Friday, February 24, 2017

#OneForLeila: One for Due Process, Rule of Law, Human Dignity, Respect and a Vibrant Democracy

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"We condemn the use of our justice system to silence and condemn political rivals and critics." - Sen. Bam Aquino

Former Senator Rene Saguisag is right when he said that Senator Leila De Lima is the victim of "the mistrial of the century."

The Senate Sgt. at Arms Jose Balajadia confirms that the PNP-CIDG will serve the warrant of arrest to De Lima this 10 a.m. of February 24, 2017. The arrest warrant was supposed to be served last night but the Senate intervened.

Lest we forget, De Lima is facing these charges bec she dared to expose the truth behind the death squads.

President Rodrigo Duterte can't eliminate drugs in 3-6 months as he promised during the election campaign period so he opted to eliminate his critics instead. Apparently, his "War on Drugs" tactic was merely a copycat of what he did in Davao - to eliminate even the suspected only so as to purge or cleanse the community. However, the target were merely the poor who are not capable of depending themselves legally. They are not the big-time drug lords or personalities who could easily leave the country or buy their freedom.

So Duterte ordered his godson PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Da Rosa to rush the arrest of De Lima who has been accused as an illegal drug personalities cuddler.

However, we've all seen there were no incriminating evidence against the senator except for testimonies from criminals who tend to gain a lot from testifying against the former Secretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

They can't even prove she's a drug protector and they still want to put her in jail. They keep feeding the media and people with lies and yet could not show any proof. Remember that "No evil deed goes unpunished" so I guess it is time for another People Power. Let there be another EDSA Revolution to send this government leaders out of the Philippines.

An illegal arrest of a female senator in the middle of the night. The moves of a guilty government. The government wanted a nighttime arrest to avoid publicity. But if they want to humiliate Leila in the dark, "we will fight them in the shade".

Why arrest De Lima? It's most probably a distraction from LascaƱas testimony on Duterte's Davao Death Squad issue. We condemn the use of our justice system to silence and condemn political rivals and critics. We are witnessing yet another grave injustice perpetrated by the very people who are supposed to protect justice.

It’s more important than ever that concerned lawmakers and foreign governments step up to denounce the Duterte administration’s disregard for basic human rights.

This is the downside of being on the opposition these days, and with a very unstable president who's now being tarnished as a murderer during his time as Mayor of Davao City as the mastermind of the notorious Davao Death Squad- something rumored during those days but were simply taken as an urban legend.

It's a mockery of our justice system. Obviously it's the Sandigayan Bayan which has jurisdiction over De Lima's case since the accusations happened during her time as Justice Secretary.

Even Amnesty International is saying that the De Lima arrest is meant to silence Duterte critics. 

Let us fight the fear under this Duterte rule says FLAG, a group of lawyers offering free legal assistance. “The politically motivated case against De Lima shows how Duterte‘s "War on Drugs" threatens not only the thousands of people targeted, but the criminal justice and political systems.”

De Lima's arrest could turn into Digong worst nightmare! If jailed, the situation for Digong could turn to be more dangerous!

This isn't the end for De Lima! She will bounce back like a ball after hitting the ground! She will rise like a sun and Duterte and his minions will get burn!

However, we should also not forget the two other personalities who are to be arrested as well - Former Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief and now NBI Deputy Director General Rafael Ragos and De Lima's driver and supposedly "bagman," Ronnie Dayan.

I pity those people who are still blinded by D(ut)IRTY. That man obviously has no conscience and integrity.

I am one for due process, rule of law, human dignity, respect and a vibrant democracy - all of which have been sorely missing for some time now. I cry for the arrogance, feeling of hate and vindictiveness that I believe have gone overboard. This cannot possibly be the Philippines I have always been willing to lay down my life for.

Please share this blog as another sign of our outrage against political persecution.

" I am prepared to be the first political prisoner of this regime" - Senator Leila De Lima

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