Friday, August 5, 2022

Martial Law declaration 50th anniversary

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"History is written by the victors, and during the Martial Law Era, the victors were the people" and so distorting that would be disrespect to the Filipinos.

This year, the country will remember the 50th anniversary of the declaration of martial law. 

Rape, torture, murder, all these happened during Martial Law. Many survived to tell the horrible tale, but until now they haven't fully got the elusive justice..

My heart goes out to victims & survivors of Martial Law, those who fought and suffered during the dictatorship of FEM.

These young people were gone too soon. They would have been our future senators, corporate CEOs and University presidents. They were killed or disappeared during the Marcos Martial Law years. No, they were not communists. They fought for freedom and their cherished youth ideals. And for those who say they can also be future rebels,  who wouldn't under the brutality and corruption of the Marcos Martial Law years?

It’s the Marcoses who pushed people to become rebels during their time. Kaya sila talaga ang may kasalanan kung bakit lumala ang mga Communists group.

... especially now that those responsible for the crimes against the Filipinos are "deodorizing" their stinky reputation by coming out with falsified claims and interpretations. 

Sadly, the stench of their disinformation campaign continues to linger especially now that they are back in power.

Utterly disturbing, it makes your blood boil connecting it to how history revisionism is being done right now. Lantaran na inuuna pa yung pelikula na tangkang pabanguhin ang kanilang mga pangalan kaysa ekonomiya at kapakanan ng sambayanan.

It's not true that there are two movies about Martial Law that are showing at the same time. One is truly about Martial Law and is worth watching, while another is about distortions in facts, and thus worth ignoring. To lump them together as if they both adhere to artistic story-telling is a disservice to filmmaking.

The production of Maid in MalacaƱang is a big disrespect to the profession of our historians and to the victims and survivors of Martial Law under the Marcos dictatorship.

Martial Law in the Philippines has a historical basis. Maid in Malacanang is a figment of the imagination of Daryl Yap and/or his writer(s). 

I know there are two sides to a story. But it's really disturbing that there are people who choose to believe Marcos' lies than the victims of Martial law who experienced a lot of suffering under Marcos' regime.

During Martial Law, the Marcoses used myth making propaganda like incorporating themelves in the myth of "Si Malakas at Si Maganda" as the parents of the "Bagong Lipunan". It mythologized their achievements & glossed over their atrocities. Yang MiM simula pa lang ng propaganda yan! 

“Listen to the other side?”

You mean the only side that was allowed on air during the entirety of Martial Law?

They had two decades to air their side, and they still think that wasn’t enough?

Remember, that in every share we click on and share false information is the blood of martial law heroes that have been wasted.

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