Sunday, July 20, 2014

PNoy Says, Supreme Court Says: It's Their Word Against the World

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We know we have laws, but still many are willfully breaking it. You know why? Because laws are man-made! Laws were meant to guide us but it should not limit us to accept as is, where is - if we know deep inside that it is wrong in the first place. They are the same laws that are being used for evil doers to get away with crimes committed against others. Loopholes exists. Whether we accept it or not, these laws were made by men with hidden agendas and malicious intents.

We've learned a great deal in the past months that most of our trusted men from the government are devious thieves who had their eyes on the "kaban ng bayan" since day one. A great percentage of our politicians are guilty of political dynasties, many of them do not follow the voting and campaign guidelines. Yet they still win. How come?

We basically do not follow our common sense. We follow our emotions. We follow our hearts. We get in trouble because of that. We are just too kindhearted to begin with. We easily forget. We easily forgive. However, eventhough we use our critical thinking in our decision making, there are just too many smart asses out there that are apparently smarter than us. Dim-witted and gullible. These are attributes we are commonly associated with that is why the "trapos" still exists.

But can we rely on the new generation of politicians? I see too many over-eager youths that are still in college that are too arrogant and overbearing. They generalize too much. They rarely trust the elder authorities. They have become too over uber extra confident of themselves that they pose a danger even to themselves.

When PNoy sort of challenged the Supreme Court about the legality of what their government did to our "funds," he has expressed his distrust to the system itself. Now people think he feels all-knowing and the omnipotent one. There is the tendency to become a dictator. Just a few more nudges towards martial law - or am I exaggerating?

But we are only to blame. We voted for him, mainly because we felt he was the lesser evil, and the competition were a bunch of trapos. Hell! We know why these so called public servants are there and that is not to just serve the public. Like every single one of us, we want to serve ourselves too. Deep inside we all wanted what's best for us, and the rest of love for country and our fellowmen just follow in second place.

No one of us will be ever good enough to actually break the law and get away with it unless we have the lawmakers backing us up. As seen, some of them were caught but still enjoy a comfortable prison, while those of us who committed less notorious crimes are rotting in the worst jails not even fit for humans.

Don't be surprised if what we earlier perceived as our savior would now religiously follow the written law or the spoken decisions. Those were made by men, and thus can also be defied by men who do not put the thoughts of the people as their priority.

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