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Best gift for your travel-savvy boyfriend

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For all the wanderers out there, traveling is the need of the soul. Deep inside their hearts, they know they do not belong anywhere and everywhere, at the same time and it’s difficult to find a place that feels like home. For a traveler, home is not a place but a feeling he or she gets when they are with someone they love, so if a wanderer has chosen you as his companion then you must an incredibly special individual. If your boyfriend is someone who loves exploring new places and traveling is what gets him excited then you are in for a relationship full of fun, passion, and adventure. If you are thinking about getting a gift for him, then it is essential to keep this aspect of his personality in mind but if you are still confused about it then here is a list for you, to select the best gift for boys  whom you love the most.

Engraved Tokens in a Keychain- The only thing travelers take pride in collecting is the souvenirs from all the places they have been to. A reminder of all the amazing adventures they have been on would be an awesome gift so get a keychain and add in some token in it with engraved names of the places he has visited, trust us he will love it more than anything else.

Waterproof Portable Speaker- If he loves going to remote locations and loves music then you don’t have to look for anything else. Waterproof speakers are a must for long trips and hiking, and in an explored place when there’s no one around, soothing music is a companion a nature lover appreciates the most.

A Travel Bag- A traveler loves their bag the most, as it’s their most trusted accessory. If you wanna gift something to him and can’t decide on anything, go for a travel bag or hiking bag, it’s always a great and safe choice. There are plenty of brands that offer great bags but if you wanna go for hardy ones then check out the collection of Decathlon or Safari. Also, keep the types of trips he mostly takes while deciding the size of the bag.

A Polaroid Camera- Taking pictures is a big part of his life so why not give him a great camera and what would be better than a camera that prints out the images, simultaneously. A polaroid camera has become quite popular and there are many pocket-friendly options as well, for you to choose from.

An Experience Box- Being someone who loves to wander denotes the fact that he appreciates experiences more than material things therefore an experience box would be the perfect present for him, and for those who don’t know, an experience box is a digital gift that has personalized video, texts, audios and images to showcase. You can include all the footage and pictures from his trips and include them in your box collection and add your own voice on the top to tell him how much you love him.

Kindle- there are many people who love going to quiet places and enjoy the solitude by reading a good book, if your sweetheart is one of those then a kindle is a gift you can consider for him. It is an e-book reading tab from amazon and it’s very handy. It’s easy to use, has lots of space and it doesn’t weigh much so he can take it wherever he wants, a much better option than bulky paperback books.

Travel Hammock- While exploring, we often discover a place that feels surreal, and all you want to do is, lie down and appreciate the god almighty’s wonderful creation? We know how you feel and in that particular moment, a hammock can be their saviour. A travel hammock is a great gift for someone who enjoys hiking through dense forests and mountains, now decide what kind of traveler your sugar boo is and if his destinations are deep into the natural world, then this is the perfect gift for him.

If the love of your life likes traveling a lot then the best thing you can give him is your trust and companionship, along with something from the list of course!







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