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Was Kim Chiu laughing about the removal of Bea Alonzo's portrait at the ABS-CBN hallway?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

What can I say about this issue: Kim Chiu posts an IG story but then deletes the video showing the alleged "removal of Bea Alonzo's portrait at the ABS-CBN hallway".

The same way Kris Aquino is the Queen of All Media!

Kim Chiu, being the Millennial Multimedia Idol, has been subjected to news no matter what she does or says.

The power of being Multimedia Giants. Even the littlest things make headlines!

Affected ang mga fans, kung sino ba umalis? According to sources, it was Bea Alonzo's portrait. Hindi nga nanatili sa kapamilya network tapos mawawarla ang mga fans, hindi naman nagmention ng name si Kim Chiu ah saka si Tyang Amy naman kausap niya. Hindi naman siguro kasalanan ni Kim yan kung tinanggal na portrait ng Idol niyong nang-iwan sa ABS-CBN. Are we even sure Kim knows whose picture was removed from the hallway?

Kim Chiu didn't says anything unkind nor did she disrespected any artist whose pictures were no longer in the hallway ... She just said that “may inalis baka picture mo na Tiyang Amy ipapalit.” What’s is wrong with it? They left the company so it's just fair to remove and replace with another of their talents.

You want their pictures to remain in the hallway? That is asking too much.....

You are attacking her, when she did nothing wrong ...That thought of her alluding to Bea was all in your head.

If she is laughing together with Tiyang Amy, they are laughing because of their jokes and they are not laughing at your idol.

This is the problem with being a Marites ... You just react without even bothering to get the whole story ... 

Be kind ... Understand more ..Know more...

And remember your post is also a reflection of your character ....

Minsan lawakan din ang pag-iisip at huwag piliing makitid kasi may tendency na hindi maganda ang resulta ng husga.. 

This is my only issue with Kim: I hate to see her name getting dragged, pero sana naman, marunong din siyang mag-isip muna ng mga consequences ng mga gagawin or sasabihin niya. Some people do get so affected when it comes to issues involving the people they adore, even when there was indirect attribution.

Sorry but I don't see anything wrong with Kim Chiu's IGs. It's just her having fun with Amy. She's naturally bubbly.. she didn't even mention anyone. Ni walang pasaring nga. Calm down y'all.

It’s only others who put malice in Kim Chiu’s IGS. She’s just doing what regular and normal people do. Find humor in any situation. She’s not mean spirited nor someone who finds joy in the misfortunes of others. On the contrary she has a kind, compassionate, generous spirit.

People will always have something to say and they will believe what they want to believe. At the end of the day, those who know the real you can attest to your kindness and good heart. That’s what truly matters. 

“I am drawn to her because she’s very kind.” -Ms. Regine Velasquez Alcasid

I'm not a fan of Kim Chiu but she's the most successful among the PBB housemates in terms of longevity and relevancy in entertainment and she's the queen among her contemporaries. I’m sure maraming nag-audition hoping their lives can change for the better the way hers did. She is living proof that dreams can come true and that you can make it big despite this and that.

She's Mother Ignacia's Primetime Princess & she was the biggest star during my high school days.

People forget Kim Chiu has already cemented her royalty status long time ago. She's a box office giant, an endorsement titan, a TV magnate. She even pays bigger taxes than her bosses. Not too many artists in her generation earn all those distinctions in a single lifetime.

On top of that, Kim is so genuine. Madami syang palpak moments pero she embraces it, hindi mapagpanggap. Sino ba ang umaaway kay Kim ngayon?

Many ex-PBB housemates became successful also but Kim's success is amazing. She was on the industry for 15 years and still very much in demand and take note of the products that she's endorsing. 

Can I just be honest? I like Kim Chiu better than Bea Alonzo. But I'm not really a fan of any of them. Bea may be a bigger celebrity, but Kim seems more friendly and natural. 

After that incident of Bea & Shaina vs Roxanne Guinoo decades ago, I never really liked Bea as a person.

After those "kasabawan" moments of Kim, I never really hated Kim as a person. For me it was just a laughing matter that only pertained to her sort of tactlessness coupled with ignorance of certain matters. I know some people who are like that.

From the feedback of her fellow artists and  the production people she worked with, Kim Chiu is one of those people in the showbiz and entertainment industry that you can’t accuse of being unkind and disrespectful. She may not be perfect, but she is always loved by the people she worked with and that’s says a lot ..

She deserves every accolade and recognition for her humongous contributions to her mother studio and its affiliates.

It’s rare to come across someone who is so dedicated, extremely loyal and trustworthy .

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