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Ways to Use Your Instagram Account for Developing a Positive Mindset

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If you wish to say something, you could do so respectfully and that would have a truly positive impact on the minds of other people. You must realize that there is a huge difference between a positive account portraying and highlighting the perfect moments in your life and an artificial one showing life as perfect.

Instagram is not merely a photo-sharing app. Instagram is a powerful and versatile marketing and promotion platform with over 1 billion MAUs or monthly active users and there has been a constant growth in its audience and it has overtaken Pinterest or Twitter but it is behind Facebook in terms of the exact number of users. However, Instagram pictures have been getting 23 percent more engagement on an average as compared to Facebook pictures. Moreover, Instagrams brand engagement is 10x higher as compared to Facebook. Here are effective ways of creating a positive mindset via your Instagram account.

Shout out Your Specific Message to Everyone

When you possess a clear sense of mind and enjoy the clarity of thoughts, it could mean a higher perspective or seeing things in their right perspective. When you share your message with everyone else, it would vehemently make a solid and positive impact. If you are having something precious, allow others to experience the joy of having it. If you have been fortunate enough to have found the way, be generous enough to help other people to follow it. Try to be inspiring when you are having a valid reason to do so. If you have something crucial to say, go ahead and do it respectfully so that it leaves a profound impact on others. Seek professional assistance from reputed digital marketing services such as stormlikes for perfect solutions.

Draw Inspiration & Get Motivated for Better

During our lifetime we come across different experiences that leave positive impressions on our minds. Often you feel inspired by different incidents, attitudes, and behaviors that you would certainly wish to imitate. You must always assess your weaknesses and strengths and seek inspiration and motivation from others and various experiences in life to achieve something better. Similarly, you must draw inspiration from other Instagram accounts and get motivated to share something better and awe-inspiring. Instagram boasts of having the intrinsic power of positivity. People come to Instagram for their daily dose of inspiration.

As per, positive updates would certainly breed positive updates. It is a fact that positivity would surely beat negativity online. For people at Buffer, positivity is one of the most important values that motivate them and they practice positivity in every aspect of their lives including their social media posts, their interactions with one another, and their customer communication, etc. You must draw inspiration and your Instagram must reflect positivity from every angle.


Instagram could be the best platform that reminds you what should matter in life and it could keep you primarily focused on the brighter things in life. It is a great feeling to leave your footprint via the work you do. You must maintain an Instagram profile that oozes in positivity and captures lifes nicest moments.

Author Bio -

Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic.

Escape Boredom, Ditch the Pressure with Easy, Affordable Travel Courtesy of RedDoorz

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It’s that season between vacay-happy Summer and the coming ‘Ber months. Traffic, too much work, piled up tasks and pressure can likely get you down.

There’s one word that will lift you up. Escape. The very thought of it is the ultimate adventure, whether just around the city or in destinations around the Philippines.

According to the still ongoing Framingham Heart Study, men and women who travel often are less likely to get heart disease. It also found that because travel relieves stress, it improves mental health, boosts the immune system and promotes fitness.

The good news is, it’s so easy to travel these days. Affordable hotels with quality accommodations like RedDoorz have 150+ properties in 10+ cities all over the Philippines. The RedDoorz travel app, downloadable from the Apple store or Google Play Store, puts staycations or out of town trips literally at one’s fingertips.

You can escape anytime you want and find an affordable RedDoorz hotel from north to south. Here are 6 Escape ideas you can easily pull off when the spirit moves you:

1. Do a Staycation. Treat the family to a fun weekend. Or just disappear for a day or two watching streamed movies all day. You can choose from boutique hotels, inns, apartels or condotels that are part of the RedDoorz partner chain. It won’t cost much, but the experience is priceless.

2. Go Out of Town. You can easily book a room using the RedDoorz app and find your desired accommodation in Baguio, Pampanga, Metro Manila, Tagaytay, Palawan, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod or Davao. Just leave the world behind even for just a weekend. Even for just a day.

3. Try a Couple Getaway. The pressure of work and the day to day grind of housekeeping can really be straining. Grab some time off with your special someone for some peace and quiet and rediscover the joy of each other’s company.

4. Reward yourself. Pat yourself on the back for that promotion or the exam that you just passed. Celebrate your accomplishments and be kind to No. 1. Effortless travel is the best gift you can give yourself. A weekend in Palawan or Davao would be a really good choice!

5. Celebrate a Special Occasion. Blow your birthday candles in the private cocoon of a RedDoorz hotel room. Toast one another on your special anniversary. You can even invent holidays and celebrate the victory of your winning team. It all feels extra good when you don’t have to wash the dishes yourself.

6. Get some Me Time. Ultimately, the most important person is you. Discover the fun and adventure of solo travel and feel relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.

This August, RedDoorz released its biggest sale ever! Just P499 per night on rooms anywhere in the Philippines till August 31. You can paint the town red. In any RedDoorz town you want.

Wearing Tips for the Gold Chain on a Regular Basis

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We all love wearing jewellery, well, for the most part. To be honest, finding well designed rose gold necklace online isn’t a very tough task now but the only thing that one needs to be concerned is how to maintain the same. Gold doesn’t get worse over time if you take good care of it. Following some general tips about the same is oftentimes enough to get you sorted on that front. If you have been struggling to keep your gold jewellery in check, it is best suggested that you follow through this list of tips that we are about to mention.

Be mindful

If you are a regular wearer of jewellery, especially the gold chain and the accessories with gold, chances are that you need to be mindful all through. Gold is a soft metal, especially white gold, which is why it is priced so high. If you want it to last for a longer time, it is necessary for you to pay close attention to the jewellery that you have at hand. For the most part, this is actually quite easy to handle.

Keep it away from chlorine

Many people might not know this but chlorine is considered the worst enemy of gold. This is why it is very important for you to ensure that you avoid getting it in contact with chlorine. If the same comes in repeated contact with the chlorine, chances are that it will end up weakening the structure of the gold jewellery. This is one of the things that eventually do end up causing the jewellery to break apart. If you want the best, it is important that you do keep it away when you are entering a pool or a spa.

Remove the jewellery while house cleaning

This might come off as a surprise but it is very important that you keep the jewellery aside when you are cleaning your home. Majority of the disinfectants and even the abrasives that are used to clean the house can have negative impacts on the gold jewellery. Given that the white gold necklace design price is so high, it is important that you keep them covered or even remove them whenever required for overall better longevity of your room.

Avoid wearing before putting makeup

If you know that you are going to put makeup, it is best suggested to ensure that you do focus on wearing the makeup before you put on the jewellery and keep it away for the time being. This might come off as a shock but it can help in improving the overall longevity of the gold chains and the other jewellery pieces that you might have been wearing till date.

If you have a number of gold jewellery, it is very important that you do keep an eye out on the possible impact of ensuring the best longevity behind the same. It isn’t the easiest process but the results are actually quite enticing so that is most definitely an added bonus.
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