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Valentine's Day: Hit Us Again With Your Pointy Arrows Dear Cupid

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We all know Valenine's Day is one of those special days when boys get to have an excuse on becoming a little more intimate with the girls they are courting, or when lovers have that expectation that their partners will be giving them a bouquet of red roses, coupled with a box of Ferrero and a greeting card with loving dedications.

But in this digital age when greetings are now being sent via social media through PMs and mobile chats, don't be surprised if you receive the digital versions of the traditional Valentine's Day gifts. These are some of the times when technology becomes a bit insensitive and less sentimental. It takes away the romantic experience of swooning from the delightful display of affection. Is this the price we pay in exchange of economic development and advancement in technology?

Why do you think Cupid is depicted as a young child? He's not a big fat guy that looks like he's nine months pregnant. Because love should remain young and vibrant. It should not be replaced by a less personal digital greeting card of this time zone. It should remain a pure and sensible face-to-face interaction between two individuals sharing a bond that should last a lifetime. It should never grow old and fade away into nothing but memories of the good old romantic days. Just like the world of Peter Pan, there should always be love and passion in our own Neverland.

But why does Cupid shoot arrows to the heart? Because true love is not all fun and pleasure, it hurts most of the time. I guess we could assume that Cupid probably doesn't have a healthy 20/20 vision ... and it would help a lot if he would consider shooting both couples. Love is not really good if it's one-sided. Please bear in mind dear Kupido, that unrequited love is more heartbreaking than break-ups. Got it?

I am no fan of love that rose out of the necessity to live comfortably. We've seen people give sound advice of using your brains instead of your heart since all that love in the world would not be enough to feed hungry mouths.

Please also do find love at the right time and age. Please make sure these young boys have money left to pay for their tuition fees after spending them buying huggable Teddy bears or heart-shaped pillows. Let them realize that the greatest gift one could receive every special occasion is sincere love and affection. You'll know its sincere if he can look straight into your eyes and say "I love You" without hesitation.
Kapag may nakita kayong mag-jowang naglalandian sa daan, huwag po nating isigaw ang linyang... "Mag bre-break' din and mga 'yan! WALANG FOREVER!"

This made me think if there is ever real love in this world nowadays. People have become so materialistic that true love is set aside just to assure a so-called better future living in luxurious dream houses with fancy cars and sporting the latest gadgets and fashion trends. People have wanted to imitate the celebrities' royal weddings that they've prioritized a wealthy arrangement instead of a healthy relationship.

Gone are the days when a person would do everything all for love. Wala na yata ang mga taong "hahamakin ang lahat, masunod ka lamang".

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  1. I totally agree with your article. It is saddening to know that we now live in a world where luxury is more important than real love.

  2. I wish everyone would read this article because it is really happening right now. Love nowadays cannot be felt because we are being materialistic. We should find love at the right time and age just like what the author said. Let us first learn to love ourselves. :)

  3. LOVE must remain young and vibrant. A good piece of advice I just gained from the article. I am in no particular of the love that I witness on Valentines' Day at my institution nut I definitely agree with the author. We must appreciate love as it is and stop being materialistic. Bravissima!
    -Maria Ana Francesca P. Ison IV-Marx ^.^

  4. A nice and great article :D keep up the good works. Love is in the air :D

  5. I do agree with this article. It is quite depressing to know that people prefer to recieve grand offerings rather than enjoying the moment they could be spending with their love ones. We should appreciate the simple things and enjoy the moment while it last~

  6. I think Valentine's day is the time for lovers to express their love to each other and not just to give and receive gifts. It's the day to express love and not to be materialistic.

  7. People, especially the youth today are often confused with the concept of love. It's sad to say that love could be perceived as a simple act of kindness for another person. We are so focused on our own ideas of love that when we experience it, we are either left broken or we ran away from it. Love comes in many forms. Some show their love with expensive gifts yet some show it through their words and actions. It's up to us on how are we really willing to prove our love for someone else and to what extent.

  8. People give gifts to the people they love, like chocolates, stuffed toys and bouquet of flowers, but that was before social media was invented. Nowadays, people send greetings online, like simple HVD, stickers and many more appreciation. But in reality, let us face it, it's not that pleasing. If you really love someone, you should really show an effort like what they do on old days. You don't need Valentine's Day to show your love for someone, it will be very sweet if you tell them I love you every single day because it can complete their day. As for kupido, yes it would be really great if he can hit the two lovers because one-sided love can really hurt you. But as time passes, you will find someone who can love you the way you love them.

  9. I agree with this article. In our generation, love is always related to material things. A great example is Valentine's Day. In that day, giving gifts to your special someone is not a requirement but it becomes a practice already. But the real value and purpose of Valentine's Day is for the lovers to spend more time together and enjoy the company of each other. The line in the article "Mag bre-break' din and mga 'yan! WALANG FOREVER!" is really funny but unfortunately it's true for most of the couples nowadays. One reason for this matter is because people can't wait for relationships. They can't wait for the right time and for the right guy/girl. That's why most people are saying "Walang Forever" since the foundation of the relationship is not strong.

  10. Well, we do have our own ways on showing how we love that person. By giving material things like chocolates, flowers or whatsoever. But this article has a good point.

  11. Well, we do have our own ways on showing how we love that person. By giving material things like chocolates, flowers or whatsoever. But this article has a good point.

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