Monday, November 30, 2020

Ms Everything has Everything

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ms. Everything is the winner ngayong 2020.

Ericka Camata, a.k.a Ms. Everything, trended online after surprising netizens with a video of her and a guy taking on a TikTok couple challenge. Then there's their feature on KMJS, then not to forget her transformation photoshoot.

Ay ibaaaaa! Kavogue to si Ms. Everything.

Si Ms. Everything, may everything na! 

Let our response be: SANA ALL

Ms. Everything has her everything already. She is no longer singular! 

Kinikilig naman ako kay Ms. Everything and her/his lover boy. They look happy. Sana we all learn to be happy for people who are happy.

It’s confirmatory test! Ms. Everything is positivity with lovelife in one person from Manila area of responsibility. They may have the most functional love in the most functioning way even there will be most disastrous phemonemal changes in the movement of the universe.

Ughhh this is so inspirationalistic as soon as possible Ms. Everything.

Congratulatory greetings to the functionality of your sweetened relationship status, Ms. Everything! Uulitin na Sanaol!

I’m so happiness with Ms Everything for being in a relationshipping fee with punctuality in our country. She’s no more singularity anymore in this universe of avengers. Sending my humble greetings with feelings. 

The guy, Oliver was my junior when I was in college. He's a really good guy. Very respectful and quite. If he's happy now with Ms. Everything, then I'm happy for him too.

She wouldn't be Ms. Everything if she doesn't have everything. Even if the guy probably has an eyesight problem or a massive internal head injury. Lol!

I'm loving the perfection, purification and sedimentation on those functional pictures of yours Ms. Everything, your beauty is in the eye of the beholder sliding folder. Keep it up and more powerful to you.

Can you believe she started her career talking about COVID-19 years old?

Miss everything is the most functional and factual human being in this world. We facing covid 19 years old but she make us laughtining.

"afterness KMJS haha I love you from the functionality desaster in the world of fisheresss. God bless you as soon as possible.

We love the glow up! I like the picturistic position of Ms. Everything.

Check out her amazing photos from the shoot.

Wow! Fantastic young pork tocino! This very functionality shoot is healingness the world. I hope you will continuity everything under the sun, the moon and the stars. Keep up and down, left and right the good work, ms everything! 


The Most Black Narrative, Comparative, Imperative and Interrogative posting cause Gold is out, Black is in!

Grabe! Ang ganda ganda ni Miss Everything!

She's slayin everything in a most functional way! Happy for ya Ms Everything!

Bagay sa kanya yung make up hindi exaggerated, gumanda siya ....

She is likeness a professinalissing modelling. Wow! So amazeness Miss Everything.

In-airbrush man o hindi, aminin nating lahat, mukang supermodel si Ms. Everything natin! We love you!

Tangina ng bone structure niya ang gandaaa! Ang buto na titibag sa patriyarkiya! 

Grabe the backbone! Ito yung masarap litratuhan kahit sang anggulo plus the panga! Sarap isigang!

Haba rin ng biyas. Modelling career na talaga to si Ms. Everything. 

Ms. Everything is so beautification on her photobomberman she is transformer to difficult Human Being..So Hard to think it..i can't understand im electrocuted on my bones and my hair is race.

I love her go grow and glow foods development. She is speedingly kindable and look at that face very las veygas mowdels. Are you 18 to 25 years old? Do u have a good englis eskils a pleasing personality and a desire for an exciting new life. If so this opportunity maybe for you.

Again! Sana olity! Congratualitatory Ms. Everything! Be happily and Functionalism always!

The Beautification of Ms. Everything is undeniability out of this Pluto Universe. Keep up and down the good moral and right conduct to expired the youth.

Plus galing pa kumanta.  Talent? I believe she do.

Shes an inspiration. Yung pagiging natural, masayahin at talino niya talaga ang nagdala sa kanya. 

She's wrong gramming but full of humus. Ay humors pala. I also like how joked us Miss Hello Everything. You always put good vibrators to us.

Your sliding folder is photosynthesis Ms. Everything. Stay humble to the eye of the beholder and to the eye of the tiger. May you become the voice kids and the voice teens and the element in the periodic table. Continue the beautification of your interrogative and declarative.

Save ni vakla!! Sana all may functional angles like him. O loko!! Her star has arrived in a very functional manner!!

She is beautification and the most intellectual personification on the faces of the physicality of the humanity!

She is so beautification an respiratory system. Im glad she to look her fame and become an respiratory system to all.

Borrowing words from Ms. Everything,

"God bless you as soon as possible."

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