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2015 PBA Developmental League Foundation Cup Teams and Game Schedule for April

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Filipinos love basketball so much since it is a sport that can be played almost anywhere. You just need a ring where to shoot the ball, and a minimum of two players to make it competitive compared to playing by our lonesome.

You'll find a basketball court from the smallest barangay to the biggest city. There will always be a basketball court in every stadium or sports complex. It's the very first sports facility that is setup. It will forever be the number one sport in the country.

Let's play basketball!

Here are the 2015 PBA D-League Foundation Cup Participating Teams

1. AMA University Titans
2. Cafe France Bakers
3. Cagayan Rising Suns
4. Cebuana Lhuillier Gems
5. Hapee Fresh Fighters
6. Jumbo Plastic Linoleum
7. KeraMix Mixers
8. LiverMarin
9. MP Hotel Warriors
10. Tanduay Light Rhum Masters

Schedule of Games for April (Games will be alternately held at the following venues: Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig, JCSGO Gym in Quezon City and San Juan Arena in San Juan)

Pro Earth Run 2015: Into Your Hands, I Commit Mother Earth

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are all saying that we love our planet, yet every candy wrapper we throw away carelessly on the streets or the rivers signifies how weak our commitments are.

We often forget about the little things that would also eventually bring forth repercussions if we continue to become unmindful of their consequences.

Earth Day Network Philippines Chairman, Dr. Metodio Palaypay, reminded us: "This is why we never get tired of telling people that Earth Day must be everyday, everywhere, for everyone.” 

In the media briefing for Pro Earth Run 2015, Dr. Palaypay underscored the critical role of media in bringing out the message of earth care to the public when he addressed the members of the media last 31 March 2015 at the Merrell Concept Store, Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City.

In the end, he entreated the members of the press, “Into your hands, I commit Mother Earth.”

Meanwhile, DENR Director for Strategic Communication and Initiatives Service Jesus Enrico Moises Salazar commended Earth Day Network Philippines for the environmental work it has been doing over the years.

“While the result of your labor may not always be immediately felt, it will eventually yield something good for the country.”

Philippines Celebrates World Hemophilia Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of the World Hemophilia Day on April 17, the Hemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love & Service (HAPLOS) will spearhead a national gathering of different Hemophilia groups and support organizations at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City on April 11 to 12. 

Dubbed “Count Me In,” the two-day activity seeks to raise awareness and understanding about hemophilia and related bleeding disorders. The event expects to gather around 300 persons with these conditions, along with their families and friends. 

Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, inherited platelet disorders, and other factor deficiencies are lifelong bleeding disorders that prevent blood from clotting properly. 

People with bleeding disorders do not have enough of a particular clotting factor, a protein in blood that controls bleeding. The severity of a person’s bleeding disorder usually depends on the amount of clotting factor that is missing or not functioning. People with hemophilia can experience uncontrolled bleeding that can result from a seemingly minor injury. Bleeding into joints and muscles causes severe pain and disability while bleeding into major organs, such as the brain, can cause death. 

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