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Are Philippines Casino Kidnappings Pushing More Players To Gamble Online?

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The news is filled with articles relating to kidnappings that have now become the norm in the Philippines. What began as a ransom for money scheme that focused on ripping foreign visitors out of their beds and secreting them away until the money was paid, has begun to morph into a million-dollar business in a country where logic appears to hold no sway. 

Lawless operations have been targeted by police operations for almost a decade, and just as one group is found out and arrested, another comes into being and takes the other’s place. 

So, how is this altering the way people in the Philippines live their daily lives and are Philippine casino kidnappings pushing more players to gamble online using mobile devices? The answer is complex and confusing.

Beware the Tiger in the Brush

Recently, a news article reported that an anti-kidnapping unit had successfully arrested a group of 119 individuals connected with the kidnapping of at least 52 casino-linked operatives. They also reported the take down of more than 30 illegal offshore gaming operations within Philippine boundaries. 

The article claims that the kidnappings were all due to excessive gambling debts and the inability to settle them in an acceptable manner. But is that the whole story? 

Another article discusses the seizure of a young child that was kidnapped and held for ransom, another tells of the kidnapping of an older man and his wife used for ransom, and still another story discussed the tragedy of four people that were kidnapped and killed when ransom wasn’t met. 

There was no mention of gambling associated with the last three kidnappings; rather, the articles implied it was a get-rich-quick scheme orchestrated by a Chinese gang that moved into the Philippines just for that purpose.

Understand the Problems and Areas

While there are sections of the Philippines that are trouble-free, there are over a dozen areas, especially in the southern regions that are at high risk of military problems, martial law, and terrorism. Violence can flare up in these areas without warning, and foreign travelers are advised to stay out of all of the regions. 

Although Filipino security forces have fought to control the kidnappings, explosive acts of violence, and bombings in recent years by several terrorist groups, the various guerrilla organizations appear to be increasing. 

With the unpredictability of the danger on the streets and the unsafe conditions when visiting a casino, it is little surprise that going on a friend’s night out to gamble can become a nightmare filled with extreme violence and sometimes death.

Recognize the Danger that Prevails

Because of the uncertainty that surrounds everyday life in the Philippines, going to a casino to gamble may sound like fun, but it probably isn’t safe. The problem may be as simple as understanding the gang networks that infiltrate the casinos there and how they work. 

If someone is found to be winning a large sum of money, a gang member called a ‘watcher’ that wanders through the casino can quickly notify the gang members waiting outside to watch for the exit of the winning individual. 

The assault can take place in the parking lot, after gang members follow the winner home, or upstairs in the winner’s room at the casino. No place is safe.

Gamble Online To Stay Safe

To remain protected, those people that want to gamble in the Philippines are turning to the safety of the offshore internet gambling sites and trusted online casinos for Filipinos

It is much safer to stay indoors and place a bet than to leave home and worry about being kidnapped or assaulted. So, the answer to the complex and confusing question about gambling in the Philippines is yes; kidnappings are pushing more players to gamble online.

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