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5 Steps To Choose The Best Power Strip

We have electronic gadgets all over our offices and houses, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, televisions, and game consoles. Using multiple gadgets at the same time is challenging as there is always a shortage of power outlets. In such cases, power strips offer a logical solution for giving yourself more outlets, so you don't need to overload outlet space and protect your gear.

However, not all power strips are as good as each other, and selecting the best relies on some decision-making. Today, we're going to take you through five crucial steps in choosing the best power strip for you.

1. Assess Your Needs

The first thing you need to do is assess your specific demands and step into the world of power strips. Think about the number of devices that have to be powered for one second. Or that you wish to power a more robust unit that consists of a desktop computer, printer, and gaming console along with your smartphone and laptop.

Depending on your needs and demands, you may need a power strip with a greater capacity, like a 20 Amp power strip for running heavy loads and even power-hungry devices. Evaluate your needs first, then select how many outlets you need and what maximum capacity is on your power strip

2. Evaluate Outlets and Spacing

The number and type of outlets on a power strip are extremely important to its operation. Count the number of devices you need to connect, taking into account any that require large plugs or adapters. You can use this number to calculate how many outlets you need on your power strip.

Also, consider the distance between the outlets. Some power strips have outlets that are widely spaced apart or are even movable so that they can accept bigger plugs without obstructing nearby sockets. This is particularly helpful for equipment that tends to take up more room, such as transformers or power bricks.

Consider the variety of outlets as well. Some power strips include both USB connections and regular AC outlets. You may use the power strip's built-in USB connections to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets, freeing up AC outlets for other devices.

3. Prioritize Surge Protection

Surge protection is one of the most important qualities to look for in a power strip. Lightning strikes, changes in the power system, or even the on-and-off cycles of major equipment like refrigerators or air conditioners can cause electrical surges and voltage spikes. These surges can seriously harm your electrical gadgets and leave them worthless.

Surge protection integrated into a power strip serves as a barrier, absorbing excess voltage and keeping it from getting to your gadgets. Look for power strips that are designated as surge suppressors or protectors on the packaging. They frequently have indication lights that let you know whether the surge protection is still in effect.

Consider the power strip's Joules rating when thinking about surge protection. A unit of measurement for energy absorption is the joule. The power strip can withstand more powerful surges if it has a higher Joules rating.

A power strip with a Joules rating of at least 600–1000 should be sufficient for the majority of residential and office settings. However, choosing a higher Joules rating is advised for maximum protection in locations vulnerable to frequent electrical storms.

4. Explore Additional Features

A power strip's primary purpose is to provide more outlets, but many models also come with extra features that improve use and safety. Think about the following add-ons while making your decision:

a. Individual on/Off Switches

Power strips with independent on/off switches for each outlet give you more control over your devices. With this capability, you can turn off particular devices without unplugging them, conserving power and lowering standby power usage.

b. Cord Length

For practical placement, the power strip's cord length is crucial. Make sure the cord is long enough to comfortably reach the closest outlet. Longer cords provide you greater freedom to place your power strip and may do away with the need for extension cords.

c. Wall-Mounting Options

Think about a power strip with wall-mounting capabilities for a clutter-free setup. With the power strip off the floor and out of the way, you can attach it to a wall or place it beneath a desk using this method.

5. Prioritize Safety and Certification

When selecting an outlet strip, the number one consideration should always be safety. The following factors should be considered while selecting a product to ensure safety and dependability:

a. Accreditations

Check the safety credentials of repute like ETL (Intertek) or UL (Underwriters'Underwriters' Lab). The certificates indicate that the surge protector is tested, performs well, and meets certain high-performance and safety criteria.

b. Protection from Overcurrent

There are power strips equipped with over-current protection that can be resettable, often supplied by fuses/circuit breakers. This feature automatically cuts out power if there's an overload, preventing devices from overheating and reducing the risk of electrical fires.

c. Fire-Resistant Housing

It's not guaranteed to put out every source of fire completely, but having a surge-protected outlet in fire-resistant housing will limit and suppress the fire, making it safer at your home or workplace.


Before you choose a power strip to wire your home or office, consider the following criteria: the number and style of plugs, surge protection, wattages, energy efficiency, and safety measures.

Options like angle holders and wall mounts can help you save on room, while customer reviews and brand reputations ensure your purchase is top-notch. By considering these points, you determine the best power strip to efficiently and safely provide all your home or office equipment with the needed electricity.

BingoPlus renews partnership with PBA, recommits support for basketball and sports in general

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BingoPlus, the official Bingo partner of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), has renewed its partnership with the league, ensuring that Filipino fans can continue to actively participate in its high-quality and thrilling basketball action.

BingoPlus avidly supported the upcoming 48th PBA season starting with its presence at the two-day PBA Draft Combine held September 12 and 13 at the Gatorade Hoops in Mandaluyong. Then at the record-breaking Rookie Draft event held September 17 at Market! Market! In Taguig City, BingoPlus helped welcome a new batch of young players who will join the ranks of Asia’s first and oldest pro basketball league, which is also the second-oldest continuously operating professional basketball league in the world, next to the NBA.

This year has been special for the PBA as a total of 124 rookies competed for selection by the twelve PBA teams, all aiming for success in the upcoming PBA season which opens on November 5.

The re-commitment of support for the PBA and basketball in general by BingoPlus holds special significance as it coincides with the participation of the national team, GILAS Pilipinas, in the ongoing Asian Games.

BingoPlus, a supporter of sports, culture, festivities and quality entertainment, remains unwavering in its commitment to provide top-tier and enjoyable entertainment that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

For more information on BingoPlus visit

The Artistry of Achieving VA Loan Credit Score Excellence

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

When planning to take a loan, credit score is a major thing that comes into people's minds. It is one of the factors even the banks and other lending institutions check to determine your eligibility.

But does credit score apply to veteran affairs (VA) loans? Well, this article seeks to answer some of these questions to enable you to boost your score.

Apart from learning about the score, it is also essential to understand how to maintain a clean record to allow you to access these loans easily. If you are a veteran or active military personnel, it’s time to learn the artistry of achieving VA loan credit score excellence to better your future.

Understanding VA Loans

VA loans are government-offered loans to active servicemen, veterans, and surviving spouses to enable them to own homes. The loans are also suitable for repairing, buying, retaining, and other housing-related programs.

According to the agency, it only guarantees the loan, but disbursement is by private institutions like banks and mortgage companies. With the government acting as a guarantor, the loan is available at more favorable terms than other loans.

Since VA doesn’t disburse the money, it doesn't dictate the minimum credit score. Therefore, you will be subjected to your lender's credit score requirements, which is why a high score is essential.

Now, let’s delve into the ideal VA loan credit score requirements to achieve homeownership.

What are the VA Loan Credit Score Requirements?

The VA loan credit score requirements depend on the leading bank or mortgage company. Typically, lending companies use a regular FICO system to gauge your creditworthiness. The system uses numbers ranging from 300 to 850 to determine credit scores.

· Less than 580: Poor

· 580-669: Fair

· 670-739: Good

· 740-799: Very good

· 800 and above: Excellent

To qualify for VA loans, you need to score at least 520. However, the higher the score, the more you are eligible to borrow. For instance, if you want to borrow $500,000, the lender will require you to have more rating than when borrowing $100,000.

While credit score plays a significant role in determining eligibility, lenders also check the length of employment and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, among others.

How to Improve VA Loan Score?

Improving your VA loan score isn’t as complicated as you might think. Even though the loan is only for military and ex-military personnel, boosting your score is just like any other loan. You can achieve high scores by doing the following.

1. Pay Your Bills On Time

If you want your rating to increase, one of the easiest ways is to ensure your bill paying is on time. While forgetting to pay utility bills is common, setting autopay will save you from the mess. Paying the bills on time or before has proved effective in boosting your credit score since companies don’t report them to credit bureaus.

2. Check Your Credit Card Usage

If you have a credit card, it can help you boost or ruin your credit score. Usually, lenders can access your credit card history. If you regularly exceed the maximum limit and delay in repayment, it can negatively affect your rating. Keeping your card in check and repaying your debt on time significantly improves your score. This will give you a higher leverage when applying for VA loans.

3. Limit Your Loan Application

Self-discipline is essential when it comes to loans. While many issues can prompt you to sign a new loan, don’t fall into this trap if you want to build a better VA credit score. Before applying for a new loan or credit, ensure the existing one is closed. Doing this will give your profile a positive score increase.

4. Consolidate Your Debts

It’s common to find yourself in a debt hole due to different loans. Strategizing is a big step toward redeeming yourself and improving your credit score. Paying multiple loans can be draining; thus, seeking loan consolidation can boost your efforts significantly.

Once you settle all loans, you can focus on repaying a single debt, which, once paid consistently, improves the loan score.

5. Verify Your Credit Reports

Low credit scores don’t always result from your faults; they can be due to wrong reporting from the credit bureaus. Always ensure your credit score report is accurate by checking your annual report and filing any errors or disputes. An accurate report is vital since you will need it when applying for VA loans.

What are the VA Loan Benefits Over Conventional Loans?

People usually wonder whether VA loans have benefits over other loans. Some of the advantages of a VA loan are highlighted below.

1. No Down Payment Needed

Once you qualify for a VA loan, no down payment is required. This gives the servicemen and veterans a fantastic way to acquire homes without a down payment, which can be tricky to raise.

2. Low Credit Score Requirements

Although credit score plays a part in accessing VA loans, it is not as high as others. Usually, most lenders require 520 to access more money than conventional loans and mortgages.

3. Private Mortgage Insurance Free Loan

The government guarantees VA loans; therefore, no private mortgage fees are included. This makes these loans advantageous as no insurance fee is needed. Eliminating insurance and down payment means beneficiaries save a lot.

4. Closing Cost Protection

One thing you can’t escape in mortgages is closing costs. But, once you get a VA loan, there is protection against the closing cost veterans will pay.


VA loans are outstanding since they are government-guaranteed. Due to this, the loan comes with lower requirements and offers many benefits.

While the loans are exclusively for servicemen and veterans, you need to watch your steps to keep your rating high and improve the chances of high loans and mortgages.

Follow the suggestions mentioned in the article to achieve excellent VA loan credit scores.

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