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How To Sleep Early: Aromatherapy and More

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Do you frequently have trouble falling asleep? How you get to sleep and stay asleep each night significantly impacts your health. According to a study, most Singaporeans (64%) reported sleeping 6.4 hours per night, less than the National Sleep Foundation's recommended seven to nine hours. Next, 18% reported sleeping four to five hours per night. Only 17% reported sleeping an average of eight to nine hours (source). This isn't an appreciated scenario.

You may have read recommendations for engaging in physical activity, practising meditation, or even taking medicines. Undoubtedly, these practices work well, but there are other ways to help you sleep early. Therefore, we present aromatherapy for better quality sleep. To discover the power of aromatherapy for a good night's sleep, continue reading the article.

Aromatherapy and sleep - The age-old connection

Aromatherapy is a more beneficial option than other practices we are generally aware of. Since it's a natural procedure, no harm to your health or mind occurs. For thousands of years, people have utilised this traditional method to treat several illnesses, such as stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

By stimulating the olfactory nerves, which are involved in the perception of smells, you send neurochemical messages to the various parts of your brain when you inhale the scent. For example, the limbic system, a region of the brain that manages emotions, the stress response, and hormones controlling sleep and wakefulness, receives information from the olfactory nerves after that.

Simply put, these smells cause your mind to signal your body to unwind, lulling you into a restful night's sleep.

Different ways to apply aromatherapy to promote sleep

Highly concentrated oils are inhaled or applied topically as part of the therapeutic approach. These oils, usually referred to as essential oils, are derived from plant seeds, flowers, roots, or leaves. Try to include them in an evening routine to get the benefits.

Let's check out the techniques to sleep early and sleep more soundly.:

1. Use a diffuser of your choice

An essential oil diffuser promotes sleep because it lasts long and produces mist all night. Different diffuser types use various techniques to disperse scent into the air. Depending on how strong you want the aroma, you may prefer one type over another.

2. Make aromatherapeutic massage oil or body lotion

Therapists advise using a sleep-inducing essential oil on your neck, wrists, and forehead for improved sleep. Also, consider hydrating your skin with body oil or lotion by adding a few drops of essential oil.

With this technique, you can enjoy the benefits of both complete muscular relaxation and oil inhalation. Essential oils also soak through the skin and enter your system more quickly.

Note: You should always dilute your oils with a vegetable-based oil like coconut or olive to help avoid skin irritations and allergic reactions.

3. Take an aromatic bath

Another fantastic method to start using aromatherapy is to take a fragrant bath one to two hours before bed. Integrate it with a carrier oil, add it to the bathwater, and stir to combine. Also available are body cleansers and bath salts created with essential oils.

4. Use readily available scented products

Nowadays, many products have relaxing essential oils added to them. You can use readily available items, such as scented candles, facial mask products infused with sleep-friendly essential oils, or memory foam aromatherapy pillows.

More ways to know how to sleep early

Other than aromatherapy, there are other healthy habits you may incorporate to help get better sleep. Remember, you're not the only one who has browsed the internet about how to sleep early.

The other pre-bedtime routines are:
Your circadian rhythm gets disturbed by the blue light from your phone, computer, and TV. So, turn them off before hitting the bed.
You can relax more in a tidy space. Clean your room and bed beforehand.
If you want to fall asleep more quickly, listen to peaceful music.
After a hard day, catching up on your favourite show feels good, but try to avoid doing it right before bed.
Connecting with loved ones can boost emotions of love, trust, and happiness. Having these feelings before bed improves your mood when it's time to sleep.

These are the techniques you may apply to hit the bed early. Regardless of what else is in the world, nighttime habits affect sleep quality. So, make some changes in your hobbies and night routines to train yourself to sleep early.

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