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SSS urges availment of contribution penalty condonation programs for delinquent employers

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The Social Security System (SSS) called on employers who failed to remit the contributions of their workers in the previous months and years to avail of the contribution penalty condonation programs during its recent nationwide conduct of the Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) operations.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Rolando Ledesma Macasaet encouraged delinquent employers to settle their contribution delinquencies through its Contribution Penalty Condonation, Delinquency Management and Restructuring Program (CPCoDe MRP) for business employers and the Contribution Penalty Condonation and Restructuring Program (CPCR-P) for household employers.

Under these contribution penalty condonation programs, SSS assists business and household employers in defraying their delinquencies by allowing them to pay unremitted contributions while condoning their accrued penalties.

“SSS always take into consideration the welfare of its members and its employers which is the primary reason why we offer these condonation programs to help them out in settling their contribution delinquencies with us. With the ongoing pandemic, we understand the economic hardships that they are currently experiencing,” Macasaet said.

The CPCoDe MRP covers all employers classified as single proprietors, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, and associations who have incurred delinquencies in contribution payments, including penalties, from the start of their actual date of operation.

SSS Account Management Group Concurrent Acting Head Neil F. Hernaez said that under the program, delinquent business employers would pay the unremitted SS contributions plus a legal interest of six percent (6%) per annum during the period where the employer has shown proof that the business suffered a net loss. At the same time, SSS will condone the penalties incurred during the delinquency period.

“Delinquent employers can pay it in full or on an installment basis. Those who wish to settle it in full payment must pay it within 15 calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Approval by the SSS. On the other hand, employers who will avail of the installment option will need to pay a down payment equivalent to at least 5% of the total amount of delinquency while they can pay the remaining balance up to 48 months,” Hernaez explained.

Meanwhile, the CPCR-P covers household employers who have delinquencies in remitting the contributions of their kasambahays or house helpers since the start of their employment.

Interested business and household employers may visit the nearest SSS Branch Office with jurisdiction over their accounts for the requirements and additional information on availing the said penalty condonation programs.

Wazzup Pilipinas: Inspiring Connections and Celebrating Filipino Spirit

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In a digital age where information flows ceaselessly, finding a platform that goes beyond headlines and captures the essence of Filipino culture and identity is a rarity. Enter Wazzup Pilipinas, an inspiring online destination that connects, empowers, and celebrates the Filipino spirit. With its diverse range of content, this dynamic platform has become a beacon of inspiration, bridging the gap between Filipinos near and far. Let's delve into the reasons why Wazzup Pilipinas stands as an uplifting force in the online landscape.

Celebrating Filipino Achievement:

Wazzup Pilipinas serves as a testament to the indomitable Filipino spirit and the achievements of Filipinos across various fields. The platform shines a spotlight on talented individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are making a difference in their respective industries. By sharing their stories of triumph and resilience, Wazzup Pilipinas inspires readers to pursue their passions, embrace their unique talents, and contribute to the betterment of society. Through these inspiring narratives, the platform fosters a sense of pride and unity among Filipinos worldwide.

Empowering Voices:

One of the notable aspects of Wazzup Pilipinas is its commitment to empowering voices that are often unheard. The platform provides a platform for aspiring writers, bloggers, and content creators to share their perspectives, experiences, and insights. By amplifying diverse voices from different walks of life, Wazzup Pilipinas embraces the rich tapestry of the Filipino identity. It encourages readers to challenge societal norms, engage in meaningful discussions, and strive for positive change. This empowerment of voices fosters a sense of inclusivity and community among its readers.

Inspiring Causes and Advocacies:

Beyond its entertaining and informative content, Wazzup Pilipinas also recognizes the importance of social responsibility and giving back. The platform supports and promotes various causes and advocacies that address pressing societal issues. Whether it's environmental conservation, poverty alleviation, or promoting education, Wazzup Pilipinas stands as a catalyst for change. By shedding light on these initiatives, the platform encourages readers to get involved, contribute to meaningful causes, and make a positive impact in their own communities.

Connecting Filipinos Globally:

One of the most remarkable aspects of Wazzup Pilipinas is its ability to bridge the gap between Filipinos across the globe. Through its engaging content and active online community, the platform creates a sense of belonging and connection. It serves as a virtual meeting place for Filipinos to share their stories, experiences, and cultural heritage. Whether it's celebrating shared traditions, discussing current events, or simply exchanging greetings, Wazzup Pilipinas fosters a sense of unity among Filipinos near and far, reminding them of the beauty and strength of their shared identity.

In a world inundated with information, Wazzup Pilipinas stands tall as an inspiring force that celebrates the Filipino spirit, empowers voices, supports meaningful causes, and connects Filipinos worldwide. It goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of Filipino culture, resilience, and achievements. As readers immerse themselves in the engaging content and diverse perspectives offered by Wazzup Pilipinas, they are uplifted, inspired, and reminded of the boundless potential within themselves. In this digital age, Wazzup Pilipinas serves as a digital torchbearer, illuminating the path for Filipinos to embrace their roots, chase their dreams, and make a positive impact in their communities.

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

FEU-Manila Film Students set to release debut film "Hakbang Saan?" - A poignant reality of urban life in Manila

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Talented film students from FEU-Manila, Kalye Productions, are preparing to release their first film called "Hakbang Saan?" It tells the story of Benjo, a man from a province that struggles to survive in the urban life that Manila offers. The film showcases the unfortunate reality of living as a poor man in the country. It centralizes on debunking the idea of hope in urbanization while highlighting the struggles and challenges that people from lower socioeconomic status have to endure to fend for themselves daily. The entirety of the setting and perspective will be shown through the eyes of Benjo, accentuating rapid urbanization and the realism associated with living in Manila.

The film is directed by Kyle Trinidad and was created through a collaboration of different creative minds. Anna Valle wrote the story, Andre Coros developed the screenplay, and Ernest Joseph Manalili was the Director of Photography. Arianna Baltan produced the film with Kale Aaron Baccay as the Assistant Director and Rhodie Maria CerdiƱa, Jiro Manuel Gendrano, and Harbie Lo as Camera Operators. Karl Ferrer, the Editor, skillfully handled the post-production.

Nel Estuya, a freelance film actor, plays the lead role of Benjo. Estuya's remarkable acting skills have been displayed in mainstream and independent films like Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral and Delia and Sammy. He also has been recognized in SinePiyu XV: Liwayway for his outstanding performances in Kwentong Barbero and Hanggang sa Dulo ng Mundo, which have earned their spots as finalists in the All Tamaraws Division. Estuya's portrayal of Benjo is subtle and authentic, making the film a compelling watch for those searching for their sense of belonging in the world.

Kalye Productions is excited to release "Hakbang Saan?" on May 20 in Viddsee and hopes that the film will show the audience the realities of urban life. To learn more about the release of "Hakbang Saan?" and Kalye Productions, you can visit their Facebook page @kalyeproductions.

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