Thursday, June 17, 2021

Pacquiao is not fit for government service

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

When Sen. Pacquiao said there will be no squatters 4-5 yrs in his presidency, Personally, I think we had enough with promises of timed deadlines in solving the major issues of the country. We had enough of the likes of Duterte who promised but then even called his campaign statements as merely jokes meant for the stupid and gullible believers.

Pacquiao promising to give homes (condo units at that) to squatters and the homeless? Gurl, I think I’ve seen this film before. “6 months and we’ll have no more drugs/crimes” whomstve?

This boxer should focus on boxing tournaments more than being involved in politics or worse running as a president.

Pacquiao is the 'president we need', says Koko Pimentel 

Pacquiao is the "president" we can manipulate to advance our personal interests. Fixed it for you.

He should just remain as a cultural icon, because he definitely has no business entering politics. He doesn't have the brain  functional enough to process a sane and logical thinking.

Sorry but I have to say this, I am a fan of Pacquiao the athlete and not the politician. Give your vote to those who deserves it and has a potential to be a great president and not to a homophobic false prophet aka wrongly Bible interpreting athlete. Vote wisely.

A homophobic, all-around prejudiced bible verse cherry picker, anti-same sex marriage, pro-death penalty, absentee politician? 


Pacquiao has no business in politics bcos politics is more than just donating money to poor. Man should've stayed in the ring.

If Pacquiao & clowns can run for President, then, just about anybody can run for President, too.

'Di ba? 

Simple logic.

Personally, I like Sen Pacquiao, but lately, he's becoming more of a politician than anything else. He seems to be listening more to the people surrounding him, who obviously have personal interests that they want to protect and use Pacquiao as an instrument.

If I may also share this directive of the Philippine Statistics Authority. It has defined a squatter, or ALTERNATIVELY "informal dwellers", as "One who settles on the land of another without title or right or without the owner's consent whether in urban or rural areas". kind of mindset.

Thus both Squatters and Informal Dwellers can be used in any statement which refers to illegal settlers of any land. That is all.

This is to inform that I just repeated what the Senator has said in his statement. If you feel that "squatter" is deragatory then I might suggest you direct your anger to the Senator.Upon researching the word can still be used generally as it is in the merriam-webster dictionary.

Not Pacquiao wanting to run for presidency when he can't even understand the separation between the state and the church. His interpretations of the Bible are a reflection of how stupid he is. He is not fit to be in government. 

Pacquiao's already throwing socialist rhetorics. That's his weapon for next year's election. Focused on housing and wage, basically uplifting the poor. He'll win the masses, like ERAP & FPJ. They will vote for him. The middle and upper classes will vote for Leni. The DDS will still vote for Sara. Yup, they remain stupid.

Sakit parin sa puso na trapo si Pacquiao.

The dude could've literally lived the rest of his life without a single Filipino hating him but here we are...

Guys, Manny Pacquiao is a false opposition. Digong’s drama has started. And Manny is the first actor. Simpleton lang naniniwala sa palabas nila. Yes. Their strategy is divide and conquer. It's a trap. An old strategy but could still fool a lot of gullible Filipinos. He is just one of the Trojan horses of the administration.

I see him as opportunist having changed political affilation manny times. A political butterfly without basic program for uplifting PH. I'd like candidates with vision for PH industrialization sync to our educational system and universal health care system. PH political parties have none.

Hindi na kayo nasanay sa pakwela ng mga payaso alalahinin natin na master sa peryahan mga yan,  gagawin lahat masentro lang sa.kanila ang manunuod.

Instead of choosing Pacquiao  or Sara as my President, I'd rather vote for Rick Astley because of the following reasons:

He'll never give u up

 never let u down

never gonna run around and desert you.

never ever make u cry.

never ever say goodbye.

 never tell a lie and hurt you.

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