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The Best Accounting Software in 2018

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Whether you are a flautist or a freelancer, a green grocer or graphic designer, if you have a business that needs accounting software to remain on top of the market, the old system of putting everything in the drawer and panicking when time for tax returns come is not the best. But this does not mean you have to invest so much money or learn something that is fully complicated. The right software is very easy to use and enables you to know the way you are doing and the customer that owes you money.


Pronto bears the design of helping you lower costs, simplify tasks, and increase your productivity. From an engine constructed around business reporting and financials, this product can fit in different industries. Each solution of pronto provides advanced functionality in the industry so that you do not outgrow when the business grows. With this scalable, modular product, you have and an end-to-end integration that will suit all the needs of your business. While on-site implementations for this package are many, there are technological improvements that are providing hosted services and cloud services for this product. This option gives you added scalability, access, and flexibility.


A free accounting suite that gives receipt scanning, accounting, and invoicing abilities, wave is perfect for a business with less than ten employees. It is also good for freelancers, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and consultants. This application is easy to operate and set up because of its simple dashboard that has all the things you need for processes of financial management.

This platform makes work simple when you want to do accounting and invoicing, eliminating hassles of monitoring expenses, tax and employee management, and handling payments. With this application, it is possible to send and generate estimates, professional looking receipts and invoices on the spot. The good thing is that this package is free but vendors provide payment plans for payroll and card processing services in different countries.


Zoho is a smart solution with the design of managing small businesses finances and cash flows. It is very easy to use, helping its users to make great business decisions. Being part and parcel of Zoho, this product will not just provide excellent support but also hassle-free accounting, security, and uptime. It has the ability to send professional invoices to customers and accept payments over the internet. In case you want to exploit features of Zoho, you can sign up for the free trial version for this app.

This software is not just powerful; it is handy, giving you absolute control to financial management. It has a lot of features like the Profit and Loss, balance sheets creation, and cash flow statements. It has a pleasant dashboard that is pleasant to the eyes and has the ability to display graphs and financial overviews. Apart from this, the solution has the ability to stream other functions of the office. You can purchase this package in various pricing plans per month. However, if you want to start by learning, you can register for the free trial version. 


This is among the most populous accounting software. It has the ability to track vendors and customers and has the ability to manage all processes of banking automatically. It also has many organizational features that are crucial for managing accounting info like contact data, payable bills, common accounting tasks, and overdue items. This solution makes payments easier with the Pay Now link that you can connect to vendors and customers bank accounts and credit cards.

This package has the ability to come up with reports on the business’s losses and profits, with several clicks from the user, allowing him to stay on top of the game at all times. There is a competent panel that provides all time support while putting into use high standards of security to help protect your info. There are updates for free and are easy to download. To make this product great, the vendor has come up with features like automated reporting and smart searching filters.

This application comes in various pricing models. A freelancer version charges close to five dollars per month. There is a business plan, an essential plan, and a plus plan, each one costing an affordable amount per month. 


There is various accounting software in the market that will give your business the desired accounting solutions. Your business operations will become easy and stealth because these packages will automate everything you need. If you desire to stay on top of the business, then you have to invest in one of the above packages.

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