's representative if he cannot represent and express what they need. He should've remember that the citizens elect people to serve, not for the people to serve who is on power.

Even if I have nothing against his beliefs, the point is: he is a Presidential aspirant hence providing stronger arguments is expected and required.

The problem with Pacquiao is, he might be sincere, but let's be real, he's not competent and fit enough to be in the highest ruling office.

Manny Pacquiao may be the weakest candidate, but he seems full of sincerity, and may bayag din umappear sa Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews.

I’m giving him credit for showing up despite not being the best candidate for the position.

His heart is in the right place, and his fighting spirit is unquestionable. Parang mas tatakbo pang panginoon si Pacquiao kaysa pangulo. Let Manny lead the prayer.

Pacquiao could probably ace a theology exams because his answers are pure and mirrors ‘kindness’ pero this is not theology class nor values education, this is politics and governance. 

Nanatili na lang sana syang boksingero dahil doon ko sya hinangaan. Pero ang pagiging politiko, hindi ko sya iboboto!

Of course I’m not going to vote for a homophobic....even if I'm also one.

Sabi ni Pacquiao ay dumarami raw LGBTQ supporters niya and at the same time, hindi raw siya nag-aagree sa same-sex marriage. How does that work? Why would the community support someone who treats them indifferently?

The LGBTQ na sumusupport sa kaniya is giving me "I am a tree but I support deforestration" vibes.

Imagine saying that infront of an LGBTQ person who supports him (if there is actually one).

There are no words to explain with what you've said, Mr. Pacquiao. You were not misquoted. It was clearly stated that you called LGBTQ community as "masahol pa sa hayop". Tapos hindi ka pa nagsisisi.

Again, the separation of Church and State shall be inviolable. This is according to the 1987 Ph Constitution, Section 6 of Article II.

This country is not ready for the same sex marriage issue because people like Manny Pacquiao still exist. 

It is EVERYBODY’s right to love and it is the law’s responsibility to legalize it because it’s not as though loving is unlawful and immoral. 

Pacquiao can never be president if he only advocates for certain genders and not everyone.

Parliamentary or Presidential?

Pacquiao: Parliamentary 

Then why did you run for President?

Well of course it’s because we are using the presidential system...but he probably means that he wants the country to have a parliamentary system in the future if he wins. Might be done through ammending or changing the constitution for us to have a parliamentary system. But do we really need to touch the constitution?

I just want to hear Manny Pacquiao give us concrete plans. How many times must I hear the words "pagkakaisa" and "parusahan" before you give us good plans?  

I feel so bad with Manny Pacquiao. I am thinking that his money will vanish soon enough because he is surrounded by greedy people! 

I fear that he may end up like the usual sad Filipino story from rags to riches but fell hard due to misguidance & trusting greedy people.

He also keeps on making unfeasible promises (if you'll consider his capabilities). I was an avid fan before but not anymore. He got too greedy for position.If he really wants to help the Filipino people, then be a philanthropist instead. 

He is very trusting sa mga akala niya real friends niya. Kasi kung totoong kaibigan yung mga yun pinayuhan agad xa na wag tumakbo this may 2022. Kaso mo may vested interests yung mga nakadikit at nagsusulsol.

I was a fan his boxing career, and I still am. But never a fan of his political career. If the seat he occupied in the senate was given to someone who are more capable of, who knows? We may have a law that is better and more useful than what we currently have.

Ok lang sana Mayor o pwede rin Governor, huwag lang Legislative kasi wala naman sya alam dun. Lalo na pagka Presidente.

It's not yet his time, or he will never be qualified as a president. He really should isolate himself from his so-called ‘friends’. Withdraw now while his money still has a chance.

I was a little disappointed to hear about Leni's answer when asked who will she vote for. But then I realized Leni is fueled by the very same thing she sees in Pacquiao, sincerity to the people. It's a good thing that Leni is running. We don't have to choose the lesser evil among the rest.

We should realized that Bongbong Marcos should be ashamed for reasoning out na “babastusin lang din naman” kaya hindi umattend. Pacquiao had been ridiculed his entire political career pati family niya, and yet he had the guts to attend.

If may magrereason out na ganyan, I would understand more if si Pacquiao. Pero um-attend sya eh. And kudos to him, his answers weren’t as perfect, but some of his points are okay.

Sana ma-realize ni Pacquiao na kaya naman niyang gawin yung charity niya kahit wala sa public office? I mean, namimigay na nga siya ng mga bahay gamit ang sariling pera habang absent sa Senado.

Sana talaga nagfocus na lang sya sa boxing at philantrophy. Di na need ang pagpasok sa pulitika, pambansang kamao na sya. Mas may pride doon. Dami lang tuloy ngayon nawalan ng respeto sa kanya.

Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews: Transparency, Accountability, People Empowerment is the Leni Robredo presidency in a nutshell

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

While watching the Jessica Soho Interviews, one thing is clear: I made the right choice supporting Leni Robredo. My trust and confidence cemented! She is the most fit for the presidency. 

What are your concrete steps to address corruption in government? 

Robredo: Sa akin, transparency, accountability and people empowerment. Ang una kong gagawin ang full disclosure lahat ng government process, dapat i-make public para nadedeter ang overpricing and corruption.

Sobrang uplifting nung pinaka-core ng candidacy ni Leni. 

Transparency. Accountability. People Empowerment. 

She's the epitome of these. And these are what we can expect from a Robredo Presidency. No doubt, Leni Robredo is the leader we need and the president we deserve!

These three things alone can provide our country what it has been needing.

I hope her campaign team would visualize and contextualize them further thru ads and social media postings.

The answer to Filipino problems has always been the Filipino who is informed, empowered, and who knows that they can trust and rely on their government. VP Leni sees the presidency as a position to lead and to inspire the citizenry to be part of the solution and not as a Deus Ex Machina that will save us all. Ibang-iba talaga siya, ano?

She has proven this in her office. And she continues to do so when the pandemic hit the country.

When your candidate knows health economics and actuarial science, it's a win. 

When your candidate advocates for government transparency, accountability, and people empowerment, it's a win.

When your candidate has been consistent in her public service, it's a win.

Leni Robredo’s answers are on point and concise. It’s really that simple: to avoid corruption, there should be political will. 

Except for Ka Leody De Guzman, the rest are just trapos...Bias aside but among these presidential candidates, VP Leni is the only one who speaks with ease, humility and a lot of sense. 

With VP Leni, people are realizing that it's us people who truly have the power not the trapos and corrupt politicians. She's not just running because of the Marcoses, she is running to fight what the Marcoses and the like are condoning. 

Many traditional politicians won't support her kasi malaki mawawala pera sa kanila. Transparency sa government bidding na isapubliko, mahirap mangurakot  sa kaban ng bayan. Kaya taong bayan mismo ang tutulong pera siya manalo.

I hope everyone understood the  value & importance of VP Leni's advocacy for PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT, an empowered people will have the ability to hold any abusive and greedy public official, from the president down to barangay officials, ACCOUNTABLE. It's what we really need these days.

She said “no, for now” when asked about her stand re: divorce but the thing about Leni is she has always been willing to listen, always open for dialogues. After all, people empowerment is one of the pillars of her leadership branding.

For those people asking why VP Leni says no to divorce. She wants to fix the annulment system first, make it accessible to the poor and marginalized. 

She’s not pro-divorce now, but good thing about Leni is she listens and collaborative - and there’s nothing impossible to a leader who listens to people.

Leni's answer is clear, concise, and truthful. Hindi defensive, especially sa tanong na mahirap ang Bicol. She was able to convey her answer by acknowledging the problem and then presenting her solution. This is in contrast with Narcos denying na Ilocos is poor.

What will you do to protect the rights of OFWs?

Robredo: First, let's fix our economy so people who go abroad aren't forced to do this but because they want to. Let's enter bilateral contracts with countries where there are OFWs to protect them. Upskill our workers.

Leni's thoughts on OFWs:

- Should be by choice

- Bilateral agreements

- Retool them with skills for better job prospects

Understanding the context and having vision. This is what Angat Buhay Lahat is all about.

What steps will you take to make the country more resilient to extreme weather events?

Robredo: It's an opportunity to build back better. Let's invest. Evacuate people from danger zones. Then let's make sure that their housing is resilient, and schools are usable as evacuation centers.

What are your concrete steps to address challenges in education?

Robredo: As early as 2020 we told DepEd that we need to open schools in low-risk areas. Kelangan na magface-to-face classes kasi grabe na ang damage na nangyayari sa estudyante.

Kung inumpisahan na natin nung sinasabi nating magbukas na, marami sana tayong problema na puwedeng maiwasan.

VP Leni did not just do her homework, she gave us thesis in this interview! Yung may proof of concept agad, di lang puro empty promises. Handa na siya magpakain sa panelists sa sobrang advanced ng preparations. 

Leni Robredo is the only one who knows what PhilHealth really needs - someone with Actuarial Science background.

Actuarial Science is a relatively unknown field to many. It is a field of expertise that a Philhealth head should be proficient in.

It may be a small detail but it subtly indicates breadth of knowledge of VP Leni.

Can we all agree that being tough is never based on gender? Coz I'm a man and I never saw a woman any less. Leni is not a symbol for women, Leni is a symbol for inclusivity. No one's potential must be diminished EVER. 

Leni Robredo is Leni Robredo. Her answers are backed up with real experiences on the ground. Time and again, you cannot question her consistency and track record. 

No other candidate have inspired us to volunteer for this cause and brought out the best from each and everyone of us. We are all driven by the same passion to make a difference for a good and incorruptable governance.

Babangon muli? Nope, she really said sit down. I got this. She incontrovertibly slayed the Jessica Soho Interviews! Inclusive and collaborative. President ko ‘yan!

Transparency, accountability, and people empowerment. I hope this becomes a reality.

See, not just Ping but everyone's getting the hard questions too. Isko being a traditional politician, Manny's taxes, Leni's competency. Issues about the presidentiables that are very relevant. You address them nonetheless, you show up and stand your ground. Learn and attend, Bongbong!

Listening to Leni Robredo’s answers just makes me believe more than ever that if she loses, we, as a country, will lose way more. 

Wow, ang daming change of heart stories sa timeline ko pagkatapos ng Presidential Jessica Soho Interviews. Sobrang inspiring ang life changing yung interviews!

History will only repeat itself if we disregard the mistakes of the past. We do not erase nor revise the history, WE LEARN FROM IT!

Way to go, VP!

Well-researched questions. Straightforward. This is what journalists do. Not soft and stupid questions, kaya hanggang Toni Gonzaga lang si Bongbong Marcos eh!

Kudos to the Jessica and her team....of course, also to GMA.

Madali lang ang kamay na bakal strategy. Sigaw sigaw patay patay lang ‘yan eh. But to actually do the work, speak out even if it means going to the lion’s den, ‘yan ang tunay na matapang.

This inclusive and empowering feminine energy is what we need right now.

Before anything else let us CONGRATULATE all those who shifted from a BBM fanatic to becoming a Kakampink. Choosing Leni Robredo is the best thing you did this 2022. Goodluck on our 2022 adventure with our new President Leni.

This is why interviews and debates are important, ang goal naman nito ay (1) persuade the undecided voters & (2) conversion of votes.

We did both last night!

Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews: If Ping Lacson did not do anything to stop Marcos’ atrocities, there is blood on his hands

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Jessica Soho mention the book “Policing America’s Empire” against Lacson. Give that book a read — and keep copies for yourselves. You will understand how Lacson, no matter how alluring his excuses are, is no different from Duterte or Ferdinand Marcos, his former principal as MISG officer. 

No wonder, takot si Bongbong sa interview na ‘to.

The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews confirmed that Panfilo "Ping" Lacson is a fascist. He defends his record as Martial Law torturer and murderous police chief—and he now supplies another defense against the killings by the police under the “self-defense” excuse.

Lacson received the toughest questions of the candidates. I’m also shocked to see how calm and direct he is with answering, considering they are directly pertaining to his credibility as a politician. 

With that, I cannot completely say that I agree or believe his words, as there are testimonies against him as well. The fact that there are so many questions regarding integrity and corruption raises red flags on Lacson. 

Jessica Soho quoting historian Alfred McCoy on Ping as member of Marcos’ Metrocom. Ping says “maraming mali sa sinulat ni McCoy.” Just look at McCoy’s sterling achievements as an academic, at kayo na lang humusga.

Sorry but I’d trust a historian like Alfred McCoy any time. McCoy literally wrote an expansive book on the history of policing and counterinsurgency in the Philippines. 

Lacson has so many records of involvement in Martial law tortures and human rights violations but denies it all.

Ping Lacson is spineless. Walang paninindigan o programang pagbabago. Playing safe in the middle. Top that off for being a PNP asset and an imperialist puppet.

It’s almost certain that if he wins, he will merely continue the strengthening of mercenary institutions AFP and PNP.

No, Lacson. If you did not do anything to stop Marcos’ atrocities, there is blood on your hands. No other way to turn that around!

Remember that Ping Lacson is suspected of being involved in multiple kidnap for ransom cases. 

Search for the Kuratong Baleleng case and observe how many stories were left collecting dust, how many families were left with no justice at all. The Kuratong Baleleng were a criminal gang responsible for numerous kidnappings and bank robberies, wherein they would gun down security guards and innocent bystanders.

Panfilo Lacson and his men was the elite “supercops” in Ramos’ Presidential Anti-Crime Commission. Before Duterte’s drug war, there was Lacson and his death squad.

He says dismissed, I say silenced. A lot of counter arguments are because of dismissed cases. Aware naman tayo lahat na pangit justice system sa Pilipinas no? na may power play involved?

Like Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Lacson is an unapologetic fascist & murderer.

Jessica and her researchers did not hold back. Unfiltered!

Kasi makakabuo na siya ng isang library sa dami ng librong naglathala ukol sa pamilya Marcos.

Jessica Soho made Ping Lacson sound so dumb by asking why Lacson’s view on death penalty changed just because of a Netflix movie (The Life of David Gale) when he had access as an intelligence officer to information that proves innocent people could be framed. 

Soho really said to Lacson with all his years of law enforcement and law making that “all it took for you to change your stance on the death penalty was a Netflix movie?” and I have been screaming since. Not even the extrajudicial killings during Duterte's fake drug war?

Medyo hinukay ni Lacson yung sarili nya nung sinabi nya yung Netflix.

Super obvious sa atin at this point so it's ridiculous to us bakit ngayon niya lang narealize, and with a Netflix movie lang. Pero consider who he had been most of his life, a tool for bringing guilty people to justice. Naging very narrow ang worldview niya.

Kasi before ang perspective niya lang, being on that side of the law for decades, was focused only on punishing the guilty. Sabi niya, the movie made him realize it's more important to save the falsely accused than to punish the guilty.

Glaring sa retorika ni Lacson iyong emphasis sa parusa—detrimentally unimaginative, incapable of grasping that the acts being penalized are rooted in systemic conditions that require wider access to social services. Nothing more to expect from a cop & trapo!

Lacson faced the toughest questions. But let’s be honest, he had gravitas and came out of that round unscathed. 

I am not for Ping Lacson, honestly. But the questions given to him were difficult at totoong *hostile* yet he managed to answer calmly. Learn, Bongbong.

His responses to the most controversial issues about himself were straightforward - nuanced when necessary.

That "sayang" and "naku" of Ping Lacson are also some of the people’s answer. Props to him, he is confident despite the fiery questions. Infairness to him. 

Also props to him for attending the interview despite having Covid the past few days.

Somehow, Ping Lacson was also able to use the platform to answer controversies involving him. Sana tinake advantage din ni Bongbong Marcos Yung Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews kung wala rin namang tinatago. 

Lacson has done it during Marcos' term and he's doing it again during Duterte's term. He's with the dictator but turns his back on them once people realise how much of an evil they are. Once a balimbing, always a balimbing.

Lacson is also right. We saw something that is wrong, we criticize and correct it. If we see something that is commendable, good for them. That’s their responsibility though.

Tama si Lacson, talagang nakalimutan ang prevention and rehabilitation during the war of drugs. Too much abuse of power and law enforcement leading to the deaths of innocents. 

Tama naman si Lacson. Si Pnoy ang best president we had. You’ll never hear any news or rumors of corruption. 

Only Lacson's and Robredo's answers made sense in the whole interview. They both provided details to either back up their claims or to explain their promises and programs once elected. Isko is playing safe and pretentious most of the times. Pacquiao tried. Marcos didn't even.

The choices for election 2022 are crystal clear and self-evident. Son of the well-known rapacious dictator-killer, a flunkie in college, tax evader, big liar, etc. — no saving grace whatsoever. Anyone else is much better. Foremost (alphabetically): Lacson, Moreno, Robredo.

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