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Monday, May 14, 2018

Health Becomes Easier with Elecom’s Health Gadget Lineup

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get a more rested, leaner body with these tech-savvy tools from one of Japan’s leading gadget stores.

How have gadgets changed your life? For some, it’s a matter of convenience—communicating easier, minimizing chores or accomplishing things in one step instead of three. Thanks to technology, there are gadgets that now cater solely to health, with the development of accessible tools that offer a promised health benefit.

Health is often an overlooked part of daily life, but it is as all-around and necessary as chores or communication. And as SIM cards, mobile apps and electronic appliances are readily available, health gadgets deserve the same recognition for improving the quality of people’s lives. Elecom, one of Japan’s leading gadgets and accessories store, has made health technology available for Filipinos who seek to be more mindful of their health.

The E-Clear Refree Set takes the health benefits of a body massage into one portable device. This cordless low-frequency electronic pulse massager comes with a flat, lightweight gel pad that you can apply to almost any part of the body that needs therapeutic pressure. Conveniently chargeable via USB, the E-Clear Refree Set allows users to choose between various massage modes: Deep Shiatsu, Shiatsu, Knead and Beat. It has up to ten (10) pressure intensity levels available. 

Causing relief to stiff and tightened muscles, the E-Clear Refree Set sends electrical impulses through the body that promote muscle contraction and pump action that improves blood flow. Muscle strain can also be relieved through low-frequency impulses that stimulate the nerves and block pain signals to reach the brain. Each treatment time runs exactly 15 minutes via its built in timer, and can be applied to the lower and upper arm, shoulder, lower back, calf and sole.

Each E-Clear Refree Set comes in 2 kinds of sets. The first set comes with 1 pulse massager, 1 two-point gel pad, a dedicated USB cable and, a storage pouch. The second set comes with 2 pulse massagers, 2 two-point gel pads, a dedicated USB cable and, a storage pouch. E-Clear Refree gel pads are washable and can be used up to 300x, but refills are also available with one-point, two-point and wide pads for bigger parts of the body such as the calf and lower back.

For those who seek a toned physique but have limited time to exercise, the E-Clear Lean Set introduces muscle tightening to help activate your muscles during short exercises. Applying medium and low frequency to activate the muscles through pulsation, the E-Clear Lean Set mimics a muscle workout by itself, and could be worn while performing stretching or training exercises to further stimulate the tightening of muscles.

With four unique programs built into the main device, the E-Clear Lean Set comes with a gel pad which can be applied to key muscle points that you want to tighten: arms for more defined biceps and triceps, the obliques, lower belly, quads or buttocks, legs and hamstrings, and lower legs. Using its deep frequency setting, parts of the body with thicker fat can be stimulated and put to work. Meanwhile, its low frequency allows the body to perform longer exercises without feeling fatigue. The E-Clear Lean Set can also be worn while stretching, to activate tendons and improve flexibility needed while performing exercises. 

Each part of the body is recommended for 30 minutes of E-Clear Lean Set use per day, with the device automatically turning off every 15 minutes. The product is available in all Elecom stores and has 2 kinds of sets available: the first set comes with 1 pulse massage and 1 two-point gel pad. The second set comes with 2 pulse massagers and 2 two-point gel pads. Both sets come with a storage sheet, a dedicated USB cable and storage pouch.

The Corol Roller, meanwhile, is every overworked body’s handy and mobile ally. Elecom’s answer to annoyingly tired feet and legs after a long day at work or commute, this wirelss roller is an electric, re-chargeable device that relieves sore muscles and swelling in the lower limbs. Making use of strong vibrations made more impactful by pointed wheels that roll against the skin, the Corol mimics the effects of a Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu refers to a Japanese finger massage method that involves applying pressure to several points in the body, releasing tension and relieving the body of muscle aches.

The roller’s ergonomic, handy design allows anyone to expertly target pain and acupressure points in the body that once hit, effectively relieve specific aches and pains. The Corol Roller mainly targets lower limbs such as the sole, the dorsal area of the foot, ankles, lower legs and knees, as well as certain parts of the upper body like the shoulder blade area and arms. Perfect for a long day of walking or after a strenuous workout, the Corol Roller can relieve discomfort in often distressed areas.

The Corol roller is also waterproof and can be used while taking a hot soak in the tub to help relax muscles. It comes with a main body and a dedicated USB cable for charging.

It’s never too early or too late to invest in gadgets that directly cater to health and wellness. Apart from traditional and tested health-related practices and activities, these gadgets will surely make being healthy easier, fun and more motivating. Get the E-Clear Refree, E-Clear Lean and Corol Roller in all Elecom stores, or follow @elecomph on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Elecom Wellness items are available in the following stores: Elecom SM Marikina, Elecom SM North EDSA, Elecom SM Southmall, Elecom Ayala Nuvali Solenad, Urbanize Shangri-La and Urbanize Uptown Mall BGC. For more information about Elecom products, follow Elecom on Facebook and Instagram @ElecomPH. #ElecomPH

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Millennials Need More Than Just a Smartphone

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Meet the new Infinix smartphones that allows you to take charge of your life

Millennials know what they want when it comes to smartphones. These highly-digital individuals no longer choose their device solely on looks. Nowadays, what drives their choice is whether the smartphone allows them to capture the moment when that moment is at hand. For these individuals, it is a device that allows them to take charge of the moment.

Infinix Mobility, builders of cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed and dynamic mobile devices, integrated practical innovations into its latest Note Series offerings. With the new Infinix Note4 and Note4 Pro, finally, Millennials now have a set of mobile devices that put them at the center of its innovative features.

"Millennials are the top smartphone users. Despite this fact, not all smartphones are made to complement the kind of lifestyle that they lead. As such, our new Note4 and Note4 Pro are crafted, especially, to give them all the efficiency and convenience they need from their smartphones as they tend to all their adventures,” Marcia Sun, Regional Manager of Infinix Southeast Asia.

The new Note4 and Note4 Pro boast of their state-of-the-art specs and features that are tailored while paying attention to the role that they play to empowering the lives of their users. 

Big battery life

Millennials are often troubled by battery life limitations. In many cases, this problem takes a toll, especially that most of their activities require for their device to have a tremendous battery capacity.

For instance, young travelers need an efficient battery to capture photos and videos of their every adventure. Bloggers, on the other hand, need a long battery life to share stories on their social media and to always stay connected. Same goes with online gamers, who need just the right power and time to win their battles.

Taking the big battery life DNA of the Infinix Note series, Note4 is equipped with 4300mAh large battery while Note4 Pro with 4500 mAh, as supported by XPower. This technology maximizes the smartphones’ standby time, offering a two-day power capacity for normal usage and one and a half days for intensive use.

The smartphones also carry a fast battery charging technology. Based in their laboratory test, this innovative feature allows the device to charge 45 percent in just 30 minutes. In addition, it also enables a 250-minute phone call or six-hour offline music listening with just five-minute charge.

Sleek design and dynamic display

Millennials want individuality. As they always seek out things that make them different, they also want their unique character to radiate even on the gadgets that they use. That is why Infinix Note4 and Note4 Pro merge different elements to introduce both aesthetic and superiority in its design. These smartphones have a metal print back body that creates an exciting, thorough, and sleek finish—all furnished to complement different styles and fashion.

Meanwhile, the smartphones also have the newest Sharp 5.7-inch display with high color gamut. This feature reaches an 85 percent NTSC, a global quality standard index. It is also equipped with a 1300 (TBD) contrast rate and luminance, exceeding 500cd/m2 which together makes the screen unbelievably colorful, clear and dynamic.

Powerful Camera

For the connected and super-sharing generation, photos speak more than anything else. As such, enabling them with the power to capture their best moments clearly is integral. Now, taking Selfies is made even brighter and clearer through its excellent 13MP main camera and Dual LED flash. The 1.4μm 8MP front camera combines the latest selfie filters to make all of your selfies truly stunning.

Versatile Touch and Feel

When it comes to security, Millennials want a feature that can provide both protection and convenience. With the latest version of Infinix Note series, these elements are placed intelligently right at the user’s fingertips. By scanning their fingerprint to enable its smart Fingerprint key, they can now disregard complicated passwords while providing secure unlocking and easier privacy control of the applications.

This technology also introduces an upgraded Fingerprint function that adds viewing of photo libraries, voice recording, and customizing quick access to apps through different finger input.

Great user experience

To top it all off, the NOTE4 and Note4 Pro is also armed with octa-core chipset that gives the best experiences in gaming, streaming, or surfing the internet. 3GB RAM delivers enjoyable and smooth performance, and up-to 128GB external memory provides an excellent overall user experience.

This feature is matched with many innovative and interesting capabilities based on Android N. It has the Multi-Windows, which means that it can simultaneously process two applications using a split-screen view.

Infinix Note4 Pro also comes with a stylus called Xpen, which provides a finer control of the user interface as compared to using fingers. It also allows users to input handwritten notes and even draw some doodles.

The new Infinix Note4 and Note4 Pro are not just a smartphone that delivers what everybody wants. They are crafted to exceed expectations and to provide the Millennials with what they truly deserve. As it combines both efficiency and reliability, these mobile devices allow the young and adventurous generation to take charge of their lives.

Infinix Note4 is now available at Lazada Philippines for PhP8,999 only, while the Infinix Note4 Pro will be launched soon.

To know more about Infinix Mobility Philippines and its other mobile device offerings, visit their website at or their official Facebook page at

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Accident-proof your Apple device with Power Mac Center Protect Plus

Wazzup Pilipinas!
No matter how careful with gadgets you are, accidents are bound to happen. Good thing Apple devices newly purchased at Power Mac Center now have an option of additional insurance protection for damages not covered in the standard warranty. This includes water damage or cracked screen, as well as medical expense and death benefits arising from theft or robbery.

Power Mac Center, in partnership with Insurance Company of North America (a Chubb Company), designed Protect Plus to shield you from potential losses as you are constantly exposed to such risks. Its benefits include:

1. Accidental Damage Benefit for impairment that prevents a device’s correct operation or renders it unusable;

2. Accidental Death Benefit Arising from Theft or Robbery amounting to P100,000 for the customer’s family or beneficiaries in case of loss of life; and

3. Accidental Medical Expense Benefit Arising from Theft or Robbery of up to P5,000 per incident, reimbursed for in or outpatient medical treatment.

Customers must purchase an Apple device at Power Mac Center to avail of the Protect Plus protection insurance offer. A premium of 12 percent of the device’s current retail price entitles you to one year insurance protection. This adds benefits in cases of accidents causing damage to the device or its owner. Note that this does not extend the duration of the standard Apple warranty.

Filing claims is as simple as calling the Protect Plus hotline or sending an email within seven (7) calendar days from the date of incident. For accidental damage claims, Protect Plus will shoulder the Diagnostic Fee and Repair Costs. Meanwhile, participation fee for approved claims is at 20 percent of the device’s original purchase price.

“Power Mac Center’s latest offering, Protect Plus, is actually security and peace of mind in a nutshell. It’s a reestablishment of our commitment to provide unparalleled service to the Filipino Apple market. Now you can be worry-free no matter your lifestyle because of the extra precaution Protect Plus provides,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Keep safety in mind for your device and for yourself. More information about Protect Plus and other products and services may be obtained from Power Mac Center branches nationwide, on the website <> or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@powermaccenter).

Monday, July 10, 2017

Batibot Now on App Store

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Educational app develops essential thinking skills among children

Parents using iOS-powered smartphones and tablets can now download for free the Batibot mobile application, an interactive version of the beloved TV show that helps enhance learning among children.

Earlier launched on the Android platform, the app features fun games that teach kids basic learning concepts like matching, sorting, and grouping. The app also lets children practice tracing letters with the proper strokes, and helps them identify shapes, colors, numbers, and letter sounds.

The app’s “Awiting Batibot” feature enables kids to sing along to Batibot songs, while “Kuwentong Batibot” contains local stories that promote good values.

What makes the Batibot app stand out from other educational apps is that it is the only app in the Filipino language that is aligned with the kindergarten curriculum of the Department of Education.

The Batibot app is the product of a collaboration among Smart Communications, Community of Learners Foundation, and developer startup OrangeFix. The app jumpstarted Smart’s efforts to work with various communities and organizations to create literacy apps in local languages.

NEC Introduces Smart Communications System SL2100 to Asian Market

Wazzup Pilipinas!

NEC Asia Pacific today announced the launch of the Smart Communications System SL2100for small- and mid-sized businesses in the Asian market.

With wide-ranging, enterprise-grade voice over IP (VoIP), mobility and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) features, the SL2100 also offers industry specific features for retail, healthcare, food service and entertainment, as well as hospitality features for small hotels and motels.

“The way the business world communicates is rapidly changing, especially in consumer-facing industries, where excellent customer experience is a must,” said Shigeru Matsuura, General Manager, Global Platform Division, NEC Corporation. “NEC’s SL2100 offers a new design for Hardware and Endpoints. Combined with the value-added features, such as Smartphone Integration and web-based Video Conferencing & Collaboration, the SL2100 is an ideal fit for service oriented small- and mid-sized businesses.”

SL2100’s key features include:

Built-in VoIP technologies (Standard 8ch. Expandable to 128 ch)
Web-based UC Client
Web-based Video Conferencing & Collaboration
Voice Response System/Voicemail
Outbound & Inbound audio conference
Geographical Multi-site operation over IP Network
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) for small Contact Center
Hotel Features with PMS API

The SL2100 also offers an array of add-on Smart Mobility options, such as Remote/Home Office Support, Smartphone SIP App and Mobile Extension.

The SL2100 will be released to Asian countries sequentially starting from July 2017.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Unboxing the Lenovo Pocket Projector P0510

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you on your way to a meeting, product presentation, report or another similar setting?

Are you in need of a projector which isn't as bulky and inconvenient as the others? 

Well I have good news for you! Introducing the Lenovo Pocket Projector P0510! 

Not only does it get the job done but it also saves you the burden of having to carry heavy equipment. This gadget is for everyone, especially for those who move around a lot and travel to different places. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to carry it around with ease. It's only as big as your hand, so it's compact and space-saving. Talk about handy! 

But wait, there's more! 

It's also convenient because it comes with built-in speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity.Grab one and you'll never have to face the trouble of large, bulky projectors ever again. 

Stand out among the rest and get the Lenovo Pocket Projector now. 

Available at all leading gadget stores nationwide!

Below is our unboxing of the Lenovo Pocket Projector

Friday, September 2, 2016

Experience Top Notch Mobile Camera Technology with the New Huawei P9

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Smartphone photography takes on a whole new level as Huawei introduces one of the most impressive camera phones to date - Huawei P9. Featuring Leica dual-lens cameras and Huawei’s ultra-clear 5.2-inch screen, it gives ultra-sharp image capture and vivid display. Powered by Globe myLifestyle postpaid plans, customers can get it for free on Plan 1499.

On Globe myLifestyle Plan 1499, the connected experience is made even better as it comes with 5 GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM. Customers can also enjoy FREE 1GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ for 3 months, choice of Navigation Pack, Explore Pack, or Fitness Pack for 1 month, 1 month Gadget Care, 1GB Globe Cloud, and free shipping as well.

Boasting of detailed engineering, the Huawei P9’s Leica lens has clever optical engineering with dual-lens cameras that feature two sensors: one for RGB, and one for monochrome. Combining these two technologies, the Huawei P9 lets you capture vibrant colors with unparalleled detail, as well as appealing black and white images.

Its camera quality is as powerful as a DSLR yet portable and packed with dual 12MP rear cameras and an 8MP front camera that produces images in stunning high-resolution. It is also equipped with creative shooting modes that inspire one to produce great photos with the use of IMAGEsmart 5.0 technology, Hybrid Focus, and Picture Quality algorithm. This allows users to shoot crisp, clear, and optimized photos in any condition. Various shooting modes are also available such as film, professional, time lapse, and wide aperture among others.

Rounding up its powerful features is its premium and elegant design from diamond-cut edges, rounded curves, and beautiful aluminum body—all coated in a stunning gold shade. Huawei P9 specs the latest Kirin 955 ultra-fast octa core processor, a massive 3GB RAM, long-lasting 3,000mAh battery, and a reliable triple antenna—all working like clockwork for a fast and seamless performance.

To know more about how you can create your own myLifestyle plan visit

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Selfie-Optimized Mirrorless Camera Fujifilm X-A3 Hits the Global Market

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Millennials will have a field day with the global announcement of Fujifilm’s newest innovation, the selfie-optimized mirrorless digital camera X-A3.

Designed with the younger, selfie-loving generation in mind, the X-A3 offers outstanding image quality with the company’s proprietary color reproduction technology. For easy self-portraits, the X-A3 has an LCD screen that is not blocked by the camera when tilted by 180 degrees, thus maintaining 100% visibility. Other features such as Eye Detection AF are designed to improve self-portrait shooting even more, and the new Portrait Enhancer mode includes the option to brighten the skin-tone. The X-A3 can shoot approximately 410 frames per charge, and, when fitted with the supplied lens “XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II,” it can focus on a subject at a distance of approx. 7cm from the front edge of the lens for macro photography.

Furthermore, the X-A3 is a mirrorless camera that combines a newly developed sensor and color-reproduction technology that has been refined over 80 years to deliver premium-quality portraiture. It enables users to record the subject’s texture, form, and even the atmosphere of the scene. In a few words, the shots look palpably alive.

Further enhancing the X-A3’s appeal is its retro design that no doubt is coveted by younger users. The top cover, front plate and top dials are made of aluminum. The newly developed faux leather has significantly enhanced the overall texture.

The use of two Command Dials means you only need a thumb to quickly adjust aperture, shutter speed and exposure settings. Frequently used functions such as white balance, continuous shooting and the self-timer can be assigned to standalone function buttons, eliminating the need to go through the Menu screen each time you need to change settings.

And since the younger generation tends to be impatient and always on the go, they will love the X-A3’s extended battery life of approximately 410 frames per charge. The energy-efficient design has extended the battery life to a class-leading level, allowing you to concentrate on shooting pictures without having to worry about remaining battery power.

The X-A3’s class-leading minimum working distance allows users to approach a subject up to the class-leading distance of approximately 7cm from the front edge of the lens to enable macro photography while the built-in pop-up flash supports the Super Intelligent Flash that accurately controls light output according to individual scenes.

What’s more is that the X-A3 can also be used for full HD video recording. The Film Simulation function can be applied to video recording for a diverse range of creative effects. You can shoot beautiful video blogs and do cool selfie using a camera with a flip screen, which will undoubtedly be very useful.

Turning on the electronic image stabilization function delivers the five-axis image stabilization that combines optical and electronic stabilization, significantly reducing a variety of camera shakes that could occur during video recording. This function allows you to record high quality video with reduced camera shake while walking around with the camera in your hand.

The X-A3 also comes equipped with enhanced autofocus settings and versatile shooting functions including the electronic shutter with the maximum speed of 1/32000 sec.

Not the least of the X-A3’s outstanding features is its wireless communications functionality, which enables remote shooting from smartphones and tablets. One can transfer photos immediately from their camera to their favorite social media platform.

Versatile, multifunctional and innovative, the new FUJIFILM X-A3 is a product of FUJIIFLM’s 80-year history and expertise in photographic film manufacturing.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Samsung Releases All-New Galaxy Note 7

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Smartphone giant Samsung finally unveiled its all-new Galaxy Note 7 at its unpacking event in New York City, and its features are set to the bar yet again in mobile technology and innovation. Philippines’ #1 mobile brand Globe Telecom is gearing up to take pre-orders starting August 6, 2016via

Maximizing a connected lifestyle, Globe complements the new Galaxy Note 7 with its customizable Globe myLifestyle plans. The myLifestyle postpaid plans provide a personalized online experience through its variety of lifestyle packs designed for different interests ranging from entertainment, music, fashion, to travel, among others.

“Globe Postpaid always ensures we give our loyal customers access to the latest devices in the market. We are thrilled to finally have the new Galaxy Note 7 with its groundbreaking features that elevate the Filipino digital lifestyle. Best enjoyed on our myLifestyle postpaid plans, each one of our customers will be able to customize and maximize all the Note 7 features attuned to their passions and interests – from the basic services of calls, texts, and mobile data to exclusive content,” said Globe SVP for Consumer Mobile Business Issa Cabreira.

Samsung CEO D.J. Kho led the unboxing in New York City, unveiling Galaxy Note 7’s latest features. Galaxy Note 7 carries the latest innovation – the first ever Iris scanner for added security, alongside the enhanced S-Pen with higher precision and responsiveness. Note 7 is also the world’s first mobile HDR video that can take footage in sharper colors and with high dynamic range. It also carries superior DSLR like Real Pixel Camera with the first ever dual photodiode sensor (2PD) in mobile, providing superfast autofocus and brighter and clearer images with f/1.7 lens that is excellent for low light. It is water and dust resistant, has an expandable memory up to 256GB and runs on an Octacore processor for smoother graphics.

To learn more about the perfect myLifestyle plan for you, you can visit or visit the nearest store to you. Customers can follow Globe Telecom on Facebook and @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram for updates on pre-orders.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Globe Offers New Generation Chromecast for Php99 a Month

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Improved casting and more app compatibility for a full wireless entertainment experience

With the promise for a connected life for the home, Globe in collaboration with Google now offers the new generation Chromecast. Broadband subscribers can now avail the new and improved Chromecast for an affordable add-on of only Php99 per month.

Customers today are no longer just tied in using their smartphones and PC’s at home for personal consumption, they also demand better content to share and experience on a bigger screen. The new Chromecast offers the solution to “cast” content from their personal device such as movies, shows, music, games to a bigger screen TV using their HDMI connection.

The new Chromecast is now equipped with better connectivity with the latest 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi and three antenna structure for a more faster, stable and less buffering streaming using the latest mobile devices. Aside from being a better hardware, the new Chromecast is also fully compatible to cast with the latest entertainment apps including Globe exclusive digital content partners such as HOOQ, NBA and Spotify.

“With our continuous partnership with Google, we stay true in providing new and meaningful innovations to fully maximize the digital lifestyle of our customers. The latest installment in this is the new Chromecast, now with better features and compatibility to our content partners such as Spotify, HOOQ, NBA to a more immersive casting experience. ” says – Senior Vice President for Broadband Business, Martha Sazon.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flash Surpasses the Definition of Metal with its New Flash Plus 2

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Flash upgrades the excellent photographing DNA of the Flash series with the launch of its new Flash Plus 2. But on top of its rich, experiential camera features, the newest addition to the Flash roster also boasts of pioneering functions such as fingerprint recognition, Hi-Fi sound effect, and fast battery charging—all boxed in a sophisticated metal case designed for the high- and medium-end market.

Flash has finally responded to its users’ concerns by offering a smartphone that surpasses user convenience, sound effects and battery usage. According to Albert Wong, General Manager of Flash 3C Limited, the continuous innovation of the Flash series marks the brand’s independence.

“The independence of the Flash brand means we have entered a complete new stage of development. What remains unchanged is that we will consistently follow the mission of Flash at its birth and stay connected with the young Internet consumers who enjoy sharing and pursue quality. We will get to know their specific needs through continuous interaction to create high quality smart hardware that is fun and enjoyable, offering the users a lifestyle of seeking our true selves,” Wong said.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Home Credit Brings the Samsung Galaxy J Series Within Reach

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Now available at 0% interest on installment in select Home Credit partner outlets nationwide

The Samsung Galaxy J Series, the latest from Samsung’s highly popular Galaxy line, is now made even more affordable as Home Credit Philippines is offering units at 0% interest on installment from April 15 to May 29, 2016.

Home Credit is a global consumer financing company that offers affordable installment plans to Filipino consumers in an easy, simple and fast way. Customers only need to present two IDs and an initial cash payment. After which, Home Credit reviews the loan application in 15 minutes or less, and once approved, the customer can leave with their purchases in hand.

The Samsung Galaxy J series is one of Samsung’s most sought-after smartphones, and for all the right reasons. Incredible selfie functionality, enhanced viewing experience and longer battery life are all part of the deal with the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7.

The Galaxy J series can produce the brightest and clearest photos with a 13 MP rear camera and f1.9 aperture. With a built-in front camera flash, photos are also well-lit even in low light conditions. Photos and videos may also be viewed on a higher level as the Galaxy J5 and J7 boasts its Super Amoled Display showing true-to-life color reproduction and contrast ratio. With faster web browsing, gaming and HD video-viewing, its high-capacity battery delivers a lengthened powerful mobile experience.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Flash Going to Launch A New Phone? “Life with Metal” Photography Campaign Reveals the New Product

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Lately, Flash launched a “Life with Metal” photography campaign on its official website, covering six countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is reported that a total of more than 2,000 pieces of photographs have been received within only ten days and the click counts on the web page of the event have exceeded 160,000. The photographers took photos of a variety of metal objects from rings, automobiles to an iron tower, revealing the art of life in the form of photography.

Notably, this event is not merely a photography campaign, for it has sent an important signal that “Flash is soon to launch a new product”. On the homepage of the event, it is said that Flash is going to select 10 excellent photographs from each country that will be displayed with signature of photographers during the new product launch event. Also, the prize-winning photographers of every country will each get a new smart phone as a gift. Does this suggest that Flash is soon to hold the new product launch event and release the latest smart phone?

According to the previous product releases, it’s highly likely that a new product of Flash will make its debut very soon. Up till now, the Flash series have already had three models of smart phones: Flash launched in September 2014, Flash Plus in May 2015, and Flash 2 in September 2015. According to such a tempo, the unknown fourth model is very likely to come in no time. What’s more, the Flash series once had created phenomenal e-commerce sales craze in Southeast Asia, with enormous market potential and consumer needs: Flash Plus once set the record of selling out 100 units in one minute while Flash 2 became the sales champion of Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform Lazada for the same price range within one month of being placed in market - it regained popularity during the December 12th promo with sales volume up close to those of Apple and Samsung. Given such favorable market situation, if Flash “strikes iron while it is hot” to launch a new product, it will be sure to reset the sales record of smart phones.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Smartphone Features Upgrade as ‘Mobigraphy’ Booms

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With a good phone, there is no need to buy a camera.

In an economy where smartphone ownership and internet usage continue to grow, the number of traditional camera users is seen to decline, according to a Flickr review. In fact, the report added that popular smartphone devices like iPhone took the sweet spots in the most used camera category, leaving traditional cameras in seven other seats of the top 20 list.

This trend is evident in the number of gadgets being shipped in 2014, where more than 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped globally in contrast to the sharp decline of digital camera shipments. It was revealed that only 65 million cameras were shipped in the same year, less than half of the count in 2010.

With the increasing penetration of smartphones and their more and more powerful photography performance, traditional cameras have been marginalized. For consumers, smartphones not only have easy-to-use camera features that are enough for everyday use; this also makes photo-sharing easier and faster.

To meet the demands of these always-on-the-go consumers, many smartphone manufacturers ventured into improving their devices that integrate powerful photography features. This gave rise to ‘mobigraphy’ or mobile photography, the new art of capturing images and editing them—all in one place.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ekotek's Super Summer Sale Promo!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ekotek is turning up the heat with their Super Summer Sale! They've got amazing deals especially for you! Get up to 40% off your favorite Ekogadgets.

This summer, the 64-bit Quad Core LTE Ekophone Sage 2 can be yours for only P3799! Apple fans can get their hands on the Apple Certified Firmlink Charge and Sync cables for only P399! So what are you waiting for? Get your fans and shades out, 'cause this sale is hot and coming at you from all our kiosks and branches!

Grab'em while they're hot, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and IG: @ekotekgadgets.

*Online prices are subject to change
**We’re available in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Las Piñas, SM City Pampanga, SM City Clark, SM Valenzuela, and SM Manila

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Here's All You Need to Jumpstart Life After College

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”

This might sound really old but let’s face it, you’ll never know what lies ahead of you if you don’t take the first step and accept the challenge that you are now more than just a college graduate.

College has been a rollercoaster ride of sleepless nights and deadlines, juggling time for your happy moments and tight academic schedules. We know and we feel you.

Luckily, a lot of tools have helped you in that journey. In fact, these devices and technologies will be much more important to you now as you confidently enter the competitive - yet very rewarding – world of working professionals. And if you haven’t heard of Windows 10, the most productive, innovative and secure OS out there, then you’re definitely missing out.

Windows 10-powered 2-in-1 devices will allow you to transcend from personal to professional seamlessly, because there’s no need to choose whether to bring your laptop, tablet or phone – everything can be at the palm of your hand.

Whether you want to connect with friends while searching for job opportunities online, create an impressive resume while chatting with your college sweetheart, or make that first sales pitch while Minecraft runs in the background – Windows 10 2-in-1 devices lets you get stuff done, whether for work or play, professional or personal, at home, at work, or on the move. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Highly Recommended for Mobile Photo and Video Coverage

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For selfies, groupfies, and other photo ops, the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL definitely gives you what you paid for, and even more, as it's a very powerful smartphone that is a small computer by itself using the familiar Windows operating system. As a blogger, it's the better valued choice for its price range.

It is the smartphone I used to take all the awesome photos and videos during many events and travels.As a blogger, it's highly recommended. It's really great in mobile photography and videography.

If you've seen some of my photos and videos, some of them were taken using the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. I used it for the coverage of some of the activities in Binondo including a video of a long dragon passing thru Chinatown. It was also used for the coverage of the dry run opening of the Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong, the coverage of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta where we did a lot of activities which led to the printing of a coffee table book where all our Pampanga adventure were immortalized in print.

It was also the one I used for food photography at the new Solstice Bistro and Boulangerie located at Rockwell in Makati, of Skippy's Bar and Grill located in Bonifacio Global City, and of Eight and Co. Restaurant somewhere in Addition Hills of Quezon City. This means it's also great for food photography.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Get Ready to Amplify Your Passion with New JBL Audio Equipment

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JBL, a global audio equipment brand, understands that we are all unique individuals with various interests. But they also know what links us all together, and that is our desire to excel in our own passion.

As the leader in revolutionary sound, the brand continues to push audio boundaries through innovation and personalized sound technology.

The brand recently held a two-day event, dubbed as the #AmplifyPassion, at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati on March 10 to 11 to introduce their extensive line of headphones  that will fit everyone's interests and needs and push them further with JBL's signature sound and design.

Their brand ambassadors, volleyball superstar Michelle Gumabao and fashion blogger Camille Co, also made an appearance during the media launch held on the afternoon of March 10. We have special video coverage of the event featuring messages from the two ambassadors and also with the executives from JBL.

We are fully aware that not all headphones are alike. Some are not equipped with the latest technologies to provide the most soothing and captivating sound that will set them leading the race among other consumer favorites.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

HTC One A9: Unfair to be Compared with an IPhone

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The HTC One A9, also known as the iPhone look-alike, because of how the smartphone's black-glass front tapering into the curved, grey aluminium body is purely identical to the iPhone. Even the layout of ports and buttons are undeniably very iPhone. It's just a bit taller and wider than the iPhone that would make it more handy on the grip if it weren't a bit slippery.

But it isn't an HTC flagship phone so that is why many iconic elements have been left out but it is also unfair to compare it with an iPhone if you are to consider the impressive power under the hood. It's more like a fashionable device for those who want an elegant looking smartphone but slightly more affordable than the high-end counterparts.

The smartphone runs with an Android Marshmallow, and is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor with 2-3 Gb RAM and 16 - 32 GB internal storage, features a super-thin metal frame with an elegant finish, an edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass 5 inch energy efficient 1080p screen, a 13 megapixel rear camera with f/2.0 lens, a 4 mp front-facing camera, an expandable SD card memory and available in an array of brilliant colors: Carbon Gray, Opal Silver, Deep Garnet, and Topaz Gold.

Though it's another mid-range phone sporting a high-end design and priced to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6, many feel it is still overpriced compared to smartphones within he same specifications line.

My first requirement would be the camera for my mobile photography needs. Being a blogger requires us to have a convenient tool to capture photos and videos so I prefer a smartphone that's fully equipped to the task. Being a good photographer is easier with the HTC One A9 because of its high-end 13 mp rear camera which allows you to take blur-free photos using the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). You get 40% more color than a normal LCD screen for brilliant graphics and gaming — even in direct sunlight. You can save more image details for unsurpassed editing and creative control with RAW capture in Pro mode, and speed up your videos up to 12x for a dramatic effect with Hyperlapse.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Huawei Introduces New Style of Business with Mate 8

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Huawei launched its highly anticipated flagship device last Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at the Solaire Resort and Casino: the new Huawei Mate 8. A breakthrough in power and efficiency, the device features the world’s most advanced smartphone technology which sets a new benchmark of amazing performance and long battery life. A productivity-driven mobile phone with significantly enhanced power, efficiency and top-end spec, Huawei Mate 8 is the new choice for the Filipino business achievers and game changers.

South Pacific Region, Huawei Consumer Business Group President Mr. Peter Tong regards the new Mate 8 as a strong follow-up to the brand’s 440% revenue increase in 2015 and track record of delivering high-end devices that reflect global consumer demand and inspire loyalty in their users. Aiming for a 10% market share growth through various premiumization strategies and efforts to stay connected with Filipino consumers, Huawei Mate 8 delivers “the new style of business” concept ideal for today’s on-the-go professionals, adds Mr. Tong.

After the unparalleled success of penetrating the fierce smartphone market in the Philippines, Huawei introduces a new choice to the trailblazers and business elites whose everyday routine requires multitasking and unimpaired connectivity.
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