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Nuclear Reactors are Still Relevant and are Here to Stay

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The ever first manmade nuclear reactor was made known to people in 1942. However, since its creation, nuclear reactors have had their fair share of troubles. These troubles go to the extent of raising eyebrows on whether nuclear reactors are here to stay or they will be wiped away.

The slow growth of Nuclear reactors

The use of nuclear reactors has not been that high as expected. When it was first introduced, nuclear reactors used to be built under high secrecy. In fact, the nuclear reactors were just aimed to help the military sector through the production of submarines and bombs. This changed when the use of nuclear reactors was publicized. It became evident in the United States and other industrialized nations.

The nuclear reaction technology became popular in the 1950s. It became essential in genuine commercial use. Unfortunately, this growth was just present for a short time. The negative public perception, fear, distrust and industry management made the use of nuclear energy to diminish. Come 1979 the use of nuclear energy in the United States had reduced tremendously. No new Nuclear energy and related projects had been commissioned since 1977. The united states were reluctant to fully embrace the use of Nuclear energy. This opposition dealt a major blow to the growth and expansion of nuclear reactors.

Countries like Ukraine and France seem to be the ones making the most out of nuclear energy. A good amount of electricity is generated from nuclear reactions. Countries in Asia are also in full support of nuclear energy. For instance, Japan and China are planning to create more nuclear energy plants in the coming years. This just proves that the future is bright for nuclear reactors.

Fear of nuclear energy consequences
Nuclear energy has had its fair share of severe consequences. Its negative effects date back to World War II, during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This incident just showed how bad nuclear energy can be. Other occurrences include the Chernobyl disaster and Tohoku earthquake that tampered with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Despite, the benefits that accrue from the use of nuclear energy, there is still doubt if it is safe. The many negative effects of nuclear energy are responsible for slowing down its growth. Some countries such as North Korea and Iran that run nuclear reactors plants secretly only causes fear around the world.

The Reintroduction of Nuclear Reactors

Despite the negative consequences caused by Nuclear reactors, there is still hope. There are new technologies being put in place to enhance the safety of Nuclear energy. For instance, China has come up with nuclear reactors that do not succumb any meltdown. The meltdown is avoided through the use of graphite to house uranium oil and utilization of heat transfer systems. NASA is also engaged in research with an aim to make the use of nuclear energy safe.


All hope is not lost. There is a possibility that nuclear reactors are going to be made safer. Nuclear energy is going to be one of the best alternative sources of electricity. The research and technological advancements being made by various countries and authorities just prove that there is hope for nuclear energy.

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