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PLDT Enterprise, BaishanCloud announce joint business partnersh

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PDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the country's largest fully integrated telecommunications provider PLDT, and BaishanCloud, a global edge cloud service provider have jointly announced a business partnership to further enhance the latter’s edge cloud service capabilities in the Philippines, utilizing PLDT’s strong local points of presence (PoPs) and data hosting capabilities

“Establishing the partnership with BaishanCloud marks another one of PLDT’s strides to promote the country as a strong emerging digital hub in APAC. We are looking forward to supporting BaishanCloud with our resilient data center facilities and our ubiquitous submarine cable investments,” said Jefferson Mendoza, PLDT Enterprise Assistant Vice President & Asia Pacific Regional Head.

VITRO Data Centers will host BaishanCloud in its VITRO Paranaque and VITRO Cebu 2, helping it provide edge cloud services to its users globally, especially its China-based users expanding into the Philippines. Through this proposed partnership, more companies, especially Chinese enterprises, will benefit from PLDT’s services in the country.

“With VITRO as Philippines’ biggest DC provider, this partnership will add diversity to our portfolio in serving a wider range of customers, on the way to making the Philippines as Asia’s next technology hub,” said Victor Genuino II, President and Chief Executive Officer of ePLDT.

“We are really excited about this partnership to develop and mature, as we both aim to serve the discerning digital infrastructure standards of global customers in the Philippines,” Albert Villa-Real, President and Chief Executive Officer of PLDT Global.

The proposed partnership will help bring diversity to the cloud landscape in the Philippines as it expands the options which PLDT Enterprise customers may choose from as they utilize the group’s infrastructure and services.

“We are very pleased to have formed this partnership with PLDT Enterprise. This marks yet another important step of BaishanCloud’s global strategy, particularly in the Southeast Asia region. A partnership with PLDT Enterprise will provide us with more leverage in terms of network and resource capabilities which will enable us to better serve our clients in the country, “said Yuankai Guo, General Manager of BaishanCloud (Singapore).

Founded in 2015, BaishanCloud is an innovative and independent edge cloud service provider in China with significant global reach. With its SASE and zero-trust based serverless edge cloud platform, the company offers products and services that integrate “network + security + computing.” With more than 1,000 global edge cloud services nodes, BaishanCloud is providing services and solutions in 250+ cities globally.

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Busybee Partners with PECB to Offer ISO Standards Training Courses and Certifications in PH

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MyBusybee, Inc., a frontliner and leader in digital transformation, is delighted to announce its partnership with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) to ensure a streamlined distribution and organization of PECB courses in the Philippines.

Together with the help of proficient trainers, this strategic business partnership between PECB and MyBusybee, Inc. will greatly expand the collaboration between the two companies in delivering the best educational services to their customers.

“As the nation’s top partner for digital transformation and innovation, this collaboration with PECB will offer our customers and stakeholders the continuous training and capacity building required to succeed in this new economic landscape. This will ensure that our local business and organizations are globally competitive.,” MyBusybee, Inc. Founder/CEO Rico Hernandez stated. “This partnership is a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to empowering Filipino organizations,” he added.

“We are delighted to work with our new partner MyBusybee” said Tim Rama, CEO of PECB. The primary objective of PECB is to inspire goodwill, energy, and commitment within individuals and organizations to achieve their goals toward better and stronger leadership. The collaboration with MyBusybee to provide training courses in the Philippines opens up exciting opportunities for us and we are determined to continue making a strong and value-based contribution to society. Together, we can help build a strong and value-based society," concluded Rama.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

SSS partners with UBP for the issuance of UMID Pay Cards to members starting Q4 2022

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The Social Security System (SSS) and UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP) signed a memorandum of agreement on Monday that will allow SSS members to acquire Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Pay Cards through the UBP.

Aside from being a valid government-issued ID, the UMID Pay Card will be linked to a UBP regular savings account with no required maintaining balance, where members can receive the proceeds of their SSS benefits, loans, and refunds.

Moreover, members who will be issued with the said UMID Pay Cards will be able to check their balance, withdraw cash, transfer funds, pay bills, or deposit cash through UBP’s branches, self-service machines, and BancNet ATMs nationwide.

They will also have access to the online and mobile banking platforms of the UBP, where they may perform additional transactions such as depositing checks, buying load, and creating savings goals, among others.

The issuance of UMID Pay Cards through the UBP is projected to be made available in the fourth quarter of 2022. Further details about the program will be posted on the SSS website and social media pages.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sheraton Manila Bay Announces New Executive Chef

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Sheraton Manila Bay introduces its new Executive Chef, Plaridelio Adora, an award-winning chef with over two decades of culinary and hospitality experience and expertise.

Plaridelio Adora hails from Oriental Mindoro. Chef Del, as he is fondly called, started his gastronomic journey in a Japanese restaurant in Manila in 2002. He then relocated to the Middle East and have traveled the world to hone in culinary skills in exotic destinations such as Kuwait, Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, and Qatar. Prior to his return to the Philippines in 2017, Chef Del served as Chef de Cuisine at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

Over the past years, Chef Del’s epicurean talent and flair has been celebrated and recognized as he brought home wins from Junior Chef Competition and Salon Culinaire Competition in Dubai. He was also awarded Gold Medalist for the Dream Team Challenge (Three Course Plated) at the 2017 Philippine Culinary Cup.

As the new Executive Chef of Sheraton Manila Bay, Chef Del will oversee the culinary standards and operations of the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, in-room service, and the newly launch &More by Sheraton and Unspoken Bar.

Taste first-hand the delectable cuisine created by Chef Del and his seasoned culinary team at the Whisky and Chocolate Experience at &More by Sheraton on July 7, 2022 from 7PM to 10PM and sample his chocolate-infused creations including Chocolate-coated Orange Bruschetta, Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate Madeleine, and Peanut Chocolate Caramel Lollipop made with superior cocoa beans from Auro Chocolate. Complement these bite-sized creations with flight of three premium Scotch whisky from Chivas Regal and enjoy a visually-mesmerizing LEGO™ mosaic exhibition of artworks by Philippine National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo. The Whisky and Chocolate Experience is available for only Php 600++ per person. For reservations please call +632 5318 0788 or email

&More by Sheraton is located in the Main Lobby of Sheraton Manila Bay, M. Adriatico cor. Gen Malvar Sts. Malate. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay. For more information, please visit our website at

Exploring the Largest Cave System in the Philippines

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ThePhilippines has over 3100 known caves. Featuring 12 chambers over its seven kilometer span, the Langun-Gobingob Cave in Samar is the king of them all. Discovered by Italian Guido Rossi in 1987, it was opened to the public in 1990.

We recently explored it to celebrate the Year of the Protected Areas or YOPA, which aims not just to convince people to conserve the country’s 246 protected areas, but to encourage them to visit the sites themselves.

Caves are underground chambers, usually situated in mountains, hills or cliffs. Generations of imaginative fear-mongers have made them the home of everything from treasure-hoarding dragons to a whip-wielding Balrog. In reality, caves are special ecosystems which need our protection, particularly from unscrupulous miners who would break apart tons of rock for a handful of precious stones.

Unique But Threatened Biodiversity

Samar Island, overshadowed by more popular places like Palawan and Boracay, isn’t usually considered a top tourist destination, owing to its long history as a hotbed for insurgencies and a punching bag for typhoons. Though the Philippines’ third largest island exudes rugged beauty, its real value as an ecotourism destination lies beneath the earth.

“Samar is unique because it is a karst landscape made primarily of limestone. Millions of years of weathering has created numerous caves and sinkholes on the island,” explains Anson Tagtag, head of the Caves, Wetlands and Other Ecosystems Division of the DENR. “Caves are special ecosystems which harbor highly-evolved fauna, most of which have adapted to darkness.”

Birds, bats, spiders, snakes, crickets and even blind cave fish thrive inside the Langun-Gobingob Cave. The lack of light confines plants to entrances, but mushrooms and other types of fungi cling to life as discreet denizens of the dark.

“The speleothems or rocks in caves are in a very real sense ‘alive’ – they just grow and move at timescales difficult for people to comprehend,” explains Dr. Allan Gil Fernando, a professor at the National Institute of Geological Sciences in UP Diliman. “The constant dripping of water for instance leaves minute traces of minerals like calcite. Over time these traces pile up to form hanging stalactites and their inverted kin, stalagmites. It takes about a century for a stalactite or stalagmite to grow one inch.”

It is because of their surreal beauty that many caves are sundered.

“People used to enter the Langun-Gobingob Cave to break apart and mine stalagmites plus white calcite rocks for collectors,” says Samar Island Natural Park (SINP) Assistant Superintendent Eires Mate. Our guide Alvin confirms this. “Locals used to mine the cave for Taiwanese businessmen, who paid a paltry PHP7 for a kilogram of rock. Balinsasayao or swiftlet nests were plucked out too, to be shipped to Chinese markets.”

The cave was finally declared a protected area in 1997. “Thank God for legal protection. Mining was effectively stopped,” says Eires. The Langun-Gobingob Cave is just one of many natural systems benefiting from the country’s protected area system.

“Declaring key biodiversity sites as protected areas is one of the best ways to ensure that future generations can continue enjoying their beauty,” says United Nations Development Programme Biodiversity Finance Initiative (UNDP-BIOFIN) Manager Anabelle Plantilla. “Visitors should positively support local communities but be mindful of the environmental impacts of their travels. They should for instance, avoid taking wild plants or leaving trash in tourist sites.”


Year of the Protected Areas

Launched in May of 2022, YOPA hopes to generate funds from tourists to ensure the continued management of protected areas hard-hit by COVID-19 budget cuts.

The Langun-Gobingob Cave is part of the Samar Island Natural Park (SINP), one of YOPA’s six highlighted parks, the others being the Bongsanglay Natural Park in Masbate, Apo Reef Natural Park in Occidental Mindoro, Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in Negros Oriental, Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in Davao Oriental, and Mt. Timpoong Hibok-Hibok Natural Monument in Camiguin.

The country’s caves are now open for tourism, but visitors should know what not to do inside them. “Cave tourism should be well managed and there are cave do’s and don’ts,” says Buddy Acenas from the GAIA Exploration Club, a Manila-based caving and exploration group. “A comprehensive assessment should be conducted before a cave is opened for tourism. Trained guides and set trails should be used to minimize human impacts. Like so many of our fragile wilderness areas, caves must be stewarded by those visiting them.”

For its part, the Philippine government is doing what it can to promote responsible tourism. "Our caves, mountains, beaches and other protected areas are now open for tourism. We invite both Filipinos and foreigners to come and visit, but to do so in an environmentally-responsible manner," adds DENR-BMB Director Natividad Bernardino. “By practicing responsible and regenerative tourism in PAs, we’re helping our national parks flourish and recover from the economic blow they suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

From running shoes, robots, and magical creatures, here are Solana games you can explore

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Blockchain-based games are more popular than ever. According to a recent report by DappRader and BGA Games, blockchain-game playing activity has increased 2,000% since the first quarter of 2021, now making up over half of all blockchain activity.

A big part of the reason behind blockchain gaming’s recent popularity is the rise of the play-to-earn model enabled by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on popular blockchains like Ethereum. In many of these games, players collect in-game NFTs that are tradeable to cryptocurrency and fiat currency. In the Philippines, it’s not uncommon anymore to find all sorts of people supplementing their income by playing these play-to-earn games.

Of course, new blockchains are emerging to offer an even wider selection of fun play-to-earn games. The Solana blockchain, for example,  supports a wide variety of titles, from classic first-person shooters to open-world adventures in deep space.


Below are some of the Solana games just waiting to be played.


This Web 3.0 lifestyle app rewards players to move and get fit.

How it works is that players will first have to download the STEPN app and buy an NFT sneaker, which the game uses to track a player’s daily movement. By walking, running, or jogging, the players receive a reward token called Green Satoshi Token, or "GST".

Depending on the type of sneaker you get (options range from a walking sneaker to one for dedicated runners) and the amount of movement each session, the user is rewarded with in-game tokens. On top of GST, STEPN  also offers its GMT governance token that can be used to upgrade/customize NFT sneakers. Both GST and GMT tokens can then be traded for stablecoins such as USDC, which can then be converted to fiat using crypto exchanges like PDAX. Being able to trade these tokens adds an extra incentive for users to get fit.


One of the biggest titles on the Solana blockchain, this role-playing game takes players on a rollercoaster of action and fantasy while still enabling them to earn.

In Aurory, players must capture cute animated creatures called Nefties. Nefties are stored as NFTs in a player's wallet and battle against other Nefties. The game has two modes: Player Vs Environment where players capture Nefties for rewards and Player vs Player weekly and monthly battles that rank players on a leaderboard and give rewards according to rank.

The game rewards players with its token AURY, which can be used to buy and customize Nefties and buy NFTs. These tokens can be exchanged on a number of exchanges, as well as Aurory’s in-game marketplace.


The first-ever playable robot battle NFT game on the Solana blockchain, Starbots revolves around battling cartoon robots and earning new parts for your robot. Players will use each of these robot parts (such as a weapon, gadget, body, or wheel) to upgrade their avatar. Starbots promises to challenge a player’s strategic acumen, making battles progressively harder to win as players move on up in the game.

Through winning battles, earning new robot parts, and completing missions, players can earn GEAR tokens and collect NFT items. Additionally, players can also earn its governance token BOT. BOT can be used to vote for new in-game features and upgrading bot parts at different milestones in the game.

Starbots adds a new dimension of playability to the tried-and-tested concept of battling robots. By leveraging the Solana blockchain and adding tokens and NFTs to the mix, Starbots proves you can still have fun with a classic gaming formula.


Genopets centers around creatures also called genopets and sets itself up as another move-to-earn game. How it works is that the game tracks the user's movement and this is linked to your genopet, a spirit animal that evolves and increases in value the more active you are. How much you move controls your pet’s appearance, talents, and moves.

Players earn KI tokens as they explore the Genopets world and their pets evolve. They can also earn the game’s governance token GENE. These tokens can be used to speed up a pet’s evolution, add to their attributes, and even trade with other players. All in all, Genopets does a brilliant job of allowing players to earn while forming a bond with their virtual pets. takes the concept of a regular first-person shooter game and incorporates the blockchain. The free-to-play, browser-based game is easily accessible: one only needs to go to the game’s official site to begin playing. 

The gameplay is also quite simple. Players explore a virtual world and begin shooting at opponents, sometimes teaming up with others and playing in a tournament format. To begin earning, players must first purchase an NFT with a Solana wallet. Owning this NFT enables the game to track a player’s progress and discern who deserves a reward.

Players with the most kills are ranked on a leaderboard by the end of a match, and there is also the possibility of earning SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, per kill. How this works is that each kill in the game gives you a higher score, which can be used to acquire “e”, the game’s off-chain virtual currency. “E” can then be converted to SOL, with the conversion rate depending on the game’s sponsors and the USD to SOL exchange rate.

While the game’s premise is deceptively simple, promises hours of fun.

Star Atlas

This space-based roleplaying game offers players the chance to explore a vast galaxy, mine resources, and conquer lands all in exchange for fabulous rewards.

Set in the year 2620, Star Atlas takes place in a world where three factions struggle for power: androids called Usturs, the ONI alien race, and humans called the MUD. Players must first pick which faction they want to play for, as they’ll later help this faction build cities, win wars, and explore unknown lands.

As they accomplish missions, players earn the in-game currency called ATLAS to buy in-game NFTs and equipment. A governance token called POLIS can also be earned for game-based decision-making purposes.


If the words “open-world post-apocalyptic survival game” sounds appealing to you, Decimated has exactly what you’re looking for.

Players have the option to play as either a human survivor or a cyborg cop. The objective is to outwit and even battle a host of characters threatening your survival, ranging anywhere from cannibals to mutated creatures. More than just battling, a player’s success will depend on how well they fortify shelters, collect bounties, ambush, loot or trade. As players collect resources and beat enemies, players can earn the game’s DIO token and NFTs to trade.

DeFi Land

Agriculture-based DeFi Land is a cute, easy-on-the-eyes title where players complete minigames to earn rewards. Minigames center around activities like farming, fishing, tending to livestock, etc. Players can craft different tools and items, trade, and also play against one another in these minigames.

Like most games, DeFi Land has its native currency called DFL and a utility token called GOLD. DFL can be used to craft tools (for the minigames), trade, and even mint NFTs. GOLD, on the other hand, can also be used to trade goods and pay for player vs. player battles.

Though DeFi Land is based on the Solana blockchain, what’s interesting is that it is a multichain project. This means it can integrate with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Terra. This means players can buy, sell, and trade different tokens and NFTs directly across a multitude of chains.

The future of Solana games

The sheer number of games now available on Solana is a sure indicator that the blockchain is surely coming into its own. Whereas people today still compare it to more popular blockchains such as Ethereum, it may not be long before Solana is rightfully appreciated for its own merits.

It helps that the Solana blockchain and SOL are more accessible than ever. Local cryptocurrency exchange PDAX launched SOL as one of the four new tokens available on its platform alongside XLM, Sushi, and BNB all of which are easily tradeable with the Philippine peso and other major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether.

With PDAX readily available on Apple App Store, Huawei Store, and Google Play, all Filipinos need to do is download the app, create an account, and cash in to begin buying, selling, and trading SOL and a host of other cryptos. This easy way of acquiring SOL is crucial for Filipinos looking to take advantage of the play-to-earn games available on Solana (STEP, for example, requires players to purchase an NFT sneaker with SOL before playing).

Indeed, it isn’t hard to imagine a game-crazed nation like the Philippines fully embracing Solana’s play-to-earn offerings. With easy access to SOL and the continuous evolution of the Solana blockchain, it’s only a matter before everyone you know is playing at least one of the games listed above.

DISCLAIMER: The statements in this article do not constitute financial advice. PDAX does not guarantee the technical and financial integrity of the digital asset and its ecosystem. Any and all trading involving the digital asset is subject to the user’s risk and discretion and must be done after adequate and in-depth research and analysis.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Mandatory Online filing of retirement claims to also cover Self-Employed Members age 60 to 64 years old starting July 1

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Social Security System (SSS) President and CEO Michael G. Regino said the coverage of the mandatory online filing of retirement benefit claims through the My.SSS Portal will be extended to self-employed members who are 60 to 64 years old starting July 1, 2022.

This is in addition to all employee-members, voluntary members, land-based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) members, and self-employed members aged 65 years old and above at the time of retirement who were required to file online effective July 2020.

“As early as 2015, we have made this online facility available to our members who have reached their technical retirement age of 65 years old. With the onset of the pandemic, we have continuously enhanced this online facility to provide our members with a simpler and more convenient mode of application without physically going to our branches. All they need to do is to access their My.SSS account, click Apply for Retirement Benefit under the Benefits section of the E-Services tab, fill out the required information, and submit the required supporting documents,” Regino said.

Members with the following special cases on retirement benefit claims should still file manually at any SSS branch or foreign representative office:
With outstanding Stock Investment Loan Program (SILP)/Privatization Loan Program/Educational Loan/Vocational Technology Loan balance;
With dependent child/children under guardianship;
Wherein member is incapacitated, under guardianship, or confined in an applicable institution such as penitentiary, correctional institution, or rehabilitation center;
With Application of Portability Law or Bilateral Social Security Agreements;
With adjustment or for re-adjudication of claim; and
With the unclaimed benefit of a deceased member.The retirement benefit is a cash benefit granted to a member who can no longer work due to old age and has reached the prescribed retirement age. It can be in the form of a monthly pension for those who have paid at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement or a lump sum for those who have paid less than 120 contributions. The qualifying conditions for the retirement benefit program can be accessed at while the guidelines and policies on the online filing of said benefit claim through the My.SSS Portal can be found at

4 Preparation Tips When Applying for an Online Cash Loan

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If you want to take out a loan, but don’t want to go through a stringent process, you can try online cash loans. You can do so from an online-only lender using their website or app, or from the online department of a traditional lender such as banks and similar financial institutions.

Compared to traditional loans, online cash loans don’t require in-person interactions with a banker or the lender’s representative. Also, many online lenders offer quick application and evaluation processes. In most cases, you may be informed of your loan application status within 24 hours. Most online cash loan providers also only ask for minimal requirements, which makes this option more attractive to people who have limited documentation on hand.

Nevertheless, “minimal requirements” doesn’t mean no requirements. While it’s easier to apply for a loan from online lenders, you still need to follow a certain process. As a loan applicant, you need to be ready to comply so you can get approved and gain access to the cash quicker.

From looking for an online loan app Philippines users can rely on to preparing the necessary documents, here are some tips you need to take note of when applying for an online cash loan:

Identify the Purpose of Your Loan

One of the first things you have to do before you take out a loan is to determine the purpose. Although online lenders are certainly more lenient, they may still inquire about the matter as part of the process. To help speed up your application, make sure you’re clear about the reason why you’re applying for the loan.

It’s also better to identify the specifics to be sure about the amount you need to borrow. For example, the amount for a loan to buy a new gadget can be lower than financing part of your travel expenses.

Consider Your Monthly Debt Payments

Before you apply for a loan, confirm if you have any existing debts as these can affect how well you manage your finances. If you're using about 50 percent of your take-home pay to pay off existing debt, you may find it challenging to time manage a new loan without compromising your daily living expenses.

If possible, pay off your other debts before applying for a new loan to make your monthly expenses more manageable. If you can’t close all your existing loans, then make sure to settle the payments on time each month to avoid interest charges.

Look for the Best Loan Rates and Terms

Different financial institutions have varying loan rates and terms when it comes to online cash loans. In the case of online lenders, they’re usually more considerate with regard to payment terms. Depending on the amount you’ll be borrowing, you can pay the loan off within 6 or up to 36 months. Do take note that the loan term can affect the interest rates. While a longer loan payment term may be easier for you to handle monthly, the interest rate is often higher. On the other hand, shorter loan terms have larger regular payments but come with lower interest.

Given this fact, make sure to explore what different financial institutions have to offer. Do your research and ask the lender if you can have a sample loan computation. This will give you a glimpse of the loan payments and visualize how they affect your finances.

Have Your Requirements Ready

When you’re applying for an online cash loan, the lender may ask you for certain requirements like a valid ID and proof of your income. Online lenders request for the former to identify the individual to whom they’re about to lend their money. It’s also one way they can perform background checks to ensure you have a trustworthy record as a borrower. Some valid IDs you can submit include government-issued ones such as your:

● Driver’s license

● Passport

● Postal ID

● COMELEC Voter’s ID

● Professional Regulation Commission ID

● Unified Multipurpose ID

Aside from your identification card, financial institutions also need to verify your income. They do this to assess your capability to pay the loan and other risks that can come with allowing you to borrow money. Depending on the lender, there are a few documents you can show as proof of your income. In case you’re employed, lenders may ask for a copy of your most recent pay slip, certificate of employment, or BIR Form 2316, which proves your salary has been subjected to income tax.

If you’re self-employed, prepare the Department of Trade and Industry registration of your business or the Securities and Exchange Commission registration of your company.

Although applying for an online cash loan is quicker than the traditional application process, it still requires some preparation. If you’re planning to borrow some funds, follow these recommendations so you can gather the requirements beforehand. More importantly, the preparations can help you manage your loans and finances better.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Hamilo Coast: Nurturing nature for 15 years and beyond

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The current rate at which individuals observe sustainability practices is far from halting climate change. Whether it is reducing the use of disposable items or saving more energy, environmentally conscious activities will only yield significant results if everyone is “cast in the same mold,” so to speak. That said, high-impact global sustainable development lies within the responsibility of the government and large organizations—conglomerates among them.

Understanding such a role, SM Prime Holdings, Inc., one of the largest integrated property developers in Southeast Asia, has incorporated its sustainable practices in its developments early on. Through SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo Inc., a leader in the leisure resort industry and the movers behind Hamilo Coast – this premium seaside complex in Nasugbu, Batangas, fosters a tangible connection with nature. Marking its quindecennial year, Hamilo Coast looks back at its milestones and achievements with its core emphasis on sustainable development.

“Sustainability has been at the forefront of our vision in providing a resort lifestyle. We strive to practice both environmental and social sustainability in our operations through our partners and commnunities,” Franklin M. Bolalin, Assistant Vice President for Hamilo Estate Management, said.

Disaster risk reduction

Every year, the country deals with an average of 19 typhoons, with some often resulting in damages to properties and loss of life. Coastal defenses such as seawalls and breakwater structures are often implemented to resist storm surges. In the case of Hamilo Coast, mangrove trees are the key.

Hamilo Coast’s 100,000 square-meter or equivalent to 10 hectares mangrove belt is one of the largest mangrove areas in the municipality. The sustainable beach resort town has since planted 50,000 mangrove propagules, protected hand-in-hand with the conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines.

Biodiversity conservation

Apart from disaster mitigation, mangrove trees also benefit the climate by absorbing greenhouse gases (GHGs) and carbon dioxide. This capacity nurtures the ecosystem and biodiversity in the area, providing habitat for a wide array of species.

Hamilo is home to rich marine life and abundant flora and fauna. Its conservation programs and various sustainability initiatives have nurtured and conserved its precious biodiversity. There are about 96 various bird species found at the estate. Among these bird species are the rough-crested Malkoha and the Philippine eagle-owl.

From growing local plants to conducting regular coastal clean-up drives, coastal resource conservation initiatives are active in Hamilo Coast. With the help of WWF, they can increase their fisheries’ biological capacity and monitor their Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)—the Pico de Loro, Etayo and Santelmo coves which are among the three MPAs for Costa Del Hamilo’s Sustainable Development Project. Hamilo has been working with WWF since 2007 monitoring the health and viability of Hamilo Coast area.

In recognition of its conservation efforts, Hamilo Coast was cited by the World Wide Fund for Nature as its longest Sustainability Partner in 2020.

“Over the years, our partnership with SM significantly contributed to the impact we are making in our work in Hamilo Coast. From liquid waste and coral monitoring, to our present work on integrated waste management and food sheds, we hope that this continuing partnership would help us realize our vision of making Hamilo a holistic model of sustainability”, says Katherine Custodio, WWF-Philippines’ Executive Director.

Green buildings development

The path towards a sustainable future is paved with many interventions, including zero waste, dematerialization, zero emissions and resource efficiency practices. For its part, Hamilo Coast makes its intention to be a premiere sustainability community possible by making sure its buildings are designed with the environment in mind.

Some of the estate’s facilities are powered by alternative sources of energy. For example, its lamp posts use solar power more than traditional ones to function. Natural lighting and ventilation are also noticeable in some of its residential areas, which benefits the environment as well as its tenants. Additionally, Hamilo Coast implements a solid waste management plan that consists of recovery of materials and vermicomposting, among others.

Sustainable living

At Hamilo Coast’s core is how a distinct beachfront home can harmonize with its surrounding environment. As people crave for a more relaxed environment, closer to nature and the outdoors amid a work-from-home setup pushed by the ongoing pandemic, Hamilo homes give access to invigorating landscapes, coves to explore and the calming sea.

Fifteen years later, Hamilo Coast has surpassed its reputation as a weekend respite. It is now one of the best settlement options for people looking to live the coastal life in a sustainable community.

Whisky, Chocolate, Art, &More at Sheraton Manila Bay

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Indulge in a sublime whisky and chocolate tasting experience that will entice all senses with Sheraton Manila Bay’s one-night only pairing event entitled “Whisky and Chocolate Experience” happening at the hotel’s newest food and beverage hub &More by Sheraton on June 30, 2022 from 7:00 PM onwards. Enjoy various flavor notes of whisky complemented by artisan chocolate pastries meticulously prepared by our seasoned culinary team for only Php 600++ per person.

The Whisky and Chocolate Experience at &More by Sheraton will feature a flight of three premium Scotch whisky from Chivas Regal expertly paired with delectable pastries including Chocolate-coated Orange Bruschetta, Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate Madeleine, and Peanut Chocolate Caramel Lollipop which are culinary creations infused with superior cocoa beans and decadently-flavored chocolates from Auro.

The event will also serve as the opening night for “Project AMORsolo at Sheraton Manila Bay” an exhibition of Lego Bricks Mosaic artworks in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of Fernando C. Amorsolo as the first national artist of the Philippines in visual arts. The exhibit will feature three iconic paintings of Fernando C. Amorsolo which were recreated using certified genuine Lego bricks. The Lego exhibit is in partnership with PinoyLUG headed by Leslie Araujo, president and Lego Ambassador Network, , in support of Fernando C. Amorsolo Foundation, Inc. It will run until July 15, 2022 at the Sheraton Manila Bay Main Lobby.

&More by Sheraton is located on the Main Lobby of Sheraton Manila Bay, M. Adriatico cor. Gen Malvar Sts. Malate. For reservations please call +632 5318 0788 or email Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay. For more information, please visit our website at

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