Thursday, May 26, 2016

Duterte Approves Hero's Burial for Philippines' Dictator Ferdinand Marcos

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Do you think presumptive Philippines President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte should allow former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos to be buried in the "Libingan ng mga Bayani"? To our presumptive president Duterte, I think it's best to consult the Filipino people first thru a referendum before making this decision.

I like the developments during martial law under ex president Marcos but I do not agree on the merciless killings. We should give respect to those who claimed victims of martial law. There were so many martial law victims who's bodies were never they were not given a decent burial at all...and now a soldier who didn't die fighting for his country but a President who died without returning the ill gotten wealth shall be buried with the real heroes? Is this an insult to all those real heroes in that heroes cemetery? Justice was never given to those who suffered in their cruelly and dictatorship, and now this vindication?

Marcos being a soldier is irrelevant; he stole billions and violated thousands who he was supposed to protect and defend. Why would we honour someone a "hero" when he intentionally took our rights and freedom because of power and greed?

So Duterte plans to rebury Ferdinand Marcos? Is it a reconciliation? Is he seeking the support of the Marcos clan? or is this a clue to the sort of regime he wants to establish? After all, Marcos was democratically elected and quite popular too.

If Duterte thinks that this act will stop the rift of the people, but ignores the fact that by doing this he's setting an example to every Filipino that by doing inhumane acts, killing at least 3,000 + identified individuals, torturing 70,000 + people, stealing your country's money (awarded by the Guinness record as " the worlds largest thief ") you'll still be rewarded and granted the title of a hero. Laying a dictators sepulchre at resting place of those who have truly sacrificed their lives for our country may define every Filipino people as the "world's biggest joke", and by that time, no one would be laughing.

The persons who should be in the forefront to oppose this are the leftists who suffered the most under Marcos's repressive regime. But they are in Duterte's cabinet; otherwise, they would be demonstrating in the streets by now.

It's a political decision, obviously - call a spade a spade. It's called "libingan ng bayani, hindi sundalo." The logic is not sound. A dictator is not a hero. To rationalize this is ridiculous.

Statement of Sen. Bongbong Marcos on the Libingan ng Bayani Pronouncement of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte:

"We are deeply grateful to the statement of our incoming PresidentRodrigo Duterte favoring the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It has always been our family's position that it is our father's right under the law to be buried there being a soldier and a former President of this country. 
Our campaign has always been towards achieving unity to move the country forward. And it is this kind of pronouncement that we hope could end the decades of divisiveness that have been imposed upon us by our leaders. 
We would like to thank President Duterte for this kind, rightful and healing gesture."

"President-elect Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is such a darn fool. I think that this is a precursor to what the end times conspiracy theorists have been predicting, like voices crying out in the wilderness, warning us, that we are indeed in the last days, and right about now, i tend to believe them! 
I think that a there's a potent strain of the virus of stupidity going around, infecting the brains of people the world over, and now, it has turned into a pandemic. How can seemingly sensible people fall for the ruse of these certifiable crazy megalomaniacs that are trying to attain power and rule the world, by pandering to the basest of our human instincts, how blind can they be? 
People like Duterte should be in an insane asylum instead of the wielding power from the presidential office!" - Harold Jones

We can't be sure if Duterte is as dangerous as some of the media make him out to be. At the same time, we must also wait and see if he can bring the sort of order to the Philippines he has promised voters.

"Marcos was no different from Emilio Aguinaldo - of the Magdalo faction of the Katipunan - who is accountable for the gruesome murders of Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna. Marcos was only continuing the example and legacy of Aguinaldo of treachery, murder and plunder. Since Aguinaldo is honored as a national hero, then Marcos should also be honored as such." - Danny Meneses

This might be the headline soon:

"The waxed cadaver of the infamous dictator of the Philippines Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (rated #2 plunderer in the world) is "finally" laid to rest in the most revered resting place for Filipino heroes and martyrs. The alleged reason as per statement of the spokesman (a former defense lawyer of the Ampatuan's primary suspects of the equally infamous Magindanao Massacre) is to fulfill a campaign promise of pres Duterte(the self-confessed killer mayor of Davao). Allegedly by burying the strongman in the cemetery for heroes it will stop divisiveness and start the healing process for Filipinos who suffered during Martial Law from 1972 to 1981."

Duterte’s off-the-cuff rhetoric was enough to get the support of a plurality of disillusioned voters who saw in him the promise of radical change. His straight-talking — if foul-mouthed — manner and tough-on-crime policies have earned him comparisons with Donald Trump. He  has joked about gang rape, cursed the Pope, told women's rights groups to "go to hell." He has at times denied links to death squads while also making contradictory statements that he either condones or is even part of the vigilante group. The probable new president of the Philippines is known for a disregard for civil rights. “Forget the laws on human rights,” Duterte said, vowing to “butcher” criminal and drug dealers. 

Duterte’s election success has been credited to his promise to eradicate crime. "Duterte Harry," known for his off-color sexual remarks and pledges to kill criminal suspects, has even warned corrupt officials that they should "retire, or die". If criminals put the life of police in danger, he has given the authority to shoot. He is in favor of bringing back the death penalty. 

Duterte favors greater economic cooperation with China. He would reopen the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. He said he would hammer out a policy to improve the country's internet speed and even warned local telcos to shape up or face foreign competitors. There's a three-child policy in the works. He has even approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Looks like change is really coming.

"The Punisher" is yet to present a concrete stance on serious issues such as economic reforms.

"He has a date with destiny and an appointment with history." - Atty Sal Panelo

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