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The difference in leadership between Leni Robredo and Rodrigo Duterte

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Who needs trees when we have VP Leni Robredo giving good SHADE? 

Shots fired again? By now it should be obvious to Vice President Leni Robredo that Filipinos will take tough talk and mosquito nets over mind-numbing nonsense and political opportunism. Stop with those hifalutin words and technicalities. The majority of the Philippine population, the mass, the public, the Filipinos - value simple and basic needs. They will worship those who would directly give them some money or food to eat, and long term visionary goals are non-essential for them.

A concrete public service achievements is less admirable for them since they are indirectly affecting them, and being the wife of a dead husband is not one of the facts that they would see any benefit from. They value a P500 peso bill given to them.personally, than an assurance of a job to happen in the near future. Most people are more concerned with the NOW than TOMORROW.

To quote 'Filipinos' is a hasty generalization. I don't take sides. Just trying to be more logical and sensible. While we deserve better public service from our so-called 'public servants,' the least that we can do is to vote wiser and to speak the truth.

The oligarchs are shoving their dummy down our throats, people are so over her-- 4 years ago.

Why would you say it is mind numbing? Why would you say it’s opportunism? 

"Imagine the Philippines ruled by a President Leni Robredo. What would be her vision for the Philippines? How would she describe a Philippines, say, in six years after she finishes her term? What will she have achieved?"

Questions which we had when Duterte was running for the Presidency. And look at where we are now.

She will have achieved more, I believe. With very little funds, she was to help and serve the people.

For sure, we can't say with finality what she can do but at least we see the possibility. Unlike how we see the intel funds are obviously wasted i.e., stupid matrices.

From writer Chit Roces-Santos of the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “Watching Leni, I see a woman who intuitively puts order in everything she undertakes. She puts a system in place before proceeding anywhere. That’s why she makes difficult tasks seem easy."

The current administration is haunted by accussations of regimes of disinformation and online tech that has polarized societies.

We are fed with lies everyday by this people running the government. 

Our warning to this administration? Be afraid. Be really afraid. Throw all the garbage. That's what this administration is really good at.

Leni will haunt you after 2022 election. We will make you pay.

I am appalled if you do not like Leni. That's fine. We are all entitled to our own personal opinions anyway, but where is your respect and decency?

The differences between Leni & Duterte's leadership:

1. Leni can take criticisms well; Duterte can't.
2. Leni is hands-on; Duterte isn't.
3. Leni is a good role model for the youth; Duterte is a good example of a bad role model.
4. Leni is always inclusive; Duterte is divisive.
5. Leni is a public servant, Duterte is a dictator.
6. Leni is easy to understand, the other other one needs four translators and still confusing
7. Leni is a good mother,
the other is a bad example of a father.
8. Leni is a stateswoman, dyutards is a questionable traditional politician

Leni Robredo seems genuinely concerned with the welfare of everybody that she sets aside her ego and cooperate. She thinks of what's best for everyone not just for herself.

One word to describe the one seated in Malacanang, or is it sleeping in Davao? - UNPRESIDENTIAL, kahit pang homeowners association lang ay hindi siya bagay. Paano ba siya naging Mayor?

The accusation:

Leni is like a broken record on auto play, in perpetual loop. Duterte has already moved on. Yet she continues with her mindless blabber. Why? Bcoz her camp’s propaganda backfired. She’s trying to save face after Duterte exposed her as a credit-grabbing, clueless wannabe leader. 

Even Leni’s speech writer can’t make her sound credible. Sharing with the struggles of the people does not end in loot bags of canned goods and pandesal. Mind-conditioning Filipinos of patronage and dole out services does not inspire people to demand higher ideals of leadership.

As a mother, Vice President Leni Robredo vehemently condemned and said that she refuses to stoop down to the level of trolls who have been disrespecting and attacking her children online. I hope she would also do the same for her supporters.

If the REGIME spent its time working w/ Leni, instead of vilifying her, we'd actually get somewhere.

If the REGIME gave the billions it spends on propaganda to Leni, we'd actually see our taxes put to good use.


They declared VP as competitor, but we know what they really meant. May gusto silang iangat, kaso ay ayaw mag register ... Ganoon tayo kapag hindi maiangat ang sarili, sisirain ang katunggali. Kaso lalo yata nagniningning yung sinisira nila kahit Ang laki ng budget for the other one, wapakels ang karamihan ng truly sensibly thinking crowd.

They keep attacking Leni Robredo when there's so much suffering in places like Marikina, Montalban, Tuguegarao and God knows where.

The strategy is to let the base focus on a single enemy, so they will not see the real situation of the country.

Strategy na yata nila to release crazy / controversial declarations para pag-usapan and blindside us sa mga totoong problema. Ano na nangyari sa Issues ng Philhealth? Bureau of Immigrations? DPWH? Covid-19? Naghihintay ng vaccine, wala nang ibang measures?

Great leaders thrive in crisis. Look at VP Leni Robredo and not at the madman in Davao City who sleeps during calamities and tragedies - plural. He gets mad when asked about his whereabouts at times when the entire country needs him most.  He has no respect of his constituents. Then he rants against the VP for being more popular in media....inspire of his claim of prominence in surveys.

Neither covid nor his illnesses will kill the President, but his excessive "insecurity & envy" of VP Leni.

Mahirap talagang maging inutil.

They are now really scared that's why. They started their demolition job 4 years ago & it's not working. But instead, Leni's popularity is increasing day by day. The recent attacks only brought more publicity to the good works of VP Leni. The writing is on the wall.

Takot din kasi sila na baka next na gising nila ay hindi na nila kaalyado ang nakaupo. It's pure politics.

“In the face of uncertainty, you have shown unbreakable courage and your selflessness provides a range of hope for so many in these difficult times.”

In this time of crisis, di raw gobyerno ang solution sa problema; gobyerno daw mismo ang problema.

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