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Types of Waffle Makers That You Should Know

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Waffles gave been around for decades and are a favorite delicacy among many. To make yummy waffles, you need a waffle maker, and there are different types available. Making the right selection can be confusing, and you should understand the distinct types and their features. 


Here are the different waffle makers in the market: 


1. Waffle iron


The waffle iron cooks waffles on a stove and features two hinged metal plates heated and pressed together to allow the cooking of batter. These appliances will cook crisp waffles with a honeycomb texture.  Waffle irons come in various forms and can be stovetop models or electric. Electric waffle irons are common and feature non-stick surfaces.


These appliances are easy to clean, maintain and operate. For instance, the Roller Grill's waffle iron is easy to use and you only need grease the ion plate and connect it to a power outlet. Similarly, stovetop waffle irons are not popular but are handy if you don't have an electric outlet.


2. Why use cast ion waffle makers?


Cast iron waffles makers offer numerous benefits. They are non-stick, which makes it easy to remove waffles when cooked. They allow even distribution of heat which ensures evenly cooked waffles. These appliances feature multiple settings, making it easy to adjust the temperature as you cook.


Cast iron waffle makers will produce crisp brown waffles with fluffy and soft interiors Most importantly, they are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily wipe any reside using a soft towel or brush. 


3. Commercial waffle maker 


The commercial waffle maker is popular in commercial kitchens. It's widely used for commercial purposes due to its ability to make multiple waffles. This appliance is different from the conventional home waffle maker. It's large and powerful, and you can use it in restaurants. The device has multiple features, such as removable grids and dishwasher-safe parts, making it easy to clean and maintain. 


4. Flip waffle


The flip waffle is common among many chefs. It flips batter when cooking and cooks it on both sides simultaneously. And this results in crispy and golden brown waffles, which are fluffy and soft on the inside. These devices are unique and different from other waffle makers. They cook evenly and will make tasty waffles at any time. Again, they cook faster and will produce quality waffles.


5. Belgian waffle maker


The Belgian waffle maker is ideal for anyone who fancies thick, large, and fluffier waffles. It spreads batter evenly to create dense waffles with deep pockets. You expect to get evenly cooked and crispier waffles when using the Belgian waffle maker. Also, you'll get the Belgian waffle maker in various types; these include electric and stovetop models in varying sizes. 


Final thoughts


There are different types of waffle makers in the market, and all come with distinct features. The cast iron waffle maker is common due to its many benefits and allows you to cook your waffles evenly. If you're shopping for a waffle maker, examine the features and choose an appliance to suit your needs.

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