Monday, September 27, 2021

Makabayan surprises nation with impressive partylist nominees

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This is a repost of tweets posted on Twitter by journalist Tonio Cruz. Reposting for more awareness. These hopefuls are alternative candidates we could try for the government.

Makabayan nominees are led by a former cabinet member, a summa cum laude graduate, a lawyer for EJK victims, anti-Duterte resistance leaders, and experts on consumer rights, special education, PH languages.

The administration’s bungling pandemic response compelled #Makabayan partylists to hold “hybrid” conventions: with limited number of attendees at venues and other participants joining via Zoom video conference.

After a rout in 2019 and the mass killings of its leaders including party chair Randall Echanis, @AnakpawisPL partylist seeks a return to Congress. 

Former Agrarian Reform secretary Rafael “Ka Paeng” Mariano is first nominee of Anakpawis. 

Mariano served alongside Vice President @lenirobredo, DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo, NAPC Sec. Liza Maza and DENR Sec. Gina Lopez.

They were dubbed as the best and most progressive cabinet members, but Duterte either fired them or had the Commission on Appointments reject them.

Mariano was Anakpawis partylist representative from 2004-2013, and former chair of @kmp_phl. 

Other Anakpawis nominees are trade union leader Lana Linaban of @kilusangmayouno, community leader Doy Marizeta, and peasant leader Isabelo Adviento of Cagayan province.

At its convention, perennial partylist topnotcher @BayanMuna chose former Rep. @teddycasino as first nominee. 

Also nom'd by @BayanMuna are: Rep. @FerdinandGaite, Moro Christian Peoples Alliance leader @AmirahLidasan, lawyer @chronikrissys, former lawmaker Pepito Pico, John Ruiz of Central Visayas, and Roman Polintan of Central Luzon.

Gaite is a leader of public sector unions. 

Bayan Muna third nominee @AmirahLidasan seeks to represent the Bangsamoro and other national minorities. She is former NUSP national president, and currently a leader of Moro Christian Peoples Alliance and Sandugo. 

Bayan Muna's fourth nominee is lawyer @chronikrissys of @nuplphilippines - counsel for families of victims of extrajudicial killings who filed a case against Duterte at the International Criminal Court. 

Youth party @KabataanPL voted math whiz @iamRaoulManuel as first nominee.

He is @UPVOfficial's first-ever summa cum laude graduate, former @uposr, and former @NUSPhilippines national president. 

Among others, Kabataan's Manuel famously made a cry-baby senator throw a tantrum at a hearing  

Manuel will be a great replacement for multi-awarded Rep. @sarahelago

Other @KabataanPL nominees are: Angelica Galimba from Ilocos, @NUSPhilippines prez @JandeilRoperos, UPLB's Jianred Faustino, UP Mindanao's Jayvie Cabajes, Vince Alloso of University San Carlos, and RJ Ledesma of Bacolod.

@GabrielaWomenPL, the leading women’s voice in Congress, picked a doctor from Davao as second nominee.

Human rights champion Dr. Jean Lindo joins first nominee Rep. @ArleneBrosas and third nominee Lucy Francisco, a consumer leader from Panay island. 

For @ACT_Teachers, its first nominee is @repfrancecastro, the former master teacher-turned-lawmaker. 

Castro's demand for Mocha Uson's appearance before the House budget deliberations in 2018 led to the latter's resignation from the PCOO.


Joining Castro as @ACT_Teachers nominees are former Rep. @tonchi Tinio, poet and essayist Dr. David Michael San Juan of DLSU, SPED teacher Helene Dimaukom of Cotabato City, and Fabian Hallig.

San Juan is a champion of PH languages. 

Anakpawis nominated Elmer "Bong" Labog, chair of @kilusangmayouno, as senatorial candidate.

@BayanMuna endorsed Neri @ColmenaresPH for senator, under the banner of #Makabayan. 

DepEd module wants students to create a blog/vlog about several unrelated topics

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Nakakainis yung pinapagawa sa anak ko ng DepEd via instructions from the module. 

They want the student(s) to create a blog/vlog about several unrelated topics.

"The learners are tasked to apply the different concept connected to the Topic “Pasig Culture” that will answer the guide questions of the different subjects using Blog or Vlog presentation. (Note: Incorporate all the questions and tasks per subject area in one Blog/Vlog)"

With my several years as a blogger and vlogger, that's not how you create a blog/vlog.

Kaya minumura ang DepEd ng mga students eh. This agency doesn't have sensible and knowledgeable people working and approving these modules. The teachers are also to blame for letting their students do this task.

Hay nako! Kahit gusto kong tulungan yung anak ko, hindi yata makatwiran na sundin yung pinapagawa ng teacher kasi it's totally against common sense and proper training/ teaching.

Doable sana kahit walang sense kaso gusto nila bukas agad ang submission when they originally said Thursday pa raw submission.

Madalian? Agad-agad? They want the students to learn or not? Students will not learn from what DepEd is distributing to the students. They shiuld consult actuak experts to triple-check the contents of their modules.

Below is/are the actual instruction(s):

"G – The learners are tasked to apply the different concept connected to the Topic “Pasig Culture” that will answer the guide questions of the different subjects using Blog or Vlog presentation. (Note: Incorporate all the questions and tasks per subject area in one Blog/Vlog)

R – You are to play a role of a Blogger/Vlogger.

A – You need to convince your teachers (audience/followers/subscribers) with your presentation.

S – You as a blogger/vlogger should be able to show all the answer in the given guide questions:

P – You need to make  A 10-Minute Vlog/ Blog- minimum of 500 words about the Pasig Culture (Options: Celebrations/Festival, Food, Discipline)

S – Your work will be evaluated using the Rubrics below.


Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino

1. Ano ang kahalagahan ng wika sa kultura ng tao? Ipakita ito sa pamamagitan ng blog o vlog.

2. Paano naaapektuhan ng wika ang kultura ng tao? Ipakita ito sa pamamagitan ng blog o vlog.

Reading and Writing

3. What important information about culture that you can share in your vlog or blog?

4. How this information about culture presented in your vlog or blog? Present or show in your vlog or blog on how you organize your information about culture in Pasig.


5. Cite 3 examples of conic sections and use it on your vlog or blog.

Statistics & Probability

6. Give sample statements that show discrete/continuous random variables.

Business Mathematics

7. Show the application of fraction, decimal and percent.

Earth Science and Earth & Life Science

8. Explain in your vlog/blog the sudden occurrence of the deep and long cracks along Topaz Road Ortigas Center that happened last August 23, 2021. How did the Filipino culture, society and politics may have contributed in this scenario and what are the subsystems of the Earth interacted?

Introduction to World Religions & Belief Systems

9. Cite regions or places where specific religions evolved and explain how religion affects culture. Present it in your Vlog or Blog.

Expected Output: 

A 10-Minute Vlog/Blog minimum of 500 words about the Pasig Culture (Options: Celebrations/Festival, Food, Discipline)"

Honestly, these online class setup is not effective, if not a total failure, if they will continue to provide lessons that do not teach the right information or process that will be useful in the real world.

They should not "incorporate" topics they do not have enough knowledge about. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Krizle Grace Mago incommunicado, senators worried

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Pharmally executive Krizle Grace Mago disappeared a day after her bombshell admission that her company had swindled the government by selling damaged medical-grade face shields with bogus production dates, said Senator Gordon.

"Gordon said Mago’s phone had been switched off as early as Friday night after the hearing when Senate blue ribbon committee lawyer Fritzie Aduna tried to contact her.“It is strange that after she said she will talk to me after, and then she suddenly turns her phone off, and is incommunicado,” the senator said of Mago."

The senators offered protection for Mago from the last Senate hearing but she told them she needs a day to think about it.

Delikado ang lagay niya (Mago) dahil sindikato (Michael Yang and Pharmally executives) na may connection sa mga may kapangyarihan (Duterte) ang naapektuhan sa mga testimonies niya. 

She's either gone into hiding, or she needs space for awhile and a good mind setting. Hopefully she is in good hands and safe.

If she's gone missing or end up found dead, the Senate must do a lot of arrests. All of the Pharmally executives and those who used  COVID-19  virus as a means to swindle the Filipino people.

She shouldn’t have met or consult with Pharmally. Akala niya harmless siguro. She said kakausapin or meet niya muna Pharmally to weigh her options. Micheal Yang is a possible drug Kingpin who owns a lot of businesses in the Philippines, a dangerous man that could easily hire people to get rid of her.

Hindi na maganda ito. Parang nawawala na ang demokrasya, parang regimen ni Marcos. Wala ng respeto sa taongbayan. Hindi puwedeng palampasin ang pangyayaring ito...!

Buking na kasi si Duterte and his cohorts, including Lao and Duque, sa malamang itutumba na iyan sa dami ng alam nyang katiwalian sa Phamally controversy.

It was a damaging revelation from her! That cantankerous old man from Davao must be seething in anger! Lalong nasira siya sa statement ni Ms. Mago! The Davao Mafia Syndicate must be alarmed now of this statement from Ms. Mago! Mabuhay ka Ms. Mago at yun isang witness pa na empleyado ng Pharmally!

She already lost her job. Sometimes good people are just caught between rampaging waves and seaside boulders. We have to thank her for speaking out though it costed her job and security.

Hindi ninyo pa rin ba nakikita how worse this administration is when it comes to corruption? 

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