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Unauthorised Banksy art to run soon at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Here's a glimpse of Banksy Universe Manila 2024, which will be open to the public starting May 14 at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

The immersive experience traces the works of the famously anonymous street artist Banksy in Bristol, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

While it is not authorized by Banksy, the exhibit aims to bring people closer to his art, which is known for tackling social and political issues. 

Tuloy pa rin pala to?

Internet, do your thing. Banksy’s legal team may be interested.

"the exhibit aims to bring people closer to his art," But why would you do that? Did Banksy ask you to do that? Banksy creates art not to be close to his art but rather to issues such as taking things without the permission of the owner.

Nothing says "bringing people closer to art (and art that's supposedly known for tackling social and political issues, at that)" better than *checks notes* a 550 peso entrance fee.

lmao bring people closer to banksy's art pero charge an entrance fee to an unauthorized, unsanctioned show.

The most un-Banksy thing you can do is to curate and put Banksy art in an elitist exhibit for 550 a pop.

The multiple disconnects with banksy and his art hahaha

This event, the venue, the people behind this awful charade is the opposite of everything Banksy

Ang weirddddd talaga !!!

Being exactly what the artist is fighting against.

Unabashedly displaying it, too.

"While it is not authorized by Banksy," THIS ALONE should discourage you from seeing this FAKERY.

"We're displaying some artist work without his permission while making money from this unethical gig of ours"

Pera pera Lang hahahahaha

Unauthorised by Bansky but the Metropolitan Museum of Manila boasts its objective is to bring people closer to Bansky's art FOR A FEE.

Banksy is known for his social realist, social satire, anti-establishment, anti-commercialism, anti-capitalist street art.

Banksy’s reps have said they have nothing to do with this exhibition. But it does not mean illegal. Most museums all over the world are showing works without permission from artists.

If you really want to bring people closer to art, remove the entrance fee. Otherwise, we’ll just browse the Internet. 

Bawal ang graffiti sa bgc pero pag banksy pwede and the best part? hindi ito authorized. It's effin confusing!

If Banksy were dead, he would be rolling in his grave.

Only the lame and tame socio-political topics .  A people's art is more subversive than that, BGC. It should move people to critical thinking about their situation.  Another capitalist move appropriating radical art to gain profit from it .

How could a respectable institution like the MET promote and create an unauthorize exhibit?  Furthermore, why promote Bansky in the first place?  They want the be relevant and attract a young market?

Bansky HATES his artwork being used or sold at all. That’s why he does it on public places since no one gets to own it, but people like the metropolitan museum of manila takes advantage of this by asking for an entrance fee. Wtf!!!

So you PAY to view a PIRATED COPY of Banksy’s work? 

Meh. Reminds me of an elite who freely destroyed a wall to procure(steal) Banksy's art just to sell it for millions.

Did you forget about the Banksy auction where he tried to destroy his own artwork? He hates it.

This is clear plagiarism, and I hope someone gets the full extent of the law.

Come to my house on May 14 in North Caloocan.

I will recreate Banksy’s works on my walls. Im not authorized but I plan to bring you closer to Banksy’s art.

Only 50 Pesos Entrance fee. It comes with Beer and Barbecue. 

This is what it is. Imagine major publications promoting this instead of calling out this unauthorized money grab.

Excited for the people who will come to this exhibit not knowing who "Bangs-Ki" is, at magpipichur-pichur lang for the 'gram, ma-scratch lang ang FOMO itch.

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