Sunday, April 4, 2021

New Black Widow trailer is out

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The MCU won't be the same without Natasha (Scarlett Johansson). She has done such an super awesome job as Black Widow!

There's a new #BlackWidow trailer that came out! Its trailer number 56, is their any footages left for the movie ? I'm totally gonna watch it!

New logo, young Natasha, #Avengers montage, lots of Taskmaster... This looks awesome. Winter Soldier vibes. I know their story will be beautiful. but it will break all our hearts.  I’m so mad they killed her and not Hawkeye instead. At least we know she’s not dying in this one.

You put Rachel Weisz and Florence Pugh in anything and I’m going to see it. I know their story will be beautiful. but it will break all our hearts.  

Anyone else think they realized they made so many revel trailers that they are running out of scenes to show that won't give away the big spoiler so they just said fuck it on July.

I think it's gonna be a masterpiece. There is now way, they were gonna delay so much a mediocre movie. Looks like it’ll be another hit, this is their best trailer yet for Black Widow.

I was excited for this last year. Marvel really dropped the ball with not releasing it on Disney Plus when they had the chance. I'm just almost over it honestly.

They’re obviously holding out on a lot considering even before Covid the trailers featured basically the same few scenes. 

They’re in a tricky spot trying to figure out out to start a fresh new ad campaign w/o giving away even more. That’s why this time we got young Natasha scenes.

“You don't know everything about me. I have lived many lives. before I was an Avenger and had this family, I made many mistakes...” – Black Widow (2021) 

Marvel finally going to explore Natasha’s childhood backstory. I always wanted to know more about her. Finally, we will have a chance to check this out. 

I believe in Black Widow’s white suit supremacy. But can you still call her Black Widow if it's a white suit? OMG I cannot wait to see her fight with this suit.

I think this is gonna be before they recruited them for the Black Widow program. I think it's when the bad guys realized that they developed feelings through each other. They were spies supposed to act like a family but they bonded together and they had to be separated.

Putting Natasha’s death scene in the trailer is so sick. She might be done running, but she’s not done falling...that’s for sure.

I feel like this movie is just going to be her recapping her whole life while she’s inside the soul stone. Maybe with OG Gamora.

Taskmaster is not gonna be a woman. He's gonna be a black man who's being played by OT Fagbenle... Feige even teased him being Taskmaster at SDCC when he brought out the main cast.

Trust me, Taskmaster is going to be a top-tier MCU villain. I swear to god, if they kill off Taskmaster this movie is bullshit. Be like Spider-Man, let the villain live thru a film. I know Marvel has been bad about this. Turned it around a bit with Agatha Harkness, so I hope its an upward trend to start keeping some of these main villains alive for future use.

Lets see...Iron Monger, Whiplash, Aldrich Killian, Malekith, Hela, Ronan, Yellowjacket, Ego, Pierce, Ultron, Killmonger. 11 villains out of 23 movies that died in their first appearance. Hows that bad? And 2 of them still got another movie.

Not to mention Loki, who was the villain in Avengers (2012) but came back in so many movies to do so much more and then will return again in his own show.

Bonus: it’s the 2012 Loki! 

Am I the only one that genuinely likes Taskmaster's suit design in Black Widow? It's not TERRIBILE, it's just not great. Taskmaster is notably a skull in a hood. That's pretty much the only thing it HAS to be, and the MCU design just isn't that. What it is isn't bad, but it's not what it could have been. People are hating on it just because they've seen other designs they like more. It's like... You don't have to hate on this design just because you preferred another one. I think this is the starter suit, then could upgrade either later in the movie, which obviously they don’t wanna give everything away. Or upgrade in another movie if not killed in this movie.

Also, not nearly enough Red Guardian. They better not kill my boy David Harbour in this one.

Well done marketing people for finally realising that having musical themes in your trailers THAT ACTUALLY RELATE TO THE FILMS pays off! 

It’s almost as if people build strong bonds and memories to films through the music in them.. 

“We have unfinished business.” See Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow in cinemas and on Disney+ with Premier Access this July 9. #BlackWidow will be releasing on indian theatre's on July 2nd. The film will premiere on Disney+hotstar on October 8, 2021. 

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