Sunday, February 7, 2021

Smart Asset Managers Introduces SAM Koin and the SAM Merchant Acceleration Program (MAP)

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There are numerous advantages using digital currencies. Aside from being convenient especially during the time of the pandemic (as there's no need of any physical meetups), the transactions between parties without the need of any intermediaries, usually makes the arrangement more instantaneous and low-cost.

Monitoring is also a breeze since everything could be setup to pass through easily documented online security measures more advanced than just typically having a registered account with password. There are so many ways to authenticate the validity of transactions that we can say our money is safe and secured going through the online process.

Thus the people behind Smart Asset Managers (SAM) have also introduced to us their own digital "coins" called SAM Koins.

Yup! It's spelled with a "k" and not a "c" for whatever reason, it's bound to be more than just to be unique. It's made to stand out as they have implemented strategic ways to make their own currency thrive within their community of subscribers who are getting the first opportunity to experience these SAM Koins soon. Add to that the incentives existing subscribers will get with its initial launch to the market.

SAM Technical Director Erick Alvaro, who is part of top management, discussed this newest addition to their massive portfolio of offerings that are now slowly emerging as each day passes. They are a promising company with offers that are too good to miss so I quickly grabbed the opportunity as well immediately after his talk. I'm glad to say I'm now one of the subscribers of SAM, and soon will also get the chance to experience having the SAM Koins and hopefully be also part of their SAM Members Acceleration Program (MAP) which is the next big thing we will have to watch out.

I actually took videos of his full talk uploaded on our YouTube channel so you could check it out for a clearer and complete discussion of what both Join and MAP are. But before we proceed to inquire about MAP, let's focus more on the Koin as it's soon to be offered this February 8, Monday. Existing subscribers get to have an additional 30% if we buy at least $20 of the Koins within 20 days from it's introduction.Then the next few days will be reduced to a 20% , then 10% incentive.

Erick explained about the Merchant Acceleration Program (MAP) on the first part of the video before proceeding with the SAM Koin discussion. You'll get a comprehensive idea about it by watching the video. I think it's best that I let the video explain since I'm also quite new with this particular technology though I've know about similar technologies for years already, I'm one of those people who hesitate in exploring new ventures especially when they're quite in their birthing pains.

Like any other investment, there are risks to consider so scatter our investments not just in one places but in many. That's taking precaution of our hard-earned money. So don't just take my word for it. Do your own research too.

I also interviewed fellow blogger John and his family about their SAM experience and with how they eagerly support this endeavor, I'd say they have made one of their best decision in their lifetime. I'm definite they'll also won't miss the SAM Koin opportunity too.

SAM Koins, like the other "coins" in the digital commerce could be used as good as cash from trading to payment of utility bills and many other uses especially when the collaboration with merchants, other establishments, etc., booms. After all, where else are we proceeding but towards this future of online currencies. The paper money is not yet going obsolete, but the digital version will be a lot more flexible and truly promising with more convenience.

Are you an existing subscriber, then continue your way towards a more fruitful investment by trying out this new offering from SAM. Who knows, it may be the next big thing that it will be frustrating not to be among the pioneers.

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