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Uncover diverse culinary legacy and travel gateway at IFBEX and TLEX 2024

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The Iloilo Food and Beverage Expo (IFBEX) 2024 is serving its spectacular showcase of culinary innovation, local delicacies and cuisines aiming to highlight the rich culinary heritage of Iloilo while the Travel and Leisure (TLEX) 2024 is set to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure in Iloilo City. With Worldbex Services International as organizer, IFBEX and TLEX 2024 will feature a diverse lineup of exhibitors and engaging activities that will surely fulfill your memories with unforgettable culinary experience and entrancing moments that only these two world-class events can offer.

This year’s event promises an exciting series of activities and highlights featuring different zones that will certainly catch your interest and attention as IFBEX and TLEX establishments will be filled with hundreds of exhibitors and booths from local and international experts in the industry.

A glimpse of what you can look forward to at this premier food and beverage and Travel and Leisure exhibition includes;

● Cake Decoration competition, showcasing the creative techniques of student bakers turning a simple cake into an artistic masterpiece.

● The Table Set up which presents exquisite and exceptional skills on table arrangements that set new standards in dining aesthetics.

● The Carving competition will feature the passion of participants showing their artistry, talent and craft in transforming ordinary fruits and vegetables into outstanding works of art.

● IFBEX Flair Open is definitely an eye-catcher as it presents dynamic and entertaining flair bartending performances.

● IFBEX Talks will give valuable knowledge and inspiration from the insightful presentations and discussions led by industry experts.

● Likha showcases Filipino creativity by featuring traditional weaving, pottery, and textiles, fostering relationships with the community, and preserving cultural heritage.

● TLEX Summit gathers experts to share insights on exploring the latest trends, destinations, and innovations in the travel and leisure industry.

Each activity and highlights is just a start up that will undoubtedly make you crave for more from this event. As the largest gathering of the country, IFBEX will bring the ultimate gastronomic journey presenting the finest food and beverage products from iloilo and beyond in celebration of the rich culinary heritage of the region, simultaneously, TLEX will ensure an inspiring and informative event for all seeking to enrich their travel endeavors.

Seize the chance to explore and discover an extraordinary celebration of travel and culinary delights at the Travel and Leisure Expo (TLEX) and Iloilo Foods and Beverages Expo (IFBEX) 2024 as we continuously strive for excellence to expand your horizons and make lasting memories happening on July 11 to 14, 2024 at the Iloilo Convention Center (ICON).

IFBEX and TLEX 2024 is organized by Worldbex Services International. For inquiriesand concerns, you may reach us at (02)8656-96-39, or email us at

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DOST Showcases National Commitment in WorldInvent Singapore

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The Department of Science and Technology - Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) is set to continue into the 3rd installment of its internationalization campaign by deploying six (6) DOST-developed inventions and technologies for international recognition once again at the WorldInvent Singapore International Invention Show on July 9-11, 2024.

Official Event Poster of WorldInvent Singapore 2024 (Retrieved from

The DOST-TAPI announces the participation of six (6) DOST-developed inventions and technologies at the Singapore Expo - WorldInvent Singapore International Invention Show. This event provides a global platform facilitating

 “Meet the WoSG 2024 Delegates (Team Philippines)” posted on DOST-TAPI’s Official Facebook page (Retrieved from

The agency gears up to exhibit a collection of inventions and innovative applications spanning various fields in agriculture, consumer electronics, AI and resource regulation, medicine, and seismic monitoring. This exhibition of technical expertise aims to open opportunities for local technologies to grow beyond the Philippine market.

To solidify its commitment to build upon its earlier success in internationalization, DOST reinforces its position in the global tech arena through the participation of homegrown technologies from DOST - Research and Development Institutes, and the National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) at the exhibit while continuing strides to vie for gold in various international conventions.

After careful innovation and marketing analysis, DOST is primed to present alongside major industry players at the WorldInvent Singapore 2024, highlighting once again the remarkable technical prowess of the leading Filipino inventors.

Take a look at the excellent home-grown technologies representing the Philippines:

1. Ethnobotanical Dewormer for Native Chicken

Inventor(s): Bede P. Ozaraga, Ma. Sylvia I. Ozaraga, Maryneth B. Barrios

The ethnobotanical dewormer for native chickens is an organic solution that reduces worm infestations in poultry. Its main active ingredients are powdered betel nut and ipil-ipil seeds. With the uprise of health consciousness, people tend to turn towards organic health practices.

Capitalizing on the market potential of organic food, this product innovates agritechnology in organic poultry farming while targeting other nations participating in this practice as potential partners. This product also offers better health sustainability for the chickens, which ensures excellent chicken meat yield and quality.

Ethnobotanical Dewormer is envisioned to be a player in Singapore's agricultural market, (estimated at $152 million in 2022). The product aligns with Singapore’s strides towards 30% self-sufficiency in food production through efforts including enhancing agricultural productivity with redesigned spaces and agrotechnology subsidies.

2. CharM - Charging in Minutes

Inventor(s): Engr. Leo Allen S. Tayo

Charging in Minutes or “CharM” features fast-charging technology using Direct Current (DC) Charging Mode 4, which allocates fast charging for the first 80% of the battery, then transitions to slow charging for the last 20%. This feature reduces the conventional charging time from 4-6 hours to approximately 30 minutes, without compromising the safety and reliability of charging electric vehicles (EVs).

CharM's promotion of fast charging for EVs contributes to the enhancement of economic activity, supporting Singapore's emissions reduction goals. Its renewable energy integration and high efficiency attract both energy and EV sectors, fostering sustainability in transportation. With Singapore’s EV market expected to reach $230.3million with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.93% from 2024 to 2028, CharM’s goal is to offer comprehensive charging solutions for various EV types, ranging from personal mobility scooters to public transportation buses and successfully penetrate the country’s EV market.

3. Hiraya Intelligent Modular Optimization (HIMO)

Inventor(s): Stephen Larcia, Jan Russell Diolata, Jam Benneth Wong 

HIMO mainly uses artificial intelligence (AI) and smart technology to help water facilities reduce water losses in non-revenue water (NRW), reduce power consumption, and improve service levels by gathering real-time data to control operations in water facilities simultaneously.

HIMO promotes AI technology for efficiency in data analytics for water conservation and utility optimization, enabling real-time operation of water systems without manual oversight and aiding Singapore's Green Plan 2030 goal to reduce household water consumption from 154L to 130L per person per day.

Datasets are crucial assets in water resource management as a support for streamlining decision-making and action. According to the International Water Association, Singapore is recognized internationally as a model city for water management, with them leading in business opportunities in water technologies. With Singapore’s avid investment in A.I. technologies and excellence in hydro-powered technologies, HIMO is primed and ready to aid the country in strengthening its conservation objectives.


Inventor(s): Francis Aldrine A. Uy, Febus Reidj G. Cruz, Carissa Jane R. Santos,

Mark Rommel Collado, Angel Flynn Egam

The HOCLOMAC device generates a powerful disinfectant (hypochlorous acid or HOCI) from three basic and accessible ingredients: distilled water, salt, and vinegar. HOCl is safe and effective for disinfecting surfaces, wounds, and medical instruments.

In Singapore, the disinfectant market, led by hand sanitizers with a projected CAGR of 5.30% from 2024-2029 and revenue of $18.63 million in 2024, reflects growing consumer awareness of hygiene and health practices. With its certification from a local hospital in the Philippines and a scheduled market launch in June 2024,

HOCLOMAC aims to expand its presence in households and workplaces beyond hospital settings.

HOCLOMAC has already been certified by local hospitals in the Philippines for the effectiveness of its product as a disinfectant. The technology is scheduled to launch this June 2024 to not only penetrate the medical sectors overseas but also expand their significance in household and workplace applications.

5. QBX - SMA (Strong Motion Accelerograph)

Inventor(s): Emmanuel G. Ramos, Mark Linus C. Ramos, Rodolfo Alfonso R. Sabio (Technology Manager, Tekton, GeoMetrix Inc)

The QBX-SMA, or strong motion accelerograph, helps ensure building safety. With ease in installation and operation through its Android touch interface, it measures strong earthquake shaking, allowing for informed decisions before, during, and after seismic events. This cost-effective, eco-friendly seismic monitoring device for buildings, made from 70% recyclable materials, uses locally-sourced components for easy replication and promotes earthquake preparedness by providing accessible, data-driven solutions for reliable early warnings, informed decision-making, and adherence to building codes.

Despite being outside earthquake zones, Singapore feels tremors from nearby Sumatra, Indonesia, which experienced 8,264 earthquakes in 2020. Recognizing this risk, the LTA recommended tremor monitoring systems in 2016, making QBX-SMA, a multifunctional technology for seismic activity monitoring and structural health assessment, a viable option for the Singaporean market, supported by its successful installations and validation from the GeoVision Seismic Laboratory Test Facility in Los Angeles.

6. WiltCure Biopesticide

Inventor(s): Eufrocinio C. Marfori (Scientist I, University of the Philippines Los BaƱos)

WiltCure Biopesticide is a composition of potato (Solanum tuberosum) callus 

and microbe co-culture. It is an organic and effective alternative to synthetic pesticides to control disease such as Fusarium oxysporum that affects solanaceous crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, and chillies.

WiltCure biopesticide degrades quickly and safely in the environment, effectively controls Fusarium wilt in crops like tomatoes and potatoes, thereby increasing crop yield and income, and promoting sustainability through its natural, biodegradable, and self-replicating composition.

The Asia-Pacific and Japan region ranked third in the Biological Control Agent (BCA) market for agriculture in 2019, with a market value of approximately $388.5 million, presenting an opportunity for WiltCure Biopesticide to enter the Asian market as a novel product. As of June 2024, WiltCure Biopesticide is seeking outside funding to register with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) after successful pilot field tests in two Philippine provinces showed significantly higher fruit yields in treated crops.

DOST plans to pursue the momentum from the success of previous internationalization campaigns and provide greater opportunities for home-grown technologies to be recognized internationally. As a result, the agency continues to foster boundless collaborations with international partners through enhanced support and strengthened international relations.

** This article is part of the "SPICE: Science and Technology Promotion for International Contest and Exhibits" campaign for the participants of the WorldInvent Singapore 2024. For more information and event updates, visit the DOST-TAPI website at

By Elijah Espiritu

Sheraton Manila Bay Hosts A Spectacular Tour De France Du Vin 2024

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Sheraton Manila Bay successfully hosted an exquisite evening filled with 17 French wines and 17 French regional gourmet dishes. The event took place on June 27 and showcased a carefully curated selection of wines from various renowned regions of France, perfectly paired with a delectable dinner menu crafted by our talented culinary team.

General Manager Richard Masselin welcomed the guests and set the tone for a night of indulgence and celebration. This was followed by an opening message from Jorinda Flour of Le Cellier Wine Selection, who provided insightful background on the evening’s wine selections.

One of the highlights of the night was the captivating wine stories shared by Bernard Flour, the owner of Le Cellier Selection. His anecdotes and expertise provided a deeper appreciation of the wines savored, giving an overall enriching experience for the guests.

Adding a touch of excitement, a social media contest was held, where 5 lucky winners won a bottle of wine by posting their evening highlights.

As the evening drew to a close, Mr. Marvin Macalintal of the French Embassy expressed his support and highlighted the cultural significance of such gatherings and the embassy's commitment to fostering appreciation for French culinary arts.

“Manila Bay Kitchen is where stories and flavors gather and tonight we did that by bringing 17 flavors of wine and 17 regional dishes paired with enriching stories” - Kathy Salenga, Director of Sales and Marketing said to close the evening.

As we bid Au Revoir! We say hello to new events coming your way at Sheraton Manila Bay. The hotel’s next wine dinner is scheduled for October 2024.

Sheraton Manila Bay is a renowned hotel located at M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. The hotel offers luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining experiences, and state-of-the art facilities. With its commitment to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable moments, Sheraton Manila Bay is the perfect destination for both leisure and business travelers. To reserve or book your room accommodations go to Sheraton Manila Bay is conveniently located at M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and follow us on Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

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