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5 Distinctive Style Inspired by Jewish Culture

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Traditional Jewish clothes that are prior to modernization and the ones that are post-modernization of Judaism have a distinctive style and fashion. Though as a religion Judaism never had a quoted dress code, some clothing of the Jewish garment has evolved Israeli style and garments. 
Like the Kippah, Tallit, and Tichel, a women’s silk headscarf has represented Jewish attire from the sub-communities of Jewish and the country of origin. Jewish people love to celebrate and reenact their promises and values throughout the year with many occasions like Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Tu B’Av.
Some of the Extraordinary Jewish Style Elements:
  1. Katan
Tallit katan or Yiddish is a traditional small head shawl-like garment worn by Jewish men from the age of preschool. It is made out of wool or cotton and can be designed striped or non-striped. Yiddish has a hole for the head and tzitzit (knotted fringes) attached to the four corners. Tallit katan symbolizes communal solidarity and devotion to God.

  1. Kippah
Kippahs, kippot, or yarmulkes are small round-shaped head coverings or skull caps worn by Jewish men which became popular around the second century. It represents reverence to God and is worn compulsorily during customs and occasions. 

Among different communities wearing different kippahs is a ritual. Among Israelis crocheted kippahs and among modern orthodox Jews suede kippahs, satin kippahs among conservative and reform Jews, and Black velvet Kippahs in Haredi Jews are used. Today wearing kippahs is a choice and women also wear kippahs to embrace the style and the custom.

  1. Tichel
Tichel is a headscarf or kerchief worn by many married Jewish women as tzinet or the act of modesty of covering the hair. There are wrapping variations for the length of hair and style. Sinar tichel is the most usual one and gives the look of layering scarves and ties wrapping around the head. With tichel, hundreds of variations can be made from tying knots and creating braids and sidelocks to keeping it simple or high and giving volume. You can shop for tichel here.

  1. Shtreimel
On the occasions of Shabbat, Yom Kippur, and other holidays and in synagogues, married men of mostly Hasidic and Litvak communities wear a fur hat that is known as Shtreimel. The most common shtreimel comprises a large black velvet cap surrounded by the cap. Head coverings like shtreimel symbolize spiritual merit with the addition of beauty and showcasing craftsmanship.

  1. Bekishe
On Shabbos and holidays many Hasidic and Haredi Jews wear a long black frock coat. Two main types of Bekishes are the plain or glatt one and Tish Bekishe. The glatt Bekishe is plain and smooth and worn for Friday night and Saturday morning prayer and the Turkish one that is more gorgeous and lined with velvet is generally worn during shabbos and occasions.
Jews have their own significant clothing like all other religions and communities in the country. Aside from the Jewish exclusive garments, symbols, and styles used by the Jewish community like the beautiful mezuzah patterns, star of David, and Hamsa have been famous in the fashion industry and jewelry. 
Some customary gifts like the Pushka or a charity box that is kept in Jewish households to accumulate donations to offer, menorahs, dreidel, and coins are given on festivals.

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