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Best Staff Monitoring Software in 2019

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Are you looking for the best monitoring software to supervise your employees’ activities? You have almost got it. We have reviewed the top employee monitoring software and apps to help you get the best. TheOneSpy employee tracking software is one of the most reliable and efficient monitoring software rightly available. It enables employers to supervise their workers’ activities inside and outside the workstation. Read on to know what stands this staff monitoring software out than the rest.

TheOneSpy Staff Monitoring Software

The employers around the world have been using different monitoring applications and software to track the productivity of the workers. Of the employee monitoring apps rightly available, TheOneSpy is a powerful tracking app that enables employers to supervise their workers’ activities remaining anywhere in the world.

You can track mobile phones and computer devices of workers to monitor activities performed on these devices. You can track all online and offline activities as well as activities performed in the surroundings of the monitored devices. The software enables employers to track their workers’ efficiency and productivity within and outside the workplace. Moreover, they can detect dishonest and unproductive workers involved in wrongdoings.

Main Features of the Best Staff Monitoring Software

The employee surveillance software offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to remotely monitor and operate the targeted mobile phone and computer. We have penned down here the core features of the tracking software.

Record Computer & Mobile Activities

The tracking software of TheOneSpy lets you witness and record every single activity performed on the monitored computer and mobile phone. The app offers screen recording and screenshots to remotely capture the usage of the monitored devices. You can send command via online control panel to make the targeted device start screen recording or taking screenshots.

Track Location of Traveling Workers

The employee monitoring app does not just allow tracking activities of workers at workstation but it also let you track productivity of traveling and remote workers. You can track GPS location of traveling workers to ensure they are on the assigned route.

Create Backup of Important Chats

The employers can track conversations of their workers. No matter, whether this conversation is in form of text messages, emails, instant messages, social media chats or phone calls. The spy app creates online backup of these conversations and let you assess your workers’ chats with co-workers and clients. It creates online backup of incoming and outgoing text messages, multimedia messages, instant messages and emails. Also, the app records all inward and outward phone calls and uploads these calls to the online storage.

Supervise & Manage Internet Usage

The employers can track the internet usage of their workers to prevent them from unproductive activities. The staff monitoring app lets them know which websites their workers visit and how frequently; whether these websites are of productive nature or unproductive. The spy app gets access to the internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other commonly used internet browsers to track internet usage on monitored computers and mobile phones.

Access Passwords & Other Credentials

The spy app lets you closely watch out the online accounts of the workers by providing access to the credentials of these accounts. The app records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored computer and mobile phone. These keystrokes include keylogs of passwords, email addresses, usernames, messenger chats and other confidential data.

Create Backup of Media & Contacts

The employers can ensure the security of their important data as the spy app provides online storage for business contacts and media files. You can remotely access the information of a contact stored on the monitored mobile phone. Also, you can create backup of photos, videos, voice recordings and other important stuff stored on the targeted device.

Identify Unproductive Workers

The employee tracking app lets you identify unproductive workers. You can listen to the workplace gossips, harassments and unproductive conversations of your workers by turning on the microphone of their monitored mobile phones and computers. The app also lets you remotely turn on camera of the monitored phone and computer to view and record surrounding sounds. You can take photos and make video of the surroundings to see what your workers are doing at the workplace.

That is not all. The best staff monitoring software also offers many other advanced features you can know about here.

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