Sunday, July 20, 2014

Social Experiments: When Blind Items Become Too Factual - It Hurts!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We've asked it before, and we will ask it again. It hurts, right?

Don't go running to your friends to ask for sympathy. Karma is really a bitch! Too bad it is destined to go around trying its best to ultimately balance everything. But when you react to blind items thinking that it was referring to you, then your guilt just made you admit to your own faults.

We know life can be cruel sometimes. But the world does not revolve around you alone. We may be referring to somebody else, or like you said, this may be just another one of our social experiments. We are a happy bunch of retards aimed to rule the world. We are your friendly neighborhood politicians. The people loved us so much that they keep voting for us.

Now you know what it feels like being talked about. We've been bullied before. We know it stings so much we could almost puke. Spit and shit blood!

We did say we were willing to take a beating from all of the issues thrown at us - the resilient race. But please do not flatter yourself too much believing you're the star in our show. Unfortunately, there are just too many people like you who lack the courtesy to just keep to themselves. You cannot change the world by hitting everyone with a silver bullet because they may not be werewolves. A lot of creatures roam around the neighborhood in search of prey especially during the night. Some of them drain your blood, some of them will rip your heart out, while some will eat your brains - if ever you have one.

Your real enemies are your so-called friends who fan the flames, and we can see that you have a lot. Pitiful little group of vermin who feed on disputes. They are your angry mob with pitchforks and torches all ready to burn the witches, hang the monsters, and put to death all that they see as gruesome. Remind me to give you all mirrors come Christmas time.

If you really wanted it to stop, you could have just ignored it. But you made it really worst by spreading the news. Less talk, more actions, Mr. President! The problem is, you're like the shepherd who cried wolf but in reality what you see could probably be a black sheep that was just being naughty. Who wouldn't be? The wolf made it with her mother!

Do you really think you have accomplished something from steering the hatred towards your enemies? Don't go pointing your finger to others when you cannot offer a "legal" solution yourself. You only provoked hatred among your peers - those that are aligned with the other parties. Made their day miserable and gave them more reasons to hate.

So my challenge to you. Do not take things so seriously when you look for happiness in a world that's full of "ghost busters" and "witch hunters." You have done such an amazing feat already. Don't go wasting it on trivial matters. Follow decency above everything else even if it means being seen as a coward. Not all great men chose to fight with a sword, or even a pen. The best heroes of this nation were the men who chose to live a life that can be told as stories with moral lessons that are worth sharing to the new generation.

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