Monday, May 14, 2018

Health Becomes Easier with Elecom’s Health Gadget Lineup

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Get a more rested, leaner body with these tech-savvy tools from one of Japan’s leading gadget stores.

How have gadgets changed your life? For some, it’s a matter of convenience—communicating easier, minimizing chores or accomplishing things in one step instead of three. Thanks to technology, there are gadgets that now cater solely to health, with the development of accessible tools that offer a promised health benefit.

Health is often an overlooked part of daily life, but it is as all-around and necessary as chores or communication. And as SIM cards, mobile apps and electronic appliances are readily available, health gadgets deserve the same recognition for improving the quality of people’s lives. Elecom, one of Japan’s leading gadgets and accessories store, has made health technology available for Filipinos who seek to be more mindful of their health.

The E-Clear Refree Set takes the health benefits of a body massage into one portable device. This cordless low-frequency electronic pulse massager comes with a flat, lightweight gel pad that you can apply to almost any part of the body that needs therapeutic pressure. Conveniently chargeable via USB, the E-Clear Refree Set allows users to choose between various massage modes: Deep Shiatsu, Shiatsu, Knead and Beat. It has up to ten (10) pressure intensity levels available. 

Causing relief to stiff and tightened muscles, the E-Clear Refree Set sends electrical impulses through the body that promote muscle contraction and pump action that improves blood flow. Muscle strain can also be relieved through low-frequency impulses that stimulate the nerves and block pain signals to reach the brain. Each treatment time runs exactly 15 minutes via its built in timer, and can be applied to the lower and upper arm, shoulder, lower back, calf and sole.

Each E-Clear Refree Set comes in 2 kinds of sets. The first set comes with 1 pulse massager, 1 two-point gel pad, a dedicated USB cable and, a storage pouch. The second set comes with 2 pulse massagers, 2 two-point gel pads, a dedicated USB cable and, a storage pouch. E-Clear Refree gel pads are washable and can be used up to 300x, but refills are also available with one-point, two-point and wide pads for bigger parts of the body such as the calf and lower back.

For those who seek a toned physique but have limited time to exercise, the E-Clear Lean Set introduces muscle tightening to help activate your muscles during short exercises. Applying medium and low frequency to activate the muscles through pulsation, the E-Clear Lean Set mimics a muscle workout by itself, and could be worn while performing stretching or training exercises to further stimulate the tightening of muscles.

With four unique programs built into the main device, the E-Clear Lean Set comes with a gel pad which can be applied to key muscle points that you want to tighten: arms for more defined biceps and triceps, the obliques, lower belly, quads or buttocks, legs and hamstrings, and lower legs. Using its deep frequency setting, parts of the body with thicker fat can be stimulated and put to work. Meanwhile, its low frequency allows the body to perform longer exercises without feeling fatigue. The E-Clear Lean Set can also be worn while stretching, to activate tendons and improve flexibility needed while performing exercises. 

Each part of the body is recommended for 30 minutes of E-Clear Lean Set use per day, with the device automatically turning off every 15 minutes. The product is available in all Elecom stores and has 2 kinds of sets available: the first set comes with 1 pulse massage and 1 two-point gel pad. The second set comes with 2 pulse massagers and 2 two-point gel pads. Both sets come with a storage sheet, a dedicated USB cable and storage pouch.

The Corol Roller, meanwhile, is every overworked body’s handy and mobile ally. Elecom’s answer to annoyingly tired feet and legs after a long day at work or commute, this wirelss roller is an electric, re-chargeable device that relieves sore muscles and swelling in the lower limbs. Making use of strong vibrations made more impactful by pointed wheels that roll against the skin, the Corol mimics the effects of a Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu refers to a Japanese finger massage method that involves applying pressure to several points in the body, releasing tension and relieving the body of muscle aches.

The roller’s ergonomic, handy design allows anyone to expertly target pain and acupressure points in the body that once hit, effectively relieve specific aches and pains. The Corol Roller mainly targets lower limbs such as the sole, the dorsal area of the foot, ankles, lower legs and knees, as well as certain parts of the upper body like the shoulder blade area and arms. Perfect for a long day of walking or after a strenuous workout, the Corol Roller can relieve discomfort in often distressed areas.

The Corol roller is also waterproof and can be used while taking a hot soak in the tub to help relax muscles. It comes with a main body and a dedicated USB cable for charging.

It’s never too early or too late to invest in gadgets that directly cater to health and wellness. Apart from traditional and tested health-related practices and activities, these gadgets will surely make being healthy easier, fun and more motivating. Get the E-Clear Refree, E-Clear Lean and Corol Roller in all Elecom stores, or follow @elecomph on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Elecom Wellness items are available in the following stores: Elecom SM Marikina, Elecom SM North EDSA, Elecom SM Southmall, Elecom Ayala Nuvali Solenad, Urbanize Shangri-La and Urbanize Uptown Mall BGC. For more information about Elecom products, follow Elecom on Facebook and Instagram @ElecomPH. #ElecomPH

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