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Seven Features of A Successful Mobile App

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“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world.” -Thomas Husson.

It has been said that mobile is where everything is at.

With mobile phones and tablets becoming more powerful, conventional desktops and laptops are used primarily for education and corporate purposes. On the other hand, most users are glued to their mobile phone screens 24/7. Considering how the online marketplace never closes, allowing your customers to learn about and interact with your company around the clock is imperative.

Needless to say, developing a well-designed mobile app is paramount for every business. Unfortunately, designing mobile apps is a complex process. Great and effective apps allow consumers to complete transactions, enable them to gather information, and allow them to contact your business. On top of that, it should be user-friendly with an easy navigation tool and interface that does not turn off users from using it further. Lastly, it should assure visitors that any personal information they encode on your app is protected.

All that considered, the idea and prospect of developing an effective mobile app may be a little daunting. However, having one for your business is essential as it allows users to keep coming back to your app (and business) for more. Before you seek the help of a mobile app developer in the Philippines, however, knowing the features of a successful mobile app will help you determine what you need for your business’s own mobile app.

a.) Simplicity for the End-User

Your users do not want to spend time figuring out how to use a complicated app. That said, developing a mobile app with logical navigation and a convenient user interface is necessary. Just this characteristic alone can make an app rank the best among its competitors. Developing an app that is simple, straightforward, and easy to use is key. This way, your target users will have no reason to look for alternatives. Keep in mind that functionality matters as well, but the simplicity of the app should not be overlooked.

b.) iOS and Android Should Be Covered

There are two basic mobile app platforms which are iOS and Android. Partnering with a credible mobile app development company in the Philippines allows you to develop a cross-platform app. As a business owner, it is imperative that you include both iOS and Android users to ensure that you are maximizing your reach.

c.) Security

Regardless of what industry your business is in, this feature is important and cannot be emphasized enough. Mobile security means that your users' personal data is legally protected. Therefore, a successful mobile app has this feature as a critical requirement.

d.) Regular Updates

Developers who create well-designed mobile apps know that in order to stay at the top, they need to continuously improve and refine their apps through updates. Regular updates mostly guarantee the popularity of a mobile app. That said, you should maintain your server and ensure that your content is always up-to-date. Additionally, your mobile app should keep up with the times and regularly supplement it with new features.

e.) Offline Work

With a good and stable internet connection, most apps work. However, successful mobile apps should be able to work offline as well. While it is not critical for all sorts of apps, there are specific applications, such as complex corporate apps, that would be incredibly useful if the user could use them offline. That said, you should have a little forethought, think of situations where there may be no internet connection, and create mobile app features that will work offline.

f.) High Performance

Your target users do not want to wait for something to work. That said, your software product should not make users wait long for something to be loaded. Your mobile app should be as functional and fast as it was when it first launched. Ensure that your app works fast. If it is clunky, determine what is not working and find ways to resolve it. Additionally, you should continuously work on mobile app optimization to ensure that screens and in-app processes are loaded in a speedy or timely manner.

g.) Personalization

Users tend to gravitate toward products that offer avenues for customization. So make sure you use it whenever possible. Successful and well-developed apps have features such as settings, colors, flexible fonts, backgrounds, etc. Allow your users to make an app look and function how they want it to, and they will keep coming back to your app for more.

h.) Social Media Integration

Your mobile app should have a feature that allows users to share information or content about your app or business with their friends on social networks. Social media integration should be seamless, and more importantly, it should make sharing posts and content easy. This is an important feature as it helps spread awareness and information that your business has a mobile app. As a result, more people will be introduced to it, and your business can begin engaging new users through the app.

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