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How to Save Money Effectively While Travelling

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Let's talk today about such pressing issues as Money and Travel. Do you agree that our memories and experienced positive emotions are more precious than all the money in the world? That is why today the cult of travel is so widespread. However, an empty wallet can spoil all impressions from the trip. In our article, we want to talk about how to save money on a trip but still make your journey full of emotions and vivid impressions. The following are tips for effectively saving money without significant restrictions of enjoying rest.

Choose the Intermediate Season for the Trip
Any journey begins with the choice of a particular place, as well as the time of year. Each country, city (especially if it is a popular tourist destination) has its peak periods or high tourist seasons. At this time, prices for absolutely all services may increase even more than twice. This usually happens in cases where the main income of the city is based on profits from tourism. In this regard, we propose to still plan your trip according to own desires but analyze when the demand for visiting a particular place will be reduced. Due to this, you will not need to overpay.

Also, in quieter seasons, there is a greater chance of visiting public institutions, such as the city museum, galleries, and similar places, without waiting in line for half a day. In addition, during the season when tourist activity is reduced, more opportunities to rent good accommodation at a very pleasant price are offered to visitors.

How Not to Make a Mistake in Choosing a Good Option for Travel

Use social networks to find the best deals. Today, many travel companies and agencies announce promotional offers through social networks. It is a good place for a wide spread of important information. Our gadgets are always near, so you will have the opportunity to track interesting offers for a trip anytime.

Specialized sites. In order to be confident in your decision, you need to contact reliable sources. For example, the site makes it possible to track discounts on flights to different destinations. You just need to put a notification on the appearance of the flight you need. Also on the site, you can find the proposed tours, in which you can independently make a list of desired places to visit.

Do Your Best to Find the Right Tickets

Unfortunately, it does not always happen that a direct flight is the best option. More precisely, it can be more convenient, but its cost is often too high. To avoid overpayments for tickets, we recommend considering the option of selecting tickets with transfers. Such options are beneficial not only lower cost, but also, with the right approach and organization of the flight, you can get to a few delightful places without overpaying. For example, choose a ticket with a transfer length of 12-16 hours. You will have enough time to walk around the city where the transfer takes place, without renting an apartment.

The next option may be a combined journey. For example, you buy a one-way ticket and stay in one city for a while. Then by local transport (buses or trains, as they are usually much cheaper than the flight) go to another place that you would like to visit. And from there, look for the options to return home. This scheme works if the cities are located close to each other. Also, it is important to make a route in advance and learn about intercity transport then everything will go smoothly, and only pleasant and warm memories will remain.

Take this idea into account if you want to visit Europe. Tourist and transport infrastructure is very strongly developed here. It is elementary to get from one country to another, even by plane. Some European airlines offer low-cost domestic flights.

When choosing tickets, it is best to use the official websites of the airlines, or reliable airline ticket companies. For example, STA Travel where you can find out about all the advantages and nuances, as well as use bonuses such as accumulated flight miles, student discounts and more.

Start Your Trip on Monday

Most people want to go on a trip at the weekends. In this regard, ticket prices are rising, and almost all the places are already booked. To avoid this, we recommend booking midweek tickets. For example, on Tuesday or Wednesday, the demand for tickets is not so high, and therefore there is a good opportunity to save your money.

Have Online Assistants in Your Gadget

In order to find the best places in the unknown city, you do not necessarily need to hire a guide. This pleasure is quite expensive. In addition, in our modern world, there are excellent online helpers that will help us out in any situation. Therefore, we advise you to install in advance such applications as an online or offline city map, a transport map with a timetable, as well as a translator. A great travel translator is The Word Point. It allows you to translate not only individual words and sentences but also whole files in a matter of moments. Such assistance will be just handy at any time of the day. It will provide a comfortable journey without a language and topographic barrier, and will not cost you any cent.

Saving on Housing Does Not Mean to Live in a Hostel with 12 People in the Room

We want to share the sweet travel time with loved ones or nice people. It is known that the most popular method in order not to spend a lot of money on housing, is to rent a room in a hostel. Yes, it is cheap, but the lack of comfort and the presence of strangers near can significantly spoil the impression of the journey.

So Here's the Next Tip: Use the Help of Local People

Great service for those who love to travel is Airbnb. It allows you to find someone who agrees to shelter a tourist for a low fee. Many locals offer accommodations at all for free. Often, the aim of such people is to communicate with different people and search for new friends from all of the world. Today, the Couchsurfing system is quite strongly promoted, and it is worth it not to neglect such an opportunity. is ideal for finding the best hotel deals. It allows you to pre-book rooms, shows the rating of the hotel, as well as reviews of visitors. The site has a large selection of apartments for every budget.

So, based on all of the above, saving money during the journey is not a big deal. The main thing is to be prudent and attentive, and also not to forget to enjoy the journey itself. Plan your trip carefully in advance, and you will save not only money but also your nerves!

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Tips to Help Your Business Thrive While Improving Customer Success

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There’s a kind of balancing act businesses often have to perform when it comes to customer service.

On one side, they try to do all they can to keep their customers satisfied by addressing all their inquiries. They can’t just focus on that though because doing so would limit the amount of time they can spend improving their product and service offerings.

Businesses don’t always have to choose between those two options though. There are things companies can do that will work to both increase the rate of customer success whenever they are using their products and services while simultaneously improving those aforementioned offerings as well.

Don’t Waste Time and Highlight Your Main Offerings Right Away
ven though many modern professionals spend the bulk of their time online, they can’t just use those minutes browsing aimlessly. They go to the sites they need to visit, get their work done, and move on.

If you want your prospective customers to be drawn to your products and services while also being able to successfully use them on the first try, you need to put greater emphasis on your main offerings.

Make sure that it doesn’t take any potential customer longer than a minute to figure out what they have to do to take advantage of what you’re offering. It’s easier to get a prospect to buy in when the onboarding process is both easy and inviting.

Address Problem Areas in the Onboarding Process
After tweaking your main product and service offerings in ways that they are now more than accessible to anyone interested in taking a look, it’s time to look at the data and see if the changes actually work.

From your perspective, the onboarding process may be streamlined better than ever. However, you are still seeing things on the other side. What you’re seeing may be completely different from what the potential customers are experiencing and that can be a huge problem.

This is why you must take a look at the analytics to see exactly how customers are responding to the changes you have made. You don’t even have to overhaul the whole process just because some of your prospects are struggling.

Now that you know that some customers are encountering issues with your onboarding system, you can steer them towards representatives who can assist them.

Maintain a Level of Personalization Through the Use of Guided Tours
Customizing your products and services and even just the onboarding process itself for each and every one of the people who show an interest in what you’re offering is simply not feasible. Doing so would take too much time, and for the smaller entities, the cost would simply be too prohibitive.

Assigning a representative to handle all of your prospects one by one is not a realistic solution as well.

This is where you may want to look into potentially using guided tours.

Guided tours will make it possible for your prospects to receive a comprehensive breakdown of your product and service offerings when they want it. These guided tours are often step-by-step experiences, thus making it easier for someone going through it to gain a good grasp of the main topic.

Depending on factors such as what the customer interacts with on your website or what type of account that individual has signed up for, the guided tour can also change to better address what that person may need.

Increasing the rate of customer success and improving your product and service offerings don’t have to be mutually exclusive. By following the tips included above, you can effectively kill two birds with one stone. Along with the customer experience improving, your offerings can also get significantly better by simply making certain adjustments.

Best Dive Spots In The Philippines

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Whether you’re a novice diver or one with years of experience, the Philippines is a perfect destination for your diving vacation. As one of the world’s most stunning diving destinations, the Philippines lets you experience spectacular reefs, UNESCO underwater world heritage sites, mantas and whale sharks, all in wonderfully clear waters.

If you’ve chosen the Philippines as your next diving spot, you’ll want to know which of the many dive sites to head to. Here are some of the best.

1.Amos Rock

Want to go somewhere really remote? Amos Rock is the site for you. Located in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, this site can only be accessed by a liveaboard during the summer months. This world heritage site is the perfect place to spot hundreds of fish and coral species as well as dolphins, whales and sharks. Suitable for intermediate to experienced divers, this site will take at least a week to explore fully.

2.Monad Shoal

If you’re looking for a shark dive, the Monad Shoal is definitely the site for you. If you get down to 100 feet, you’re guaranteed to see at least one thresher shark. It may be a tiny paradise, but the dive will be thrilling, as long as you’re an advanced diver.

3.Puerto Galera

If you’re staying in the capital Manila, Puerto Galera is a very convenient site. You’ll love the crystal clear water, the impressive array of marine life and range of diving environments to enjoy. If you’re a skilled diver, the Canyons dive site is perfect for you. There are 3 stunning canyons here covered with sponges and soft corals. Here, you’ll also see snappers, trevally and barracudas.

4.Apo Reef Natural Park

The Apo Reef Natural park is the world’s second biggest coral reef and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Best accessed from a liveaboard, this remote site is a challenging yet impressive dive. There are several shark species to see here as well as manta rays. However, you’ll need to have a hundred dives under your belt if you’re to dive here.

5. Manta Bowl

This intermediate drift dive covers seven hectares with the Manta Bowl sitting between the Burias and Ticao Passes – well known for their plankton-rich waters. If you love manta rays, you’ve come to the right place as they alleyway has become recognized as a feeding and cleaning station, especially from December to May. You may also see tiger sharks, hammerheads and whale sharks too.

6.Coron Bay

Fancy diving to see some shipwrecks? Make Coron Bay your first stop. There are a number of Second World War sunken Japanese warships here which are now dive sites ripe for exploration. The best is the Okikawa Maru, a site that is perfect for even novice divers.


Apo Island is close to Dumaguete and while the whole area is an outstanding diving spot, Coconut is an especially outstanding drift dive. Called The Washing Machine by locals, this site is only for experienced divers, however it’s also home to some stunning marine life such as sea turtles and sea kraits.


Boracay may be well known for its white sandy beaches, but it also hosts some amazing diving sites. Yapak is one of the best with its 106 foot wall where sharks and tuna will float past you. Pygmy seahorses also congregate here along the wall, and the mola mola will sometimes ascend from the depths.


If you’re staying near Bohol, head to Balicasag for a true coral reef paradise. Divers’ Heaven is the best spot here – a beautiful 30-130 foot wall dive where fish like barracuda and jacks seem not to notice divers as they pass. The currents are very light here and since you can determine your own depth you’ll cope well with this spot even if you’re a beginner.

10.Manit Muck

If you’re interested in night diving, Manit Muck is the spot for you. Sometimes called Secret Bay, you’ll find some spectacular fish and marine life here including ghost pipefish, mantis shrimp and wonderpus octopus. Fabulous during the day, it’s even better at night.

Don’t forget when you’re heading out to the Philippines that you may not be able to find all the equipment you’ll need for your safety when you arrive. Make sure to take everything you need with you.
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