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Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 to Showcase Innovation and Collaboration in One Ayala

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Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 is poised to make a grand return from June 7 to 9 at the SPACE at One Ayala, Makati City. This three-day event promises to be a significant gathering for coffee enthusiasts and industry stakeholders, featuring the latest products, emerging trends, and insights from international coffee experts.

Reimagining Philippine Coffee

Organized by the Philippine Coffee Guild (PCG) under the interim leadership of Executive Director Ms. Bettina Grace Belardo-Nuestro, the expo is expected to draw more than 1,000 participants for the Kape’t Kwentuhan Series, over 70 booths, and approximately 8,000 stakeholders. The event is dedicated to envisioning a brighter future for the Philippine coffee industry through innovation, collaboration, and the celebration of the country's rich coffee heritage.

A Platform for Growth and Collaboration

"The Philippine Coffee Expo serves as a vital platform for the entire coffee industry to converge, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities," said Belardo-Nuestro. "This year's theme underscores the importance of infusing new life into our coffee culture, from farming to brewing. By embracing innovation and fostering collaboration, we aim to reshape the narrative of Philippine coffee, making it not just an event but a transformative journey for all involved."

Event Highlights

Throughout the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to foster a vibrant community of local and global coffee professionals. Key events include:

Kape’t Kwentuhan (Coffee Talks)

Coffee Exhibition

Business Matching and Product Demos

Roasters-Producers Forum

Cupping Rooms

The event will also feature Duo Latte Art Challenge, Signature Coffee Beverage Challenge, and Fine Robusta Brewing Competition as well as the culmination of the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition Awards on the final day.

Support and Sponsorship

The success of the Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 is bolstered by the support of numerous 

sponsors, including Eighty Plus PH, PRDP-NPCO, Curve Coffee Collaborators, Savoroso Inc., and Global Pacific Distribution Network Corp, among others. These partnerships aim to empower Filipino coffee farmers and producers by opening doors to new markets and fostering sustainable growth. The expo provides a dynamic platform for baristas and coffee enthusiasts to hone their skills through competitions and immersive workshops.

A Beacon of Hope Post-Pandemic

"The Philippine Coffee Expo is a crucial gathering for the coffee industry, providing opportunities for technical discussions, showcasing new technologies, and building networks within the sector," said Belardo-Nuestro. "After enduring significant challenges due to the pandemic, the expo serves as a beacon of hope, bringing together key industry players to revitalize and strengthen the Philippine coffee sector."

Join the Journey

The Philippine Coffee Expo 2024 invites all coffee lovers to join in reimagining the future of Philippine coffee. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Philippine Coffee Expo and Tickelo. The Philippine Coffee Guild, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of the Philippine coffee industry through events, education, and advocacy. Their mission is to elevate the quality and global reputation of Philippine coffee.

For more information visit:                                                                                             

Visit this link to get your tickets:

The Philippine Coffee Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of the Philippine coffee industry. Through events, education, and advocacy, we aim to elevate the quality and reputation of Philippine coffee on the global stage.

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Traveloka Partners with Cebu Pacific to Boost Travel in Southeast Asia to the Philippines

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In 2023, Traveloka saw a fivefold surge in interest in traveling to the Philippines by flying on Cebu Pacific.

Traveloka, the leading travel platform in Southeast Asia, has announced a strategic partnership with Filipino low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific (CEB) to attract more foreign tourists to visit the Philippines by implementing an application programming interface that will allow inbound travelers to explore CEB flights through the travel app.

Aligned with Traveloka’s commitment to helping the tourism industry in Southeast Asia recover from the pandemic, this initiative is expected to positively contribute to the growth of Philippine tourism by making it easier for foreign tourists to explore the country's exciting destinations.

The Philippines's tourism sector continues to perform strongly year after year. The Philippine Department of Tourism recorded more than 5.4 million foreign travelers[1] visiting the country in 2023, targeting 7.7 million foreign travelers in 2024¹.

Meanwhile, Traveloka also recorded a 2.5-fold increase in searches to the top five airports in the Philippines in 2024 compared to last year. The five most popular destinations in the Philippines on the Traveloka platform include Manila, Laguindingan, Cebu, Davao, Boracay, and Palawan.

Iko Putera, CEO of Transport Traveloka, said, "Traveloka understands the Philippines' vast potential for sustainable tourism growth. Therefore, we invite travelers from Indonesia and Southeast Asia to discover new experiences in the Philippines. Our partnership with Cebu Pacific, one of the premier and most affordable airlines for the Philippines, will provide diverse possibilities for travelers and spearhead innovation to deliver optimal solutions for customers. We will also contribute to growth within the tourism industry in the Philippines and the wider region.”

Xander Lao, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Cebu Pacific, said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Traveloka to support the local tourism industry and make traveling to the Philippines much easier. The Philippines is home to some of the world’s best beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. We encourage travelers from all over the world to fly with Cebu Pacific and experience the beauty of our country, now made more accessible through our partnership with Traveloka.”

Make Your Dream Vacation Come True by Exploring the Enchanting Philippines

The Philippines has long been a favorite destination for travelers with its diverse attractions and experiences, allowing for a personalized vacation both for adventurous tourists and those who just need some quiet time. From diving and snorkeling amidst the marine wonders of Coron Island in Palawan Islands to relaxing on the beautiful white sand beaches of the famous island of Boracay, there's something for every preference. Meanwhile, the historic 16th-century city of Vigan, with its blend of Filipino and Spanish architectural marvels, promises to captivate history enthusiasts with its timeless charm.

Travelers can also enjoy some peace and quiet in the natural landscapes of Bohol, try various adrenaline-pumping activities in Davao, or taste some of the Philippines’ delicacies in Bacolod. Art enthusiasts may also admire unique collections at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. For those seeking spiritual experiences, travelers may visit the Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church or explore the serene ambiance of Quiapo Church, home to the venerated Black Nazarene. Learn more about these hidden gems on Traveloka.

Traveloka also noted a significant surge, a fivefold increase compared to the previous year, in the number of travelers from Southeast Asian countries who booked Cebu Pacific flights through its platform. Apart from domestic tourists, travelers from Indonesia are among the top six countries traveling to the Philippines based on Cebu Pacific flight data, followed by travelers from Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia.

The partnership between Traveloka and Cebu Pacific offers international travelers additional flight choices to explore the Philippines and its incredible tourist spots. To make planning adventures in the Philippines even easier, Traveloka also provides special offers for travelers. Stay tuned for updates on Traveloka's apps and official social media.

About Traveloka

Traveloka is Southeast Asia's leading travel platform, offering users a seamless experience to explore and book a diverse array of travel products, accommodations, and tourist attractions. With an extensive portfolio, Traveloka facilitates ticket bookings for various transportation modes including flights, buses, trains, car rentals, and airport transfers as well as the largest inventory of accommodations in Southeast Asia, ranging from hotels and apartments to guest houses, homestays, resorts, and villas, Traveloka is the platform with the most extensive accommodation and package options.

Traveloka is also a major player in the local services category (currently available in select countries), offering booking services for various recreational venues, activities, health clinics, and beauty services. Traveloka also provides financial solutions, payment options, and insurance to assist Southeast Asian communities in achieving their lifestyle aspirations. Traveloka has 24/7 customer service available in local languages and seamless transactions supported by over 30 payment methods. The Traveloka app has been downloaded over 131 million times, solidifying its position as the leading travel platform in Southeast Asia.

About Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the Philippines’ leading airline, entered the aviation industry on March 1996 and pioneered the “low fare, great value” strategy and has flown over 200 million passengers since inception. CEB offers the widest domestic network in the Philippines with 35 domestic destinations. It also currently operates flights to 24 international destinations, spanning across Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

CEB currently operates the youngest jet fleet in the country and one of the youngest in the world with its 81-strong commercial fleet. The airline continues to develop creative pricing strategies so it may constantly offer low year-round fares for all its flights.

For more information, please visit:

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PHL lists first PhD holder in Measurement Science

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Dr. Maryness I. Salazar (inset), head of the Pressure and Force Standards Section at the National Metrology Division of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI), leads the country in maintaining a community guided by the science of measurement.

The Philippines lists its first doctorate holder in Measurement Science.

Dr. Maryness I. Salazar, Supervising Science Research Specialist and Head of the Pressure and Force Standards Section at the National Metrology Division of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI), leads the country in maintaining a community guided by the science of measurement.

The new doctor explains that “In a measureless world, there can be no science for in a world in which no measurement tools exist, there can neither be modern medicine, healthcare, surgery, pharmacology, radiology, dentistry, optometry, and audiology, nor manufacturing, transportation or communication. Everything that provides for people to live relies on Measurement Science.” Dr. Salazar's academic feat will go down in the country's history as a first not only in Measurement Science but also for women doctors of philosophy in the field.

According to a report by Science Education International, a quarterly journal of the International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE), global science research is currently male-dominated, with 3.8 million male researchers as compared to 2 million female researchers. 

Hence, Dr. Salazar has accomplished twin peaks of professional and personal achievements. 

Maryness, or Nhet, as friends call her, graduated in February 2024 with a doctorate in Measurement Science from the University of Science and Technology (UST) in South Korea. She received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines Los Baños and her Master of Science in Measurement Science from UST in South Korea.

Her doctoral study, "Exploring a New Capillary-Type Standard Leak Using Polymicro Tube for Leak Measurement and Microflow Applications,” aims to improve accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in leak measurement and microflow control across multiple industries.

Dr. Nhet explains, "Leak detection prevents significant damage in equipment and devices from occurring, which can lead to substantial financial losses in manufacturing and or loss of lives in health care industries."

She added, "It is crucial not only to prevent extensive property damage but also to address several other potential problems that may arise from it." As DOST-ITDI celebrates Dr. Nhet’s success, it not only applauds her academic achievement but also recognizes the collective strides of women toward closing the gender gap in science research. Her journey serves as a reminder that breaching the gender gap in the pursuit of knowledge is attainable. (MVAtienza; AMGuevarra\\TSD)

(Photo credits: UST; MISalazar)

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