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Taste Like Chicken: Never Mess With Rona When She’s Hungry

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Leg five starts off with a flight from Phuket to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where teams make their way to Thanh Da, an indoor fishing pond to receive their next clue. Here, they find their first Fast Forward in the Race.The first team that finishes the Fast Forward challenge can skip all tasks and head directly to the Pit Stop.

Eric & Rona and Treasuri & Louisa are huge fans of The Amazing Race Asia and they conclude that previous teams that had gone for Fast Forward usually end up last, so they immediately opt for the challenge.

At Thanh Da, teams put their angling skills to the test and catch four prawns from the indoor pond before receiving their next clue. As teams settle down to wait for their catch, Tom & Anita decide to take the risk and head to the Fast Forward task.

In this Fast Forward task, teams must break potentially hundreds of clay bowls containing steamed, sticky rice. Only one bowl contains a coin that is the golden ticket to the Pit Stop. However, teams must break one bowl at a time and eat the rice before they can continue their search. 

Tra Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant Foodie Adventure

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With a Vietnamese partner who has been successful in the restaurant business in Western Australia for more than 20 years, Michael "Mike" Ang decided to bring the Tra Vinh brand to the Philippines so that Filipinos could also have a taste of the fabulous Vietnamese cuisine that has been awarded many times for its best and freshest produce.

We have to thank Van Chien Ho for agreeing to share his authentic Vietnamese cuisine recipe through Mike for the Filipino people. True enough, the phenomenal dishes are something to rave about by every foodie out there.

Faithful from their original recipe, the Tra Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant has caught the attention of foodies from all over the Metro. I took the extra effort to go there even though it's located at a neighborhood I am not so familiar. Since I'm based in Pasig city, the Banawe, Quezon City area is relatively too far for me. However, the lengthy travel was definitely worth it!

We did an exclusive lengthy video interview session with the owner so he could explain in details about the dishes served to us. This is where we have learned that Tra Vinh is a place in Vietnam where Van Chien Ho's wife lived which most probably has a sentimental value for the creator of the Tra Vinh brand.

Please do watch it here or at our official YouTube channel at

Animahenasyon 10: 2016 Philippine Animation Festival

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For the last 30 years, the Philippines has been a favorite outsourcing destination for animation. Countless international companies have trusted the handiworks of the Filipino animators, and we have not failed them. But when we begin asking ourselves, “What is our own brand of animation? What is the Filipino identity of animation?” We cannot give an immediate reply. We don’t even have a direct translation or an equivalent for the word “animation.” 

The event, brought to us by the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI), is an attempt to answer these questions. It is ACPI’s way of saying that the Philippines is not just about being an outsourcing destination for animation, but it can also be an excellent source of original content and high quality animation. 

Animahenasyon festival is the Filipino equivalent of animagination, as a result of combining the words “animation” and “imagination” (imahenasyon). It is also about the image (imahe) that we want to portray as a nation (nasyon) of animators to the world. But Animahenasyon is more than just a showcase of what the Filipino animators can do. It is really a harvest (ani) of the Filipino talent and creativity. It is a celebration of the Philippine animation industry.

This annual Filipino animation festival features the different animation works of both aspiring and professional animators in the country through a competition. To further advocate continued learning and development on the arts and craft of animation, a series of symposium and interaction between international guest animators with local animators and students were conducted. Also part of the festival is the exhibit of the works of this year’s lifetime achievement awardee.
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