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10 Young and Upcoming Radio DJs You Should Hear About

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A lot of people would want to be radio DJs for multiple of reasons. I mean, you get to play music, interact with your favorite artists, and you also get a lot of cool things like concert tickets and movie passes for FREE! 

But as much as being on radio seems like THE dream job for most people, only the best of the best get to go on-air and we think these young and talented individuals are just that!

This list includes budding radio personalities who are beginning to make waves in the Philippine radio industry and who we personally believe have bright futures in radio!

(Not to mention they’re all such good looking human beings!)

10. DJ Gabe Roberto (99.5 Play FM)

99.5 Play FM is known for having dynamic and witty DJs and Gabe brings all of that to the table and more! His enthusiastic storytelling and great taste in music make for one heck of a radio show! Twitter: @gaberoberto

9. DJ JC Tevez (Monster Radio RX 93.1)

JC’s definitely one of manila’s hottest. His comical adlibs and sexy voice can entertain anybody! There’s only one problem though – we don’t get to hear enough of him! Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, this dude can flip it upside-down. Twitter: @jock_tevez

8. DJ Ryan Joseph (Mellow 94.7)

You just can’t help but smile when you listen to this guy’s cool voice! Whether it be hosting big events around the Metro or doing a radio show, Ryan’s energy is really something that will catch your attention. P.S. He not only sounds good, he also looks good. Twitter: @MaybeRyanJoseph

7. DJ Renzo (99.5 Play FM)

You just know that Renzo’s meant to be heard on radio! With his smart adlibs and passion for music, Renzo’s a true master of his craft! He can about almost anything and we won’t even get tired of listening! Twitter: @renzosaurus

6. DJ Jelo Andres (99.5 Play FM)

Jelo is the perfect combination of funny and geeky! With Jelo behind the mic, it’s a 100% guarantee that everybody will have a good time not to mention he’s also such a bae! Twitter: @angeloandres

5. DJ Debbie Then (Magic 89.9)

Her charming personality and beautiful voice is definitely one to look out for! It’s almost unfair how she’s been blessed with both a spectacular voice and a gorgeous face! Twitter: @debbie_then

4. DJ Bea Fab (Magic 89.9)

Fabulous is an understatement when it comes to describing Bea. Not only does she knows her music, she also knows anything and everything sports-related! She’s one of those DJs that are straight-to-the-point and we love her for it! Twitter: @bea_fabregas

3. DJ Tino (99.5 Play FM)

Tino’s friendly voice is just heart-warming and full of sincerity. He’s like a little brother figure for everybody – the perfect mixture of cute, smart, and welcoming! Tino’s definitely a guy you want to hangout with! Twitter: @djtino995

2. DJ Jam Alas (Magic 89.9)

Who says female radio DJs can’t be bosses? Jam has a presence on-air that can’t be denied!! Known for her smart and neck-breaking fast adlibs, Jam will have you listening to her gorgeous voice in no time! Twitter: @fruitpreserve

1. DJ Rica Garcia (Monster Radio RX 93.1)

Topping our list is the new queen bee of #TheMorningRush, Rica Garcia! Rica G’s the right blend of reckless and elegance that you’d want to hear from somebody who’s on radio! With her quirky personality and beautiful voice, one thing’s for sure … we’ll definitely be hearing more from Rica in the years to come! Twitter: @ricaggg

What do you think of our list? Let us know!

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