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6 People From Michigan To Be Proud Of

The American state – Michigan is located on two peninsulas that are separated by a narrow Strait of Mackinac. Michigan can be easily called the state of contrasts. This is due to a unique combination of beautiful, untouched nature and huge, majestic industrial areas. Also, this state was the birthplace of the industry that has strengthened, glorified and enriched America – Detroit, a city in a south-eastern area of this state, deservedly bears the title of "automotive capital of the world."

Michigan attracts many people with its beautiful nature. Here are located the Great Lakes and, in addition to them, the state can count more than twelve thousand different lakes and reservoirs, and it is also known for its stunning parks and forests that surround its cities.

However, the beautiful nature is not the only thing that makes this place so special. This state is home to many famous people to be proud of! Artists, sportsmen, politicians, scientists, musicians and many other “big” personalities were born and raised in this area. In this article, we will tell you more about top 6 most famous people born in Michigan who set a good example!

Alfred Worden
Alfred Worden holds deserved a place in this list. He is one of the most famous Michigan people of all times. Alfred was born in Jackson County, MI, in 1932; by education, he is a pilot and aviation engineer, and for years of service he was awarded the rank of Air Force Colonel, but it is not what had made him famous. Worden is one of 24 people who flew to the moon. He was the module commander of spacecraft “Apollo-15”; although he never landed on the moon, in 1971, he received the Exceptional Service Medal from NASA.

Worden also was noted by the Guinness Book of records. He holds a record as “the loneliest man in space”: during the expedition, he was managing the basic module of spacecraft "Apollo-15", which was rotating in orbit around the moon, while his colleagues were on the moon. The distance between them was about 3596 km.

Writing about popular people from Michigan, I could not avoid the worldwide-famous Queen of Pop music – Madonna! The future dive was born in 1958 in Michigan. She is a talented singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, director, and screenwriter, who is known worldwide for her innovative music videos, amazing stage performances, and provocative political, sexual and religious imagery in her works. Her first album was released in July 1983. It soon reached the 8th place on the Billboard 200 chart! Since then, Madonna has sold 300 million copies of her CDs and became the most commercially successful artist in the world history in accordance with the statement of the Guinness Book of records.

Steven Seagal
We all know and love this actor for his epic movies works, and he is also one of those people we can be proud of because apart from his career in acting, he also reached certain success in film directing and production, script writing and music. In addition, he is a sheriff and a master of martial arts! Steven was born in Lansing, Michigan, in 1952.

Glenn Theodore Seaborg
Being an academic writer at official UK site, I also couldn’t avoid including this famous scientist in this list of most famous people from Michigan. Glenn is one of the greatest minds of America! He was born in Ishpeming, in 1912. Thanks to this famous American chemist, a nuclear physicist, and his works, a new science has been formed that we all know as nuclear chemistry!

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
This famous sportsman was born in Grand Rapids, in 1977, and he became one of the most significant figures in the world of professional boxing! Floyd is undefeated professional American boxer, who performed in the welterweight division, and he gained his popularity due to the fact that he won 49 out of 49 fights that he had in his professional career that lasted from 1996 until 2015! Impressive, isn’t it?

Iggy Pop
James Newell Osterberg, Jr. is widely known as Iggy Pop, was born in Muskegon, in 1947, and he is another bright person in the history of the Michigan. Iggy Pop is one of the pioneers and gurus of alternative rock, who is often called a “godfather” of punk rock and grunge for his contribution to the development of alternative rock styles. In 2009, James was awarded the title “Living Legend”. He received this title from the British Classic Rock magazine. Also, it is worth noting that Iggy Pop was the one who invented so-called stage-diving, which is now very popular among rock artists!

Final Words
Hopefully, the examples from this list inspired and motivated you! The majority of personalities from this list started out as young people who had a passion for their hobby and desire to reach success, which once more proves that you can be anyone if you want it! No matter if you are dreaming of becoming a singer, corporate CEO, actor, politician or anyone else – you should follow your dream and never give up, and it is possible that you will be the next person who will make a significant addition to this list!

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