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Top 10 Travel Insurance Claims That Travellers Make

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Getting a travel insurance will be no good if you don’t know how to get travel insurance claims when needed. However, not all people who travel have the right tips for making a travel insurance claim. So what kind of claims are the most common for travellers? If you frequently travel—be it for business, pleasure or both—then knowing these top 10 reasons for travel claims would be a must-read for you.

1. Cancelled flights

Cancelled flights take the top spot for the most common reason why people ask for a travel claim. Why do flights get cancelled anyway? A really bad weather bordering on dangerous is a good reason. A security threat is another. Also, mechanical problems can happen that might force the airline to cancel the flight.

2. Medical emergencies

One of the most important reasons why travellers are encouraged to get a travel insurance is due to medical emergencies. You may not plan to get sick or hurt yourself but accidents happen. Some food may not go well with your stomach and the water can make you sick, too. Next to cancelled flights, travel insurance claims that are medical-related are the most common among travellers.

3. Lost or stolen credit card

Another case for claiming on travel insurance is when you lose your credit card. Just like with IDs and money, a lost credit card should be reported to the authorities. The issuing bank should also be notified to freeze the account.

4. Lost or stolen money

Losing your precious money while travelling is a total nightmare—but it happens especially in places where theft is a common hazard. Most people get travel insurance claims on stolen money. However, take note that insurance companies can only cover a certain amount of money lost.

5. Lost or stolen personal items

Money is not just the only thing that is prone to being stolen when travelling. Personal and valuable items such as jewellery, cameras, and even smartphones can become lost or stolen, even inside a hotel room. Some insurance companies provide a cover benefit for lost items while others do not. The travel insurance claim process for lost items usually requires a police report or some more proof that when an item is really stolen. 

6. Lost luggage

Another common reason for travel insurance claims is the lost of items or luggage. Most of the time, some people get the wrong luggage upon checkout. Others misplace their bags especially if they carry more than one bag when travelling.

7. Lost passport or ID

One of the worst horrors of travelling is losing your IDs or passport. Most of the time, lost or stolen documents should be reported to the police. As for the insurance company, the insured have to file a travel claim for the loss passport or ID. The travel insurance claim process for this would require the report complete with a date and details of the lost documents. Having a photocopy or a softcopy of your IDs or passport whenever you travel will also help to expedite the replacement process in case you lost yours.

8. Missed flight

If cancelled flights are under the jurisdiction of the airline, missed flights happen when you can’t get around the traffic and came in late before boarding time. Usually, travel insurance companies offer a cover for this for the fare adjustment and the rescheduling of the next available flight. Of course, the travel insurance claims may vary from provider to provider.

9. Property damage
There are also cases when travel insurance claims are made for items that are damaged while travelling. For example, checked in baggage with fragile contents that turned out damaged on the checked out can be filed for a travel claim. Also, some insurance company provide a cover benefit for property damage in case of an accident.

10. Rental car breakdown

Some people who need the convenience of a car when travelling usually go for a rental. But just in case the rental car breaks down, you can make a travel claim on it. But while this belongs to the top travel insurance claims, tire blowouts are not as frequent as other incidents on this list.

Some more tips for making a travel insurance claim: make sure that you carry your travel insurance document with you at all times. Beware of policies and exemptions that apply to your travel insurance. Also, make sure to report any incident of theft or damage to support your claim and expedite your travel insurance claim process.

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