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Benefits of Natural Coffee and Its Health of Nature

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Drinking a cup of drink improves physical and mental performance. The secret is simple: caffeine blocks the action of adenosine, a substance that causes drowsiness and fatigue. Narrowing the blood vessels of the brain, coffee contributes to better blood flow. This quality was appreciated by all those who need to maintain vigor throughout the day.

For example, an office employee, drinking one or two servings during the day, relieves the symptoms of fatigue and can concentrate on work. In addition, coffee improves short, declarative memory, allowing you to memorize information and concentrate on the details.

People who are going to exercise, a cup of espresso will allow them to run faster: caffeine increases physical activity. This property is used by many in the gym, increasing the effectiveness of training.

The daily rate of caffeine for each individual. Experts do not recommend exceeding 200 mg. A dose of 70-100 mg is considered sufficient to stimulate the physical and mental activity of a healthy person. Answering the question whether coffee is good or harmful to health, one should remember about a reasonable approach to the use of any beverages and products. Coffeelifious helps to gain more knowledge about coffee and its facts.

The amount of caffeine in one serving depends on the volume, grade, degree of roasting. If you make coffee at home, you can choose the preferred grade and degree of roasting. Knowing the approximate norms of caffeine, you can regulate its use during the day:

espresso (30 ml): 50 - 65 mg;
American (70 ml): 50-60 mg;
cappuccino (140 ml): 55-70 mg;
black coffee (100 ml): 40 - 60 mg;
instant coffee (100 ml): 35-50 mg.


Caffeine does not cause the development of hypertension. By stimulating a short-term increase in pressure, coffee in moderately dry docks helps relieve pain syndromes in people with low blood pressure. At the same time there are no risks for the cardiovascular system.

Coffee is a good diuretic, contributing to the natural cleansing of the human body. In addition, it contains more antioxidants than milk or green tea. People leading a healthy lifestyle, choose a daily cup of coffee to improve metabolism and metabolic processes. people who drink three cups of coffee a day are less susceptible to colon cancer.

It is worth noting the positive effect of coffee on reducing the risk of developing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The inclusion of coffee in beverages that preserve youth and mental clarity.


The problem of obesity is relevant for most countries. In the fight against excess weight, caffeine can be a good helper: by increasing the level of free acids in the blood, it causes the body to get rid of excess ballast. This quality drink is used by professional trainers, increasing the fat burning effect of aerobic exercise. Owing to the oxidation of fats, a person weighing 70 kg can get rid of 800 kilocalories per hour of light jogging. A cup of strong coffee drunk before training will increase the effect by 30%.

Clear skin and beautiful hair will become closer with a cup of a great drink. This is not a fiction or publicity stunt - the use of coffee beans to maintain beauty has been proven. Coffee is an excellent tool for leveling the skin soreness. Anti-cellulite scrubs are made on the basis of ground grains. Coffee wrapping procedure is in every beauty salon.

Under the influence of caffeine, cellular metabolism is activated, fat deposits are burned faster, the skin becomes more elastic. At home, many women use ground grain for cosmetic masks.

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