Monday, April 5, 2021

DILG's Densing only further proved how non-essential he is

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Incompetence is the true crisis - Albert Einstein. 

I would never trust any official who was appointed by Duterte. From experience we have learned that he chooses incompetent people just like DILG Usec. Epimaco Densing III whose sole qualification is their commitment to follow his regressive agenda.

It’s a shame that we are dealing with public officials like Usec Densing who finally admitted that they don’t have solutions with this pandemic problem. 

Bakit binibigyan ng media ng platform itong non-entity factotum na ito? May sasabihin ba siya kung ano ang maitutulong niya sa pagbaba ng kaso ng covid sa buong bansa? Wala? Next.

Which is just even more discouraging. We are paying people like him who admit they don't know what to do.


Eto kasi SOLUTION: Umalis kayo sa pwesto nyo. Boplaks ka Densing. Resign along with the rest of the inutil government officials.

Just the mere thought that my hard earned money paid to taxes goes into this *^%#>#%  mouth makes my skin crawl & my blood boil! 

Though I think he meant that the problem doesnt have a textbook solution on hand. It’s a unique situation and everybody is still trying to make sense of the problem. He’s asking for some understanding. (This statement good for March 2020, not 2021)

We saw the complacency of the Government. It even felt that they wanted this to happen.

What a statement coming from one official?! Sana naman nag expect sila ng worst case scenario. Sabi na eh more on reactive lang ang government natin.

This Densing character just shoots off his mouth, ‘no?

Struggling to make sense of what he’s saying. Pero wala talaga eh.

We don’t care if he, a public servant who chose this job, don’t have holidays in a pandemic, because clearly he still has the luxury to attack a Vice President who has done above & beyond what her mandate requires of her. He attacks her & then cry foul vs. backlash? Grow up, baby Densing.

The best encouragement we'll get today is seeing Mr Densing resign from the DILG, as it seems he has too much time to comment on his one-off remark instead of doing whatever his job is.

Vice President Leni Robredo said in her radio show "BISErbisyong LENI" Sunday that she does not want to waste time on Interior Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III's remark in an interview with One PH but called for a higher standard in selecting appointees. 

I'm sure somebody from his very same department will come out and contradict what he just said, stating his response is not the position of the whole. 

“So you're willing to take criticism but not from the vice president?”

“Given the scale of the problem that we’re all facing now, don't you think your energy is put to better use compared to having to attack the vice president?”

Esguerra asking Densing them pointed questions.

Galing pa talaga kay incompetent Densing, “What we need right now is encouragement, not criticism.” After he classified our beloved VP Leni Robredo as non essential. So ano yun, encouragement! 

Too sensitive to criticism? Densing explains his “lugaw” statement versus the VP. “What we need right now is encouragement, not criticism.” 

Ayaw ng criticism at ayaw masabihang incompetent. Trabaho daw sila ng trabaho? Nakakatawa na lang ung ginagawa ninyo. Yung presidente tulog pa din! Utos lang ng utos kuno pero wala naman nagagawang mabuti sa Pilipinas. Umalis na kayo diyan!

We are more than a year into the pandemic & you are still asking for encouragement, Densing?

Densing is this week’s example of how some men, quaintly, think it’s acceptable to shade, downgrade, and even attack women leaders and officials doing good work, but can’t take the heat when thrown back at them.

With cases rising, hospitals full, & millions struggling, instead of doing real work he makes "jokes," plays politics, & bashes someone who's actually doing the job they're supposed to.

It is the job of the people to criticize & call out incompetency, not to tell you "kaya mo yan" or "good job" when in fact, the response of this government to the pandemic has been subpar!

Gusto nila binibeybi sila? Eh what kung icriticize sila eh incompetent nincompoops naman. Anong pinagsasabi nya na hindi effective ang vaccines?! Huwaw expert?!

Nagpapakalat na hindi okay ang bakuna? Eh paano Sinovac yung pinakalat nila. Jusko nakakapagod na. Kung Pfizer pinili nila eh di okay sana. Pero hindi gusto nila madaming magkasakit at mamatay!

Pinipilit nila China-made vaccines kasi malaki kickback nila. Until now wala pa rin Pfizer. 

Honestly, he does not need the platform to explain anything. The incident was about lugaw the food and has nothing to do with the vice president. His statement is stupid, irrelevant, and unwarranted. What we need now is Densing to shut up.

A non essential worker in government. Even makes it appear that we owe him for doing his job even on holidays. Well Mr Dense, PUBLIC SERVICE yan. Sabagay kundi ka sumipsip talo ka naman kahit village chairman. Nakakahiya.

The administration should realize that this pandemic requires all hands on deck. From all political sides. From private and public sectors. Even from international communities. Lets not be too proud to bring the opposition into the fold in this fight! Hindi po sila ang kalaban.

Densing now flashes his drama card? He was undignified and arrogant. Not expecting the surge? Was he expecting the virus to miraculously disappear? IATF, DILG being denial and defensive and we the public pay for it with our health and lives.

The problem with these kind of government officials is they think that going out of their way to do thier duty, or working on holidays is tantamount to heroism & sacrifice. IT IS YOUR JOB SIR DENSING, & let me remind you about ur SALARY GRADE >30. 

Sensitive. Murag Angayan.

Laki ng sweldo, tapos mangu-nguwenta lang na nagwork sya during Good Friday. At least siya may staff, may secretary to designate or cascade his functions. Nakakahiya sa mga laborers, vendors or ordinary working citizen who have to physically work everyday to feed the family. 

"2% of the interview is about [lugaw statement]"

Regardless kung gaano kahaba ang exposure nung unnecessary statement mo, sana naisip mo na you will definitely receive criticisms. Di ba kayo ang nagpopromote ng cooperation and unity kuno, why need to deliver such idiotic words?

Siya yung nagkalat tapos isisi sa media. Eto ngang sagot nya ngayon na "problem without solution", malamang misquote na naman idadahilan.

What we need is for you lot to resign. The VP you keep dissing has been doing your job. Also anong encouragement, e bakit panay diss mo kay Leni instead of encouraging her? Palibhasa preparing ka na for 2022. Sana matalo ka paulit ulit.

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